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Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Cultural District expected to be completed in 2025

The soon-to-open institutions in Saadiyat Cultural District have reached 76% completion in their construction progress.

The Department of Culture and Tourism, Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) just announced that Saadiyat Cultural District and its cultural institutions are on schedule for completion in 2025. The Saadiyat Cultural District’s construction progress is currently at 76%. This district aims to become a global destination, showcasing museums and narratives that celebrate the region’s heritage.

Saadiyat Cultural District rendering
An aerial view rendering of Saadiyat Cultural District

Upon completion, the array of institutions within Saadiyat Cultural District will render it one of the most distinctive cultural hubs. It is already the home of Louvre Abu Dhabi, the first universal museum in the Arab world displaying art from diverse cultures. The district also features Berklee Abu Dhabi, offering year-round music, performing arts, and educational programs. Since its inauguration in 2017, the Louvre Abu Dhabi has attracted 5 million visitors, acclaimed for its awe-inspiring architecture and innovative storytelling.

The Manarat Al-Saadiyat functions as a hub for fostering creative artistic expression and hosts two notable events in Abu Dhabi’s cultural scene, Abu Dhabi Art and the Culture Summit Abu Dhabi. These endeavors leverage Abu Dhabi’s position as a global cultural center, spotlighting the city internationally and introducing diverse perspectives to the capital.

Saadiyat Cultural District Louvre Abu Dhabi
Louvre Abu Dhabi

Saadiyat Cultural District honors the legacy of Sheikh Zayed, who pioneered UAE’s cultural agenda and global outreach through archaeological endeavors. This legacy commenced with Al Ain Museum in 1971, followed by the Cultural Foundation in 1981. Sheikh Zayed’s legacy endures under the stewardship of Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and is furthered by current leaders Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed.

The Cultural District will, therefore, also welcome Zayed National Museum, the national museum of the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, teamLab Phenomena Abu Dhabi will invite visitors on an ever-changing exploration that will transcend the limits of their imagination.

It will be joined by the Natural History Museum Abu Dhabi which will take visitors on a 13.8 billion-year journey through the story of our universe and our planet. Guggenheim Abu Dhabi will be a museum celebrating art from the 1960s to the present.

Saadiyat Cultural District Guggenheim Museum
A rendering of the upcoming Guggenheim Abu Dhabi

About the project, HE Mohamed Al Mubarak, Chairman of DCT Abu Dhabi shared, “Culture transcends mere connections; it shapes our very evolution and broadens our perspectives. Here in Abu Dhabi, we embrace this influence, fostering a deep appreciation that resonates throughout our community…Saadiyat Cultural District is somewhere people can come to learn from the past, understand our present and focus on our future.”

Saadiyat Cultural District, reflecting a multitude of diverse nationalities and historic trading ties that span thousands of years, surely epitomizes a forward-thinking vision shaped by its rich heritage.