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Gaurav Jai Gupta – The Unbeatable Shine

Indian designer Gaurav Jai Gupta collaborated with Swarovski Elements to create a radiantly unique Autumn/Winter 2012/13 collection. The core of the collection, however, is genuine craftsmanship
Indian designer Gaurav Jai Gupta collaborated with Swarovski Elements to create a radiantly unique Autumn/Winter 2012-13 collection. The core of the collection, however, is genuine craftsmanship. 
The fashion runway is a place where we always witness experimental trends and unconventional techniques come to life. We’ve seen it all from vivid masks to quirky make-up, but what stays in our minds for long is something that truly surpasses known standards of technicalities in the business. Mr Gaurav Jai Gupta, with his hand-loomed Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, showcased an out of the ordinary tailoring method with Swarovski Elements that were hand-woven into the fabrics.
While other designers have often used Swarovski Elements to add extra bling in their collection, Mr Gupta teamed up with Swarovski Elements to promote ecologically sustainable fashion. The designer has received global acclaim for his organic design processes and has also showcased at noted international fashion arenas such as London Fashion Week and Japan Fashion Week. Understanding the deep definition of fashion, he creates designs that highlight the importance of handcrafting. Adding a few feathers in his cap, the Fashion Design Council of India at Fibers of Fashion has rewarded his efforts in the industry with accolades such as the International Apparel Federation Designer Awards, Mexico 2011 and Most Innovative Textile Development in 2003.
Showcasing innovative conceptualization, the designer created a collection under his label ‘Akaaro’ where the Swarovksi Elements were interwoven into rich Indian fabrics using traditional weaving techniques like Tangail and Jaamdani. The Swarvoski crystal threads were woven in the fabric along side stainless steel, cotton and silk. The innovative colour palette of deep blue, purple, black, industrial grey along with reds and greens, bring out the human connection with nature and technology. Continuing with the theme, silhouettes are geometric with strong engineered angular forms.
Swarovski Elements, on the other hand, did the collaboration for the ongoing commitment it has with the Indian fashion industry. Also, as is evident through the annual competition they host for new designers to showcase their creativity, this collaboration is another way to encourage young Indian designers to explore artistic expressions with Swarovski gems.
So what inspired the innovative designer to create such a unique and intricate collection? His inspiration, evidently, is as interesting as the collection itself. Mr Gupta’s collection takes inspiration from American director Godfrey Reggio’s 1982 experimental documentary film called ‘Koyaanissqatsi’ which, in Hopi language, translates to ‘life of moral corruption and turmoil’. This film revolves around the relationship between nature, humans and technology. Struck with the combined force of powerful music by Philip Glass, slow motion photography and shocking visuals showing rockets exploding in the air in this no dialogue film were what stirred the designer to create a striking collection as this.
Speaking with the talented designer, he stated that this collection is one of the high points in his career as “it actually gets an approval from the artisans of different cities.” He further added, “I have worked with Swarovski crystals before, but this is the first time I have introduced such a technique where Swarovski crystals are handwoven in fabrics like cotton, mohair, angora and silk using age old traditional weaving technique.”
As we analyse it, not only is the collection promoting ecological fashion through the materials used to make it, but also through the thought process around it as it aims to study the relationship between humans, nature and technology, and consequently strike a fine, beautiful balance between the three.
A little patience, though, is what is required before you put your hands on this innovative collection. Don’t worry about the availability as this collection will be retailed at various luxury multi-designer stores in major cities across the country.