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5 San Francisco Michelin-Starred Restaurants that Awe

San Francisco is a burst of multi-ethnic diversity. That much is reflected in its spread of Michelin-starred restaurants as well

Campton Place San Francisco food

Displaying the most coveted honour of the culinary world, Michelin star restaurants are widely flocked to by food lovers with a flair for class. Restaurants are awarded stars from one to three based on their usage of local produce, balance of flavours, originality in cooking techniques, drinks that complement the food, and uniqueness of experience offered, among others. 

Famed for food trends as much as its cosmopolitan culture, the San Francisco Bay Area in California is buzzing with restaurants. And this vivid culture only brings more flavours, food traditions and innovation to the flourishing food scene. While there are many star-worthy options to choose from in San Francisco, we give you a lowdown on some of the most popular Michelin star restaurants in the city. 

1. Atelier Crenn

Atelier Crenn San Francisco interior

Enrich your gastronomical experience with a literary twist. The menu at Atelier Crenn is in the form of a poem. Atelier literally means workshop, and what a wildly creative one at that! Chef Dominique Crenn uses locally sourced ingredients to cook an elaborate European-style meal. The service at this coveted Michelin 3-star restaurant is beautifully orchestrated; the $335 multi-course menu is excellent, and the wine-pairings are divine. The bookings at this 8-table only restaurant are released two months prior, but also fill up quickly. So be sure to make reservations in advance!

Atelier Crenn San Francisco food

Coordinates: 3127 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA, USA

2. Benu

Benu San Francisco exterior

This Asian restaurant takes precision to another level. But that is what warrants this restaurant its 3 Michelin stars. Pure, immaculate and minimalist, Benu’s Chef Corey Lee redefines his menu frequently. A stroll through its courtyard is like walking through a Zen garden. More inclined towards seafood and vegetables, the dumplings are crafted exceptionally well, the selection of ingredients is well thought of, and the home-fermented parts of the $310 tasting menu are simply delectable.

Benu San Francisco food

Coordinates: 22 Hawthorne Street, San Francisco, CA, USA

3. Campton Place

Campton Place San Francisco interior

The Taj Hotel in San Francisco is home to the only Indian-inspired restaurant in the US to have two Michelin stars. Chef Srijith Gopinathan has created a delicious array of dishes blending Californian cuisine with traditional South Indian flavours. From the Day Boat Scallop (Dosa, Turmeric, Mustard and Kale Thoviyal) to the Market Cauliflower (roasted on charcoal with warm Tomato Tokku, Kohlrabi, and Lime Yogurt; Root Vegetable Ragout with Kallappam), the unique balance of flavours at this sophisticated, upscale restaurant will truly delight your senses.

Campton Place San Francisco food

Coordinates: 340 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA, USA

4. Luce

A one-star Michelin restaurant, Luce is a haven for wine aficionados with an impressive 350-label collection of old and new wines. Environmentally responsible, this restaurant curates seasonal menus using local and fresh ingredients. If versatility is what you want to try, Luce has a tasting menu to offer that lets you discover the wonderful range of the cuisine. According to the Michelin guide, the inexplicable lack of crowd at Luce makes it a wonderful option for date night!

Luce San Francisco food

Coordinates: InterContinental San Francisco, 888 Howard St, San Francisco, CA, USA

5. Spruce

Spruce San Francisco interior

Self-taught chef Mark Sullivan, famed for being the chef at two Michelin star restaurants, can only be termed as genius. Relying on instinct and his passion for cooking, Chef Mark uses locally sourced ingredients and naturally raised meats, poultry and fish. There is a Caviar service on one end, and there is a burger on the other end. While there is a dry-aged duck breast on offer, there is a simpler corn extravaganza also on offer with the Yellow Corn Scarpinocc. This one-star Michelin restaurant is modern and stylish, flavours are understated but rich, and the service is incredible.

Spruce San Francisco food

Coordinates: 3640 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA, USA