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11 Things to do in Bermuda – An Island with 50 Shades of Blue

An island made of only one-way winding roads, where everything is closed on Sundays, and has boats lying around like stones, Bermuda is shimmering, marvelous and untouched. With little commercialization on the island, it is the right time to visit it, before civilization takes over

Bermuda – it is an island with waters of every blue-green shade, where children are trained to sail boats, where old men build model sailboats and have competitions, of Swizzle – their indigenous rum-based cocktail, and of snails who climb up walls high. 

Bermuda Beachside

It’s a dreamlike world where few have ventured. Its tumultuous, daunting history has encouraged few to charter its waters, but things have changed manifold. A summer vacation spot for cruise lovers, some regulars swear by the destination, its bright white beaches, its coral reefs, and its vibrant, lush green environs. 

And if you are terrified by the prospect of meeting the ‘Bermuda Triangle’, worry not. There is no mystery there except that those waters are prone to hurricanes and turbulent weather. Even then, the coast of United States is worse hit by hurricanes than Bermuda. So that is one thing sorted – it’s safe!

The J-hook shaped tiny Bermuda is a hidden paradise. It’s a place to relax and commune with nature. You are far away enough from the rest of the world to be able to forget the backlog you are creating at work. With the island developing fast (St. Regis and Ritz-Carlton are reportedly making hotel and residences there), make a visit to this pristine, untouched destination as fast you can. Here is our list of things you must do when you finally make it there.

1. Visit the Pink Beach – Yes, there is a Pink Beach in Bermuda with pink sand. It’s not very apparent, but once in a while, you’ll be awed by the pinkness of the sand you are sitting in. It has tiny little flecks of pink which somehow shimmer when water sweeps up the sand. It’s a gorgeous sight which is indescribably beautiful. Just sit and revel in the wonders of God.

Bermuda View from Top

2. View the water from the top – There are a zillion viewpoints made by Bermudians to climb up or down to and enjoy the sparkling turquoise water from. You’ll find benches and picnic tables everywhere. So wear those walking shoes and don’t feel shy of climbing up that little hill to relish a view which not many have experienced till yet!

3. Revel in drinks and appetisers at Boundary Sports Bar & Grille – Located inside Fairmont Southampton hotel, Boundary is more than just a restaurant. If you are a sports fan, then no vacation can stop you from catching up on games. And Boundary is the perfect place to do that. With multiple television screens sprinkled around the bar, you can get a perfect view of the TV from anywhere. It even has a pool table and other games if you want to indulge in hand yourself. Their Moscow Mule is impeccable. And so is their food menu, but I preferred to pretty much snack myself to death on their delectable appetisers and sides. The barbecue specialities are mean though.

4. Get a picture with that colorful house – And there are rows and rows of them! The pastel shades of the houses are complimented by the white limestone roofs – which, by the way, help in collecting rainwater, purifying it and conserving it for home use. The color of the house plays such an important role in fact, that if you book a taxi, they might just ask you what color your house is before coming to collect you! And besides, it makes for a wonderful Instagram-worthy image!

Colorful Houses in Bermuda

5. Nature-watching – If you have a green thumb or are a bird watcher, you will be delighted by the tropical flora and fauna of Bermuda. The island is replete with loquat and banana trees. You’ll find red hibiscus shrubs and bougainvillea everywhere. Hens and cocks roam around the streets without any fear. And this is just the tip. There is much to observe in Bermuda.

6. Visit Crystal Caves and Fantasy Caves – Located side-by-side in one complex, these stunning caves feature some incredible stalactites and stalagmites. Crystal Caves, my personal favorite, was more white and glowing. Fantasy Caves had more colors with orange and brown formations, which were shaped like popcorn as one of our tour guides said, though another one preferred to say they were shaped like chandeliers – which many were! And the water inside these caves was oh-so emerald green! They deserve an hour of your relaxing holiday in Bermuda.

Crystal Caves Bermuda


Fantasy Caves in Bermuda

7. Get a spa at Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa – This popular destination hotel in Bermuda has everything, including its own cave! And within that cave, they offer spa treatments and massages. It can’t get more unique than this. Imagine attaining relaxation in a million-year old environ!

8. Visit the Royal Naval Dockyard – This is where the cruise ships dock to give its passengers a slice of Bermuda, and it’s unarguably the busiest in the tourist season. Full of restaurants, shopping centers and craft stores, it has a small glass blowing factory and Bermuda rum cakes too. There is plenty to do on the dockyard when there is sun shining above.

Commissioner's House National Museum of Bermuda

9. Peek inside the National Museum of Bermuda – Located inside the Royal Naval Dockyard, the museum offers an adorable Dolphin show along with a lot of exhibits talking about the history of Bermuda. But if you are here, a visit to the Commissioner’s house will be worth it for historians. Located on top of a hill, this house has also been converted into a museum. And within it is one of the most detailed, eye-opening murals, which has been hand-painted across the wall of an entire stairwell! This mural depicts the history of Bermuda and can rival artworks by acclaimed artists any day. Taking three years to complete, this astonishing mural covers more than 400 years of Bermuda’s story. Need we say more?

Wall Mural at Commissioner's House Bermuda

10. Walk around Hamilton – The downtown of Bermuda, Hamilton has quaint shops and restaurants, and a walk around the town is worth every bit of sun ray. Explore hidden shopping spots, dine at a restaurant next to the seaside, take a ferry from Hamilton to other parts of the island, or simply stay busy with some people watching. You will see quite a lot of activity happening here. From touristy pirate ships throwing people overboard to children learning sailing. Choose a sunny, gorgeous day for this one. 

11. Horseshoe Bay Beach – We started the list with a beach, and it should end with one, because, after all, you are going to Bermuda for the beach. They are the most spectacular part of this idyllic island. And Horseshoe Bay Beach is the finest of them all. It also has light pink sand. Don’t miss that little cove on the side. It gives you the feel of being private and cocooned – even though the beach itself is never over-populated with people! The water is shallow and green and the side is extremely white and fine. Stand in the water and see the fishes swimming around the your feet – it’s simply magical…

Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda