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Gessi – Colour to Relax

Gessi’s innovative bathroom fixtures are a sight to behold! These images should be more than sufficient to explain what we mean

Gessi’s innovative bathroom fixtures are a sight to behold! These images should be more than sufficient to explain what we mean.

The old-fashioned concept of a bathroom was to see it merely as a room used for necessary daily functions. The modern view is that the bathroom plays a more important role in our daily lives. Relaxation has become an important function of a bathroom. And some hi-tech improvements can provide both relaxation and therapeutic benefit.

Gessi, the Italian brand providing luxury bathroom fittings, has a series of wellness-specific products which will turn your restroom in a mini water-spa! The first collection, which we particularly liked, is the Chromo Therapy Showers.

The Chromo therapy Showers have a hydro-massage system where jets of soothing warmth melt away stress. Fixed or changing Chromo Therapy lights, ranging from electric blue to stark pink, enhance the tranquil haven. This line of showers, called the Gessi Private Wellness line, includes multifunction shower systems. The line encompasses ceiling head showers of different size and shapes like square, oval and rectangle. Spray selections include rainfall, water blades and atomization.

The head showers can be coupled with wall mounted spouts and adjustable wall mounted mini showers for hydro massage. Starting from INR 2.5 lakhs, the collection of refined head showers turn the room into a piece of art.

Another innovation, Coloured Light taps by Gessi, are a fresh expression of beauty and function. Their Rettangolo Colour taps line feature a glamorous shape as well as an innovative and well-concealed LED light, which changes colour with water temperature! Rettangolo Colour is a sensory, tactile and visual experience which is pure pleasure.

On the passage of water in the faucet, a temperature sensitive LED lights up in different shades of colour: blue, purple, or red, according to the water temperature. Due to the refractive process of light, the whole jet is coloured, resulting in a spectacular effect. The practical reason behind it is that the visual display avoids wasting energy and helps prevent scalding.

The Coloured Light taps Collections by Gessi feature an exclusive patented technology that allows for a self-powered coloured lighting without any electrical connection. Inner turbines driven by the simple passage of the water, power the system with zero energy consumption. Truly, aesthetics, energy saving and safety are the dominant characteristics of the Gessi Coloured Light Collections. The collection starts from INR 83,000.

Gessi products are available Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mumbai and Bengaluru. They are also in the process of opening stores in Ludhiana and other cities.

As we imagine, your washroom will definitely be a beautiful interplay of lively colours and relaxing indulgence after these two additions!