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13 Questions with Raghavendra Rathore

Raghavendra Rathore

A pioneer who brought ‘Made in India’ to the world, Raghavendra Rathore is a man of few words, but immensely passionate about his heritage and work.

Denim is Back, Baby!

Denim is back and how! The resurgence of the vintage style is contemporary, casual and pushes the boundaries of innovation. Take a look!

The Star Power of Rocky S

For someone who has famously designed costumes for 350 Bollywood movies, has a furniture line, and a very characteristic design vision, Rocky S is poised to reach the stars as he embraces a fashion world that is redefining itself by the minute.

Balestra’s Intricate Metamorphosis

Blending the past, present and future is no simple feat. A conversation with Sofia Bertolli Balestra, Head of Research, Design & Brand Identity at Balestra Roma, and the granddaughter of iconic couturier Renato Balestra, gives insight on the new identity, sustainable initiatives, and intergenerational vision for Balestra

A Full Fashion Cycle: From Karishma Swali’s House of Chanakya to MoonRay

Basking in the recent glow of awe and appreciation that House of Chanakya received for its handicraft in Dior’s Haute Couture 2022 scenography and collection, Karishma Swali talks about cultural sustainability, future of Indian fashion and her daughter Avantika’s influence in building MoonRay – a new mindful label – as we dissect its inspiration

Embroidery Techniques: The True Luxury of Indian Couture

Gone are the days of logo loyalty. Today’s fashion consumer is taking the time to understand India’s heritage and expertise in traditional embroideries, many of which are ancient and lesser heard of. We explore some such techniques and the designers working with these delicate threads, who are also taking them to international waters

Fashion’s Darling: How Florals are Eternal

From art to architecture and from metaphors to motifs, florals have been around for long, yet have unmatched importance throughout every culture. The beauty of these ingenious creations have been open to a copious amount of variations and interpretations through time – especially in fashion

Vencia: A Story of Masks

Handcrafted with love, integrity and luxury, we talk about an Indo-French brand that is making masks a couture item

Is Fashion the ‘New Plastic’?

The pandemic is having some strong repercussions on the world’s dynamics, its functioning and its future. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the fashion industry too is ripe for some rewiring and shifting of gears to create a more sensitive ecosystem

Gucci Enters Tennis Clash

Gucci announces a partnership with the world’s favourite tennis mobile game: Tennis Clash, where players will discover exclusive Gucci outfits and be able to participate in a special Gucci tournament.

A Humming Way: Bringing Sustainable Fashion from India to the Global Runway

Although all brands advertise themselves so, it’s hard to know which brands are actually sustainable. By focusing on artisanal labor, high-quality natural fabrics, local supply chains, reduction of energy and water consumption, elimination of chemical use, and minimal impact on forests and biodiversity, A Humming Way brings forward a truly sustainable product that recalls luxury with an edge

Fendi releases the Fendi Fab

The latest addition has a feminine allure with a rigorous squared shape where soft leather, lightness and refined details take the centre stage.

The Tale of Clothes During Pandemics

The proverb – ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ – actually makes its truest sense now in these difficult and hard times. It is important to look back in order to move forward during these crises

Gucci launches its 2020 novelties

Adding new statement pieces to its watches, jewellery and accessory lines, Gucci’s highly acclaimed timepieces, flora line, running earrings and lion head jewellery collection gets new classy introductions

Pro & Prebiotic Skincare: Adopting the Royal Skin Regime

Skincare is perhaps one category that completely resonates with the idea of self-care so much that there is always the ardent need to be a lot more creative with the ingredients. Presenting, Prebiotic and Probiotic skincare

Sustainable Fabrics: The Future of Fashion

Discarded food, orange peel, recycled cork and fish skin are some of the few commodities that can now be transformed into clothes. As we embark upon the era of “Eco-Age”, if global warming isn’t scaring you enough, then spilt landfills and annual carbon footprint escalations are reason enough to create a future we all can truly survive in

Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla: The Epochal of Indian Fashion

From Beyonce to Priyanka Chopra Jonas, from Dimple Kapadia to Ananya Pandey, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla’s brand has exceeded expectations with each creation. Thirty three years later, they still share the same passion, drive and obsession for their art

Nuskay: A Concoction of Traditional Asian Beauty Rituals

We’ve tried, tested and slept our way to identify the best beauty products to ensure waking up with that all-important, well-rested glow! Nuskay, a coming-of-age beauty line that professes use of herbal, bio-inspired and sustainably-sourced ingredients, is a sure winner for the conscious beauty buff

Power Suiting Redefined with SS Homme

The suit is a power play of virtue, style and confidence. But what gives it that powerful stature? Fine materials, and impeccable design and tailoring. SS Homme’s latest collaboration with Italian brand Carlo Barbera is taking luxury suiting to a new marvel in India

India’s Handloom Story: Revival of Weaves, Embroideries, Crafts

Fashionistas are questioning. Designers are researching. Artisans are weaving. Fashion in India is going through a revolution. Indian designers are conscientiously bringing back Indian crafts and handlooms by working with rural artisans. Here are a few of them

MET Gala 2019, The Best & The Most Innovatively Dressed

The annual fundraising gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is the storm’s eye on the first Monday of May every year. With artists and actors gracing the red carpet, the event has unparalleled grandeur and fame. As new creations unfold, there’s only a few that make it to the best list

Fendi Peekaboo – For Women, By a Woman

Few can claim to understand women, who are an extremely complex creation of God. But Fendi proved they know exactly what we want with the Peekaboo. Watch this special video, exclusively with LuxuryFacts

16 Best Luxury MakeUp Products – The Beauty Holy Grail

Makeup is an art, as it is a vice. You can never get enough of it. While deciding is tough, it’s even tougher to find what’s worth the investment. Here are 16 pricey-but-totally-worth-it products that are there to stay in your makeup bag

Rohit Bal – The Quest to Perfection

Elegant, alluring and elaborate is how we would define Rohit Bal’s Spring Summer 2019 ‘Gul-Dastah’ at the third installment of the Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour 2018-19. Depicting Indian heritage at it’s best, Rohit Bal manages to please all, despite a few slip-ups

Samant Chauhan – Earthy Inspiration, Storytelling Design

Elegant, luxurious and memorial designs are a rare combination to find. Staying true to one’s roots is something Delhi-based designer Samant Chauhan knows best. Going through a success drive, the designer has launched his second flagship store in Mumbai

Kshitij Jalori – Magic, Woven by Hand

Indian designer Kshitij Jalori, presenting three artistic collections, gives ample display of his training in textiles in his first solo exhibition. And offers a buyback clause!

Mumbai shows big Love to the witty, stylish Moschino

The Italian direct-to-consumer diffusion label, Love Moschino, is entering the Indian market with a new store in Mumbai. A brand made popular due to its artistic merit, critical function, and an all too famous provocative wit, is open for the discerning consumers of India

Couture has a new address with Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla’s Mumbai store

Famed couturiers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla relaunched their flagship store at Kemps Corner, Mumbai. A glamourous soiree combined the label’s aspirational sensibility and extravagant flavour with a collection that is unapologetically majestic and truly relevant to millennial fashion lovers

Alessandro Sartori makes the perfect fit for Ermenegildo Zegna

Insouciant and inexplicably cool, Ermenegildo Zegna’s Couture SS 18 “Hidden Garden” show illustrated the exploration of personal conscious and sub-conscious fantasies, at a venue that justified the epic proportions of Alessandro Sartori’s ambition

Womenswear Spring/Summer 2017 – The New Old

From floating Bohemian gowns to little black dresses, from vintage jackets to sports anoraks, from tiny clutches to oversized backpacks, women’s spring/summer 2017 ready-to-wear borrows much of the recent seasons’ trends only to slash, mix and re-match them

First Ladies Fashion – Homeland or International?

Being in the spotlight is never easy. Especially when you are in a position of power. Being a first lady comes with many responsibilities, including dressing like one. This includes picking appropriate outfits, and more often than not, picking an appropriate designer. We took an in-depth look at five famous first ladies, contemplating whether they prefer designers from their homeland, or bigger international brands

The Refined & Casual Outlier – Hermes Spring/Summer 2017 Menswear

With slim cuts, sunny colours and easy aesthetics, Hermes’ spring/summer 2017 menswear collection administers an antidote to the season’s otherwise mostly grim affair. “Miscellany of lightness, quintessential vetement-object and colour euphoria” are among the industry-defiant leitmotifs of Hermes’ latest menswear collection

Creative Directors Designing Novel Fashion Chapters

Amid the many issues that grip high fashion today, the arrival of previously unknown, spirited, “cool” creative directors at some of the most iconic luxury brands has set the industry ablaze. LuxuryFacts dissects the recent past, the present and the likely future of two centenarians with new young leaders – Gucci and Balenciaga

Handbags to Pick – Six Trends for 2016

Whether going to the beach or planning a night out, your choice of handbag is undeniably an expression of who you are. Although the season is changing, there are many new handbags to choose from and even more ways to express yourself without sacrificing style.

Cuba through the eyes of Chanel

Interpreting history in his own way, Karl Lagerfeld takes the Chanel brigade to Cuba’s lively environs, for the label’s latest Cruise collection.

Autumn/Winter 2016-17 Womenswear Trends – A Mix of Hot & Cold

Summer is soon to bloom in boutiques, but the high fashion calendar is already racing ahead, with autumn/winter 2016-17 having just stepped down from the runway. Take a look at what to keep, what to throw away and what to add to the winter wardrobe for the next season

9 Best Looks from Amazon India Couture Week 2015

An assortment of thread work, rich fabrics, jeweled shades and more, Amazon India Couture Week is certainly the best of all fashion weeks that happen around the country, around the year. We put together some of our favorite looks from 2015

Canali – Fashion for Success

Creating a wonderful series of men who matter, Canali introduces Riccardo Zacconi as the protagonist in its latest film

Runway 5 – Trends for Summer Fashion

It’s that time of the year when fashion possibilities suddenly expand! How about reviewing some trends, to help you make those mix and match decisions appropriately, for the summer season

Giorgio Armani – Ode to Black

An emphatic ‘yes’ to all emotions, to taking chances and having it all, go ahead and check out Giorgio Armani’s latest fragrance, Si Intense

Moroccanoil – Adding Volumes

Much like Adam Sandler in the movie ‘Don’t Mess with Zohan, who wants to make hair “silky smooth”, Moroccanoil does the same job, but in more luxurious settings!

Michael Kors – Expansion is in Fashion

Presenting an array of glamourous outfits, tony handbags and graceful accessories, Michael Kors’ expansion in India is only pleasing its buyers more and more!

VMR – Runway from the Past

Taking us on an archival journey, VMR in Chicago flaunts designer garments of yesteryears, which we wish we could hang in our closets too!

Pushing Away the Clouds

Defeating the tactics of monsoon, we recommend a makeup routine and products, which will soar up your spirits this damp season

MAC – Divine Eyes

MAC knows how to pair up two completely different shades for a brilliant look. That’s what they did for their Divine Night eyeshadows too!

Lancome -What Dreams Are Made Of

Lancome’s Dream Tone knows what today’s women crave for, and provides just that – healthy, glowing skin. Read our review

MAC – A Limited Blush

MAC’s Divine Night collection surely lured us with its name. But did its mineralise blush do the job well? Read on

Marchesa’s March

The current flavour of red carpet gowns, Marchesa, reaches India through The Sachdev Group

MAC – Sultry Glances

MAC knows how to give you those sultry glances with its Her Cocoa quad, in collaboration with the equally sultry Rihanna!

MAC – Adopting Style

When Rihanna plans to get into make-up, you get bold shades emblematic of her style! MAC brings it to your doorstep…

Loving Your Tresses

Renowned hair care brands are looking at pampering you. We spell out what that means for your precious mane

MAC – The Dark Eye

Looking for that simple eye pencil which will make you ready for that day out instantly? Ask MAC for their new Copper Strip pencil!

MAC- Looking deep

The MAC Extra Dimension collection of eyeshadows adds more glamourous layers to your eyes, with shades you may haven’t seen before!

MAC – Revamped Lips

MAC has discovered the perfect formula for creamy, luscious lips – their new Mineralise Rich Lipstick range

MAC – Comic Glamour

Taking inspiration from the very entertaining and stylish characters of the much-beloved Archie’s comic, MAC has bought out their personalities very well in this new collection!

MAC – Winter Freshness

Eye shadows are a complicated business. MAC makes it worth the effort with its new winter-y shade, which surprisingly, works very well in summer too!

Estee Lauder – The Purple Party

Give yourself a new, bold avatar with Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Velvet Lipstick. It has passed our review quite well! Read on…

MAC – For that Pink Blush

That faintly pink, healthy cheek glow has been in the wishlist of many women. MAC makes it very much possible with its Porcelain Pink powder!

Sufi – For that Inner Calmness

Just like its name, the Sufi range of products by The Imperial Salon & Spa aim to quietly do their work, while giving a respite from the turmoil your skin faces each and everyday. It passes brilliantly through our test!

Kiehl’s – The BB Magic

BB Creams are not a new concept. But Kiehl’s gives it a new identity with its innovative formula. Result? Perfectly glowing natural skin…

Dermalogica – Time to be Natural

With the scorching summer beating our brow, it’s the best time to figure out your skin weapons. Dermalogica helps quite a bit in this battle we think

Estee Lauder – Flirt Away Sunshine!

If you want to keep it natural with just that hint of glowing glamour, Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Topaz collection is the perfect product to pick next!

Nikasha Tawadey – Going Back in Time

The old is going to come back, but in a contemporary way. That’s how Indian designer Nikasha Tawadey interprets fashion today. We got hooked for sure…

Blending Fashion’s East & West

Blending the east and west seamlessly, Project Renaissance, true to its name, creates a new fashion age, where fabrics and crafts from India merge with western silhouettes to create an evolved fashion sense

Corneliani & OSL Luxury – Suiting up!

Corneliani has seen quite a rough journey in India. As they shake hands with another company, the OSL Group, we try to learn more by interviewing the brand’s staunch supporters, Mr Salesh Grover & Mr Prem Dewan

The 40 Shades of Purple

Smouldering eyes, healthy cheek blush and plush lips. Every woman wants these defining attributes. Thus, we figure out make-up trends this season from Lancome and Estee Lauder

Aamby Valley India Bridal Week – The Wedding Parade

The Aamby Valley India Bridal Week 2012 in Mumbai showcased the union of time honoured Indian traditions with an elegant air of modernity. After all, nothing defines couture better than wedding attire in India. We spell out our favourite four designers from the show!

Tarun Tahiliani – The Bridesman

Growing from strength to strength, Tarun Tahiliani’s Bridal Couture Exposition, has successfully given sound fashion advice to soon-to-be-married couples and their families. The 4th edition this year turned out to be even more spectacular!

Hidesign – Leather Revolution

As myriad international brands head their horns towards India, Indians can proudly lift their chins and showcase the bevy of luxury brands we already have here. And Hidesign was the first one among them! So how has the brand revolutionised in the recent years?

A Jubilation of Design – Interviewing Suneet Varma

Starting in an era when India was devoid any fashion industry, Indian designer Suneet Varma has come a long way in the past 25 years. We have a short conversation with him while being struck with his gorgeous couture anniversary collection.

Royals & Brands: What the Royal Heart Beats For

If there was no royalty, there would be no luxury and without luxury, would royalty be as royal? LuxuryFacts chronicles the first connoisseurs of Luxury – their lives, their times and their tastes for everything luxe!

Janavi – The Cashmere Queen

If possessing a cashmere or pashmina item is your ultimate luxury, then the Indian brand Janavi can help you in that marvelously

JJ Valaya – Turkish Allure

Epitomising ottoman royalty, Indian designer JJ Valaya found inspiration in the mesmerising Turkey to create his awe-inspiring Fall-Winter 2012 collection

Fashion – Survival of the Sharpest

Brands are made over a large period of time, probably after changing a lot of hands, where each one leaves a certain imprint on the brand. But do all manage to survive this turmoil? Not really

Gaurav Jai Gupta – The Unbeatable Shine

Indian designer Gaurav Jai Gupta collaborated with Swarovski Elements to create a radiantly unique Autumn/Winter 2012/13 collection. The core of the collection, however, is genuine craftsmanship

Fashion Version 2012

The stylish men and women of this world must have already started rethinking their wardrobe as we enter 2012. Here’s a word of advice to aid in that process!

Second Skin

Which gentleman wouldn’t like a suit which fits like second skin? But one needs a master tailor to make it a reality. Camps de Luca from France definitely fits the bill!

Burberry’s E-nvasion

This month LuxuryFacts shares with you insights and stories on perhaps the most innovative and dynamic turnaround for a luxury brand. Burberry gets its groove back and in Facebook parlance – WE LIKE!

Beauty, at it’s best!

A dash of glam here and some fresh colour there. A perfect key to bidding farewell to the year and welcoming the new one, this article has it all!

Quirky Fashion – Luxury goes Cuckoo!

Rule makers and rule breakers, the standard and the extraordinary. Something comes in between each of these to draw that bold line of distinction. That’s Quirkiness. Luxury brands have many mad-hatters, we discover

WWG: White Wedding Gown

If beautiful memories and marriage proposals could be weaved into a wedding gown, Fanny Liautard would have done that. But she knows the next best technique to do so and tries to present the bride with a gown that will always be a reminder of that lovely day…

Trousseau Time

If you are still staring at the limitless options available in the market and trying to determine what and how much to purchase for your trousseau, this column should help you clear your thoughts and put you on the exact track!

Stride in Style

While the bride is almost always the center of attention – what with her heavy lehenga, exquisite jewellery and perfect makeup – the groom is no more far behind. He is as eager to look his best and show the world his most stylish and elegant side. Here’s how you can become the king of the party…

Bridal Wear – An Exotic Bride

Bridal wear has gone beyond the traditional red and maroon colour, embellished with some gorgeous, but cliche zari and embroidery work. We list a few bridal lehengas by some of the best Indian designers – which have defied the long-established look and experimented with colours, designs and styles

Kitsch – Fashion Melange

By getting more renowned brands like Celine, Catherine Malandrino and YSL Homme in its portfolio, Kitsch has presented the style-conscious Indian with even more choices

Hood it up!

With luxury brands stocking up their stores with autumn/winter collections, it’s the apt time to discuss, consider and spell forth the trends in a snapshot, which will help you decide your next shopping purchase!

Synergy1 Delhi Couture Week – Couture Designs

The Indian fashion scenario is filled with multitude designers. But FDCI’s Synergy1 Delhi Couture Week 2011 short listed top 12 of them and set up a fashion extravaganza like never before! By: Soumya Jain

Hermes – The Orange Story

Lost at Horniman Circle? Look for the new and grand Hermes store which is the latest landmark there and you will find your way. At least your fashion way

Solstiss – Women in Lace

What would I do without lace? – said Vivienne Westwood. And that’s true. Lace, for us women, is a symbol of elegance and sensuality as well. Solstiss is one of the lacemakers, which has been quietly working in the backdrop of the high glamour fashion industry, and supplying us with our much desired lace…

A Marriage of Culture and Style

Men’s fashion brand Canali continues to excel in its ‘made in Italy’ bespoke tailoring for the Indian men’s market…but is it only for India or for the entire world?

Monsoon – Fashion Splash

The monsoon season is welcomed by most in India, but the country is lacking a pioneer in monsoon fashion. If you are a designer, it is the perfect time for you to make a splash! Literally

Summer Style

Summers connote bright shades and vibrant moods. The fashion trends this season say the same! Read more about what you should be wearing and seen in at this time of the year!

Cristiano Corneliani – Impeccable Finesse

The much known Corneliani brand, present in India through Blues Clothing Company, believes that tradition, hand-in-hand with modernity, is the reason of its success. We converse with Mr Cristiano Corneliani on the brand philosophy and more!

Conversing with a Sensation

There are very few individuals who leave an indelible mark on people and in the industry they strive for. Adriana Mulassano is one of them. A strong hand in yesteryears for today’s elite designers and a silent observer of all that is happening…she is one woman who never lets her passion for fashion die out, even at the prime age of 72!

Christian Louboutin – Reaching to the Sole

Designing is not just about colours and patterns. It is, first and foremost, about understanding your customer. And nobody knows this better than Christian Louboutin. Read more about this divine shoemaker in his exclusive interview to LuxuryFacts

Dilip Kapur of Hidesign – Hobnobbing with Leather

Hidesign can’t be categorised as ‘just another brand’ in the luxury industry. First reason – their bags are built to be useful and functional – the sort which will truly last you forever in terms of quality and design as well. The second reason is the simple, honest and unaffected thoughts of its owner Dilip Kapur

The London Fashion Parade

A round-up of the recently held London Fashion Week, enjoy the journey as we meander through catwalks, collections, ambience and more!

Hubert Barrere – Cosset the Corset

Corsets are tough to wear and tougher to make. Corsetiere Hubert Barrere talks about his passion for the garment, its new meaning and his India inspiration

Classics that never fade: The Nehru Jacket

Fashion watchers consider India to be coming up on the global fashion scene now. The status of the Indian fashion industry is judged by the number of fashion weeks that happen here. But they forget to credit India for the Nehru Jacket, which became a fashion draw at a time like the 1960s!

Out in the Fashion Jungle

It’s a mad world out there! While pretty models strut around in beautifully created garments for you, you barely even have time to register the catwalk! That’s the world behind fashion – hectic, crazy and a gamble at that!

Virtual Fashion & Cyber Style

Luxury fashion houses are slowly digitizing themselves with Burberry being the most apt example. Is this check-inspired UK based brand showing us the future through its strategy for London Fashion Week?

Tamara Mellon – Of Shoes, Life & Luxury

Intelligent, business-savvy and a tough woman who has carved a global way for her brand. But there is another side to Tamara Mellon, founder of Jimmy Choo, which is filled with love, patience and integrity.

The Existentialist Quest of Haute Couture

Is haute couture losing its meaning as luxury fashion houses bend down to include the masses and e-commerce, and hence, make more money in the process? Is there a better initiative to help luxury fashion houses bypass the economic crisis and retain their exclusivity as well?

Eden Lun – Fur Fashion

Nothing can beat the feeling of soft fur caressing your skin or black leather making that evil, but smart impression. A fur and leather couture house based in Spain, Eden Lun, was founded by Xavier Gali and Cris Roca in 1999. Their innovative design, excellent craftsmanship and focus on quality has us completely awed