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Bachelors’ Destinations – You may now board the flight

You will be giving away the rest of your life to that special someone. Take out a couple of days for yourself – and your friends!

Las Vegas Bachelor parties destinationsYou have finally made that big decision in your life – to get hitched – and the last thing on your to-do list before the big day should be to blow off some steam with a fun-filled bachelor/bachelorette party. Rumour has it that just a pleasurable night out with your friends isn’t enough. A bachelor/bachelorette isn’t complete unless you turn it into an absolutely legendary trip! This trip isn’t just any trip, it is officially the end of your single life and it has to be perfect! In other words, it becomes a tribute to the life you have led all these years and now you must bid it adieu – but in style. Whether for a weekend or a week, today’s youth have more spending power, and thus, needless to say, these events turn out to be, well, more exotic.

Before you narrow down on a destination for this spectacular event, figure out the common interests that the group shares. Also, spend a little time learning about the intended destination’s nightlife and other activities that could keep you occupied while there. Lastly, hunt down a luxurious property because that is truly the icing on your cake! Whether partying it up kingsize in Las Vegas or just lazing along some exotic beachside, choose widely – this is your first and last chance! It’s not every day that you have carte blanche to celebrate the final days of your single life with your best friends by your side. So get set and never underestimate the ritualistic importance of the bachelor bash. We have picked out a few places that must be on your radar before you are finally targeted by the cupid’s arrow! Take a second and think what activities you will be pursuing and pick the destination accordingly.

Las Vegas, Nevada

When you say party, it is almost impossible not to think of the ‘Sin City’ immediately.  The glitz, the glamour and the glitter of Las Vegas has been enticing bachelors for ages now. Whether you are the bride or groom to be, this has to be an all-time favourite! Las Vegas offers just as much high-living for bachelorettes as it does for bachelors. Whatever you want to do, this place has it all – whether toned-down or vamped-up. It really is up to you whether you want to party it up like never before or gamble away your nervousness at the lush casinos of the city. Whatever your choice, this destination is the ideal place to lose yourself and party the night (and day) away, literally. If you’re looking for a hotel with a great atmosphere and lots to do, try Caesars Palace. Defining the skyline of Vegas, you and your buddies can hang out here in style and have a number of fabulous restaurants an elevator ride away. Restaurants in Vegas are anything but boring – good food, great ambience and even better people! For all the owls, most of the city is open 24 hours a day, so there is always something happening. You know what they say, “It’s Vegas baby!”

Miami Bachelor parties destinations

South Beach, Miami, Florida

If 24 hour partying is way too cliché for you, Miami will loosen you up in a way you would like! Miami is one of the most marvelous bachelor destinations in the south of US. This is one destination where you can have a chilled out bachelor party or a full-on fun packed weekend – the perfect balance. Relax at the sun-drenched beaches during the day and paint the town red during the night! Many hotels offer packages for bachelor/bachelorette groups – so be sure to give them a quick look before making your reservations. South beach has 20 blocks of the hottest restaurants, nightclubs, lounges plus a wonderful beach – all in one location – and thousands of the most beautiful people in the country. All in all, rest assured that you are going to have a fulfilling time with your friends. A typical South beach bachelor party itinerary includes jet skiing, scooter riding and dinner at a fine South Beach Miami Italian or steak restaurant to satiate the appetite. Travelling in style is what Miami is famous for – so rent one of those stretch or hummer limos so that the whole group can ride together and all eyes are on you while you are ready to party the night away! This destination promises to redefine fun. So get set, the beach is calling your name.


Mexico is a great place for your bachelor/bachelorette trip if you love experimenting with the outdoors and want to celebrate in a way besides partying and lazing on the beaches. Fishing is big in Cabo and you can’t get much better than a marlin fishing trip in the Mexican sun with beers chilling in the onboard cooler. Unless, of course, you follow up the fishing with a trip to El Squid Roe, the ultimate Cabo party place. If something more adventurous pleases you, this destination offers paint balling which can be quite a fun activity with your friends! Cancun is another city you may consider because of its adventurous streak. The dare devils might love swimming with whale sharks and enjoy them in their natural environment off the coast of Holbox Island Mexico in the state of Quintana Roo near Cancun. For Acapulco craziness, look into Acapulco’s Mexico Mansion. They can accommodate up to 24 bachelor party guests in 12 amazing bedroom suites close to all the nightlife areas. And Acapulco has many all-night discos where you and the bachelor party can let loose.

So, where will you celebrate the last few days of your single life?