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That Little Trunk

Passed down over generations, trunks are known to exude grandeur and cultural heritage. Let’s delve into a new chapter of luxury trunks.

Trunks Company JaipurTaking something old and turning it into something enticing is not everybody’s cup of tea. Turning back the pages of a mature black and white book and filling it with vibrant colours is somewhat daring and difficult. Old world charm and glamour custom made to perfection is one thing, but translating a conventional trunk into an article of luxury is what the Trunks Company, Jaipur vouches as its forte. Deriving inspiration from the glorious Indian maharajas of Rajasthan, the brand is the first ever to create luxury trunks in the country under the aegis of Mr Paritosh and Mr Priyank Mehta. Both chic and svelte, it offers a diverse and exclusive product range. While Goyard and Louis Vuitton have been creating trunks for over a century now, this Indian duo brings the idea of portable lifestyle to India which is rooted in the aesthetics of the country.

Admirably enough, the collection is available with high end retailers. “We started the Trunks Company, Jaipur out of sheer passion and our zest to create India’s own one-of-a-kind luxury brand of trunks. We aspire to create unique and extraordinary products to fulfill the needs of customers with an aesthetic taste and thus we founded this luxury brand to create the finest quality trunks,” said Mr Paritosh.

The Jaipur Story
Set up in Jaipur, Trunks Company has made its foray within the country starting with the fashion capital Mumbai and is looking at expanding to key cities across India. World over, the luxury luggage market is dominated by giants like Louis Vuitton amongst other brands. India is no exception. Wanting to get a pie of this market, the Trunks Company Jaipur focuses on creating trunks for a contemporary lifestyle. “We will continue to focus on trunks that can be customized to reflect a person’s personality. Unfortunately, we do not provide travel solutions, gear or bags like LV and Goyard,” shared the duo. 

About Trunks Company JaipurStretch your imagination and play around with all your needs because the Trunks Company offers specific purpose trunks such as Safe Trunk, Watch Trunk, Bar Trunk, Cocktail Trunk, Music Trunk, Steamer Trunk, Wardrobe and Vanity Trunk along with a host of other customized trunks! “All of our products are made to order and created with the highest leather craftsman techniques available. These are handmade in our workshop in Jaipur by experienced craftsman using the finest of materials,” said Mr Priyank. With a team of 25 people working for them at their manufactory, it is impossible for one not to be interested in exploring the world of trunks that has enticed, and continues to entice many over centuries. “Usually it takes 60 days to deliver a trunk, although a bespoke trunk could take even up to 90 to 120 days. Each trunk is a result of 400 man-hours by various skilled craftsmen that work on trunks at different stages,” he further explained.

The Design Principle
In a very short period they have gained enviable expertise in trunk making with the help of a French Designer, Mr Livio Delegues. The Trunk Company has taken the art of trunk making to new heights of corona. As rightly said “Design is intelligence made visible”, Mr Delegues stands as a clear exemplar of this. An architect by profession, Mr Delegues is a young French   designer with Italian roots. Presently residing in Jaipur, he has penned his ideas by crafting luxury trunks for the Trunks Company, Jaipur. While functionality and design of trunks could be customized, he has effectively made it possible to create trunks with modern functionality yet holding that regal charm from outside
Trunks Company JaipurThe entrepreneurs hold a firm belief in fine and detailed craftsmanship. Thorough efforts are invested on research and development of such masterpieces. “The leather is sourced from Italy and the suede is procured from the finest tanneries of India. Even the hardware is sourced from Germany and France to ensure sturdiness and longevity of the products,” they shared. The brand has created a niche for itself owing to its statement pieces, customization, and attention to detail along with the highest quality of materials. The grandeur and panache associated with these trunks, makes it an aspirational article for every luxury home.


Stepping Stones
A complete fusion of classic style and contemporary needs, the Trunks Company, Jaipur makes the humble trunk an apt style statement. Their trunks offer a great functionality by securing premium articles like watches, jewellery, wines, music and other items.

With a price range of over INR One lakh, these trunks are royal and elegant on the outside, stylish and voguish on the inside and are a perfect fusion of class, élan and comfort. Each trunk holds great aesthetic and painterly value for its patron and provides him the chance to dwell in phenomenal comfort and luxury.