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Bovet celebrates history with China with new Tourbillon

Bovet celebrates historic first voyage to China with Edouard Bovet Triple Time Zone Tourbillon

May 8, 2018: Commemorating its first ever visit to China, watchmaker Bovet has come out with a magnificent timepiece that celebrates a historic moment for the company.

Chinese Emperor Original

Two hundered years ago, when the Bovet brothers left their home in the cradle of Swiss watchmaking, they embarked for London to perfect their savoir-faire. From there, bearing four of the finest luxury pocket watches, Edouard Bovet boarded an East India Company vessel to reach Guangzhou to establish the Chinese market. 

Edouard Bovet Triple Time Zone TourbillonEdouard Bovet arrived in Guangzhou, China in August 1818, quickly selling his first timepieces to a Chinese collector. Word of the sumptuously adorned and technically impressive pocket watches reached the Chinese emperor, and the House of Bovet soon counted the Emperor and his court as loyal patrons. So impactful were these early timepieces in China that to this day, the word “Bovet” (pronounced Bo-Wei) remains synonymous with high-end timepieces in everyday Chinese.

On the eve of its bicentenary, Bovet presents a new timepiece – Edouard Bovet 10-Day Triple Time Zone Flying Tourbillon.

In the spirit of historic cartography, on one side, the Edouard Bovet presents dual patented hemispheric globes and a three-dimensional reading of three-time zones rendered in engraving or blue guilloche, with the local time appearing in the center of the dial. With its 24-city dial, each window displays the name of the chosen city and the time in this same zone via a hand that moves over a 24-hour dial, following the contour of a hemispherical dome representing the Earth and naturally passing over the meridian of the chosen time zone. The surface of the oceans is rendered in blue Super-LumiNova, delicately applied by hand. 

Edouard Bovet Triple Time Zone Tourbillon backBovet's patented Amadeo convertible case system references the brand’s pocket watch form which first captivated the Chinese emperor and his court. The Edouard Bovet Tourbillon can quickly and easily transform from a traditional wristwatch to a pocket watch (with its complementary chain) or a table clock to be enjoyed on a mantel or desk when not worn. 

On the Edouard Bovet’s reverse side dial (which can be worn face up thanks to its Amadeo convertible case system), an equally intricate blue guilloche dial offers a reading of local time and of the hours, minutes, and seconds on the tourbillon, accompanied by a power reserve indicator, with every surface covered in ornate hand engraving. 

Available in red gold, white gold, or platinum, the Edouard Bovet Tourbillon is limited to only sixty movements, ensuring exclusivity.