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13 Questions with Pierre Favresse

In our interview with Pierre Favresse, Lladro’s recently appointed Creative Director, he divulges honest and emotional information about the artistic life he has led since childhood, and how he sees life ahead

Inspired by the connection of technology with artistic value, Pierre Favresse has cultivated relations with brands all over the world using his creative mind and foundation in tradition. Mr Favresse has recently been appointed as Creative Director of the unique brand, Lladró. If you haven’t heard yet, Lladró is a luxury brand of porcelain originating from and undertaken in Spain. Other companies he has collaborated with includes: Habitat, China, Petite Friture, Specimen Edition, Super-ette, and La Chance.

Pierre Favresse Creative Director Lladro

Lladró has brought in Ms Favresse to work on their sculptures, lighting and other objects for home, due to his eye for simplicity, warmth and functionality in his pieces. By turning engineering principles into art, Ms Favresse has been able to channel his art work into a career.

A major influence on Mr Favresse’s artistic models and inspirations are his family. They balance his life with love and laughter. The creativity within his children never ceases to amaze him and enhance his own work.

Mr Favresse talks with us about his initial dreams as a child and how his life has been molded by his consistent ambition towards these dreams. 

LuxuryFacts: What did you want to become as a child?
Pierre Favresse: If I remember the first thing, I was always playing with LEGO and I wanted to become a LEGO “engineer”, to create new models. I didn’t know what was design and either engineering, but everybody told me that was a kind of engineering thing.

What kind of kid were you?
I would say I was a quiet kid. People used to say that I was a dreamer because I was always a little with my head in the cloud. I was thinking and dreaming about doing my own stuff during the evenings. 

What was the life experience that impacted you the most? How and why?
Four things have impacted my life. The first thing I think is that my parents were separated. During the vacations I was in my dad’s home, in the middle of nowhere in the south of France. I was really free, I went to fish, made houses in the trees and that gave me love for nature and building things. Also, it provided me a kind of independency that I couldn’t have in Paris. 

The second thing is my first art school in Paris, L’Ecole Boulle. I discovered that I could turn my passion of making and creating things into a real job, and I have found the same atmosphere in Lladró. The third is my wife – she gave me confidence to believe in my projects. The fourth thing, is my kids of course, they changed my way of living and my way of interacting with my space. 

Pierre Favresse Creative Director Lladro

What advice would you give to your 18-year old self?
I’m really enjoying my life and the present, so I don’t ask myself this question. But if I could come back, maybe I would say: go surfing more often because later you won't be able to enjoy so often; so my own advice could be: Go and Enjoy. 

What was the last thing that made you genuinely laugh?
Last time with my kids at home, one of them was doing something funny. Young kids are always making strange things.

What is the most exciting part of your work day? The most tedious?
The most exciting are mornings when I’m really creative. I begin by organizing the day, seeing what things we should do. And the hardest part is when I think I should be back home but I haven’t finished, so it is always a little frustrating. It is a good moment to come to work, but always difficult to separate myself from the creative part.

How do you decompress?
During the weekend, I like to go to a place near my home, which is very peaceful, where you can take a nice drink and enjoy the weather. It is a good moment to think about something else and decompress. If not, I enjoy fly-fishing in river. I think it is my most decompressing moment, being alone in the stream of the river, enjoying the view and the sound.

What was the first thing you thought about this morning?
This morning my second son, Arlo, woke me up at 6:30am, and directly wanted to build a house with Kapla [blocks]. It was a really nice moment, so my first real thought was that I was proud of him. 

What is the last thing you do before going to bed?
Often, I draw some sketch that I have in my head that I couldn’t put down during the day. I look at Pinterest, I like to be lost in the pages… it is a good moment to relax and switch off, just to check pictures, inspiration, colors…

What is the meaning of life?
That’s a good question, a real personal one I think. The meaning of my life is doing what I like and do it for the people I love, in a creative way.  

What’s love?
Each of us have a personal view of what is Love. For me love is maybe the way you respect people. Love is in my family, but also in my projects. Love is a part of my life, without love you don’t have creation, you don’t have life. 

What are you most afraid of?
To die maybe, die too young. There’s a moment in life you think you don’t want to die now, you have so much to do. Kids, projects… Well I think I have a romantic view of life and death…

What is one existential, difficult-to-answer question you wished you knew the right response to?
The most existential question in my life is maybe: who I am exactly as a creative, who I want to be also. I think it is a life question… it impacts my professional and my personal life.