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Hennessy – Tasting Purity

Cognacs from Hennessy get mythical and mysterious connotations with its two variants, Hennessy Paradis Horus and Hennessy XO Extra Old Cognac

hennessy cognac black and gold bottleCognacs have never being given such a beautiful address before. Hennessy’s cognacs have always being much appreciated by aficionados, but the recent packaging designs make the decanters more tempting and seductive than the drink itself. The liquor is as fine as always. Hennessy has recently launched two new variants, Hennessy Paradis Horus and Hennessy XO (Extra Old cognac).

The gold factor
Hennessy Paradis Horus is a rare cognac developed from a masterly assemblage of hundreds of rare eaux-de-vie and perfectly aged for 25 to 130 years. Its name takes inspiration from the mythological Egyptian God of sun, Horus. Hennessy’s cognacs have always been superior in quality, and this one is no exception.

Perhaps the decanter is more interesting than the cognac. Italian designer Ferruccio Laviani, crafted a luminous decanter sheathed in gold and topped with a majestic over-sized cap which is covered with a layer of 18ct gold. The crystalline glass decanter has a seductive curved shape. The glow of the vessel, owing to the gold covering, truly justifies its name. Laviani has received a lot of commendation for the cap. Such unique designing is rarely seen.

The black gift box has a contemporary design with accents of gold in it. The play of layers is indeed enchanting. Being oval, the case protects the curves of the decanter carefully. The product is a masterpiece. Needless to say, the uniqueness justifies the price.

hennessy cognac classic bottleVintage fare
Hennessy is perhaps the best authority and the finest brand for superior cognac in the world. And why not? The brand has perfected its art over the years. An example of that is the Hennessy X.O. Extra Old Cognac. The story goes as far back as 1870. A great grandson of the founder Richard Hennessy, Maurice Hennessy, chaired the House of Hennessy during that period. Inspired by his intuition that modernity and rarity would go hand in glove, he created an extra old cognac, a combination of fine, rare and old Eaux-de-Vie. The Original X.O cognac was then born.

In 1947, taking the tradition forward, Gérald de Geoffre, Maurice Hennessy’s nephew, designed a decanter to contain the famous Hennessy X.O cognac. Interestingly, its form was inspired by an upside down grape bunch, and decorated with vines from which this rare cognac was born.

Coming to the more recent times of 2008, the mythical X.O decanter is now adorned like a dazzling jewelled case. Its iconic grape bunches are made with 82 Crystallized Swarovski Elements stones. The new decanter, called Exclusive Collection, encloses the elegant aromas of the Eaux-de-Vie. As cognac connoisseurs would infer, a burst of masculine strength emanates from notes of old leather, black pepper and cloves, while a generous combination of bright yet gentle notes of cinnamon, vanilla and crystallized fruit complement the initial burst of flavour. The complex chords of this unique cognac are successively revealed to the palate, making each tasting, whether neat or on ice, a fresh discovery. The decanter is presented in a gift box, with gunmetal grey metallic glints, embellished with diamonds cut in trompe-l’oeil.

Lending a mysterious under note to the exclusive cognac, the secret of its preparation has remained unchanged and in the hands of a single family of master blenders for nearly 150 years now. It is as difficult to find a similar cognac, as it is to find a duplicate.