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Bvlgari opens the glittering facades of its new boutique in Mumbai

Adding another star to the constellation of Jio World Plaza, Bvlgari opened its brand-new store.

Bvlgari facade store in Mumbai

Mumbai is set to experience the allure of the Italian art of living in all its splendor as Bulgari unveils its brand-new boutique at Jio World Plaza. Designed by the renowned architect Peter Marino, the boutique transcends the boundaries of traditional retail spaces, embodying an architectural masterpiece that weaves together precious materials, intricate textures, and the play of light.

Mr. Marino’s vision aligns seamlessly with Bulgari’s unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, resulting in a sensory journey that transcends geographical boundaries. It is a journey that invites you to embark on a visual and tactile odyssey, mirroring the meticulous artistry that Bulgari pours into its exquisite jewelry.

Bvlgari store in Mumbai

The central counter, crafted from luminous brass and glass, is crowned by a spectacular chandelier meticulously handcrafted with Murano glass. Embellished with lustrous Imperial Saffron-hued shantung silk, the iconic Condotti windows adorning the walls pay tribute to the inviting ambiance of Rome and replicate the original windows from Bulgari’s historic flagship store on Via Condotti.

Eye-catching artworks by Andy Warhol further add a contemporary touch of color to an otherwise golden-hued ambience.

Bvlgari store interior in Mumbai

At the recently oepend Jio World Plaza, Bulgari’s store presents a meticulously curated collection of fine jewelry, luxury handbags, and exquisite timepieces. The jewelry selection features iconic pieces renowned for gracing global red carpets and elite gatherings. Their high-end handbags seamlessly blend elegance with practicality in distinctive designs. The watch collection embodies precision and sophistication, paying homage to horological heritage. This diverse range caters to discerning enthusiasts of fine jewelry, luxury accessories, and refined timekeeping.