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A Sheaffer to Remember

Defining the art of writing, this is the first in the series of 5 articles on true luxury experiences by our readers!

sheaffer pen affordable giftingWhile visiting a William Penn store a few months back, I went in to check their latest collection. I have a couple of Cross pens and a prized Montblanc (which is not functioning currently, but still very dear to me).

The sales personnel was a delight to deal with and supremely patient, showing me fountain pens with his gloved hands, placing the pens on royal blue velvet platter, encouraging me to try the pens on super smooth, executive bond paper.

He showed me fountain pens, ball point and roller ball pens one after the other, and I loved testing them to sign off on a stack of bond papers to feel their smooth writing, the dark ink creating deep impressions, and the ink’s smudge-free and quick drying capabilities.

Sheaffer instruments are elegant, with exquisite craftsmanship, and I realized, with their writing, silky smooth experience, you never want to put it down! Needless to say, owning a Sheaffer is prestigious. 

The sturdy metal pens felt so smooth and powerful between my fingers, writing was a pleasure all over again. The Sheaffer fountain pens are a completely divine experience altogether. The flow of the ink, the nib's shine, its precision, the look of the pen, the way it yields to your subtle movements, and finally the nib gliding over paper…it was sheer poetry. I felt like Ghalib!

I finally bought a Sheaffer Legacy Heritage roller ball pen. The chrome silver finish is subtle, yet speaks volumes about what joy lies within. I gifted the beautifully wrapped box to my husband, but it remains on my worktable, alongside my Apple Mac, accompanying the Cross and Montblanc. A leather covered metal visiting card case that came with the Sheaffer is also my prized possession today.

This is an opinion-based piece written by a luxury consumer or appreciator who enjoys the nuances of luxury, and is a part of LuxuryFacts 5 Year anniversary activities!