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Althorp Living History – English Charms

Althorp: Living History collection is not just fine design and quality. History and royalty have been painted and imprinted on each piece within this collection

Althorp Living History furniture collectionIndia and England have a long history together. Even after 60 years of independence, our cultures are tied together in a very firm way. In many ways, our idea of luxury has many British influences. Our definition of grandeur and royalty is shaped as much by the Victorian era as by our own maharajas and maharanis.

Althorp: Living History’s collection brings back memories of those times. The collection of exquisite furniture from Althorp: Living History, designed by Theodore Alexander, has unique and aristocratic elements in it. The line of furniture is inspired by Althorp in Northampton shire, England, the family estate of the late Princess Diana and her brother Charles Spencer, the current Earl. The collection embodies the diverse history of the famous family’s five-century-old home and the regal grandeur of English countryside estates.

The Althorp: Living History collection celebrates the house and the 20 generations of royalty and aristocracy who enjoyed its splendour and the surrounding English countryside. Many famous names have been linked to the house like King Charles I of England, the great politician Winston Churchill, a descendant of the Spencer family; and of course the sister of the present ninth Earl Charles Spencer, late Lady Diana, Princess of Wales.

The exquisite pieces are crafted from a wide array of veneers, including mahogany, rosewood and burl. The furniture is available with fabric designs in subtle shades of greens, browns, blues and naturals – classic colours that complement the different woods and brass fixtures and fittings.

With every purchase, you receive a hard-bound book with the history of the house and family especially written by Earl Spencer. So not only do you have a piece of royal furniture in your living room, but also a fine addition to your library. Those who are interested in history and culture should not let the opportunity go!

Price: INR 30, 000 onwards
Available at: International Furniture Brands, The Gallery, 13 Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, New Delhi-110030.
Tel: 011-26802319 / 20