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13 Questions with Princess Brijeshwari Gohil

Princess Brijeshwari Gohil

Choosing to advance her heritage beyond the superficial, the young Princess Brijeshwari Gohil is a force to reckon with in the field of art and heritage. We go deeper into her thoughts on life.

Why do Luxury Fashion Brands Repeatedly Revisit their Storied Archives for Inspiration?

Fendi Baguette

Historically fashion has always thrived on revivalism, nostalgic inspirations and resurgence of specific trends every two decades, a concept called the “20-Year Rule”. Legacy fashion houses such as Chanel, Saint Laurent and Dior, regularly dive into their own archives, exhuming old motifs, silhouettes and prints, and repurposing them into new collections. We find out the underlying reasons behind this and the incontestable significance of archival fashion.

Luxury’s (New) Love Affair with South Korea

All doors lead to South Korea. With the rise of K-pop, international luxury brands have found a new generation of not just brand ambassadors, but young consumers, who are also steering trends in fashion, style and dining.

Are we Obsessed with Japan? Yes!

Tapping into the art, craft and innovation of Japan, recent evidence indicates that global luxury brands’ historical fascination with everything Japanese will just keep growing.

Luxury’s Future: From Strong to Stronger in 2023?

A quick rebound of the luxury industry post-pandemic, and Bernard Arnault’s ascent to the pedestal of the world’s richest man, have shown that luxury is strong. Going forward, here’s what the luxury industry needs to work on to keep it resilient.

Lured by the Luxe? Why Not Make it a Career?

Glamour is just one part of it. The luxury industry has many finer nuances that executives need to understand when trying to make a career in this field. We give out some guidance.

Once upon a time, there lived a Queen who truly stole the heart of the world

Queen Elizabeth II had an extraordinary story: a young woman who ascended the throne of United Kingdom, that she never wanted, travelled the world over several decades, steered the monarchy in both turbulent and calm times, and supported the British Parliament with a generous smile and glamour. She is, truly, unforgettable.

3 Brands Raising India’s Luxury Game with a Refreshing Identity

From Indian haute joallerie to scents that accommodate the tropical nature of the subcontinent to indigenous properties that promise an Indian paradise, India’s luxury universe is seeing a rise of players that are ready to change the rules of the game, with grace and pride

The Begums of Bhopal – Women Way Ahead of their Times

The most glorious hundred years in the history of Bhopal was heralded by four able queens. Visionaries, skilled politicians and social reformers, the Begums stood firm for women empowerment when the term didn’t even exist. These queens may have been forgotten by history but are still the essence of Bhopal and its people

Virgil Abloh: Gone Too Soon, Too Young

Reverberated throughout the fashion industry and beyond, this past Sunday marked an incredible loss with the passing of Virgil Abloh, a pioneer and a role model for Black designers, who represented a cultural shift across art, culture and fashion

Sustainable Luxury Brands that are Making their Unique Mark to Save Earth

You all know that the definition of luxury varies from person to person. That is true for the term “sustainable luxury” as well. As we all attempt to find our own meaning for this category, here are some brands giving us an incentive to live consciously and give way to mindful consumption

The Luxury Influencer’s Role & Responsibility

As the pandemic gripped the world, many questions previously asked inside the halls of environmental organisations have now come out in common consciousness. One of them is the role of the influencer.

The Fashion Pact: A New Paradigm to Transform the Industry

An initiative that brings together roughly a third of the industry around a series of ambitious sustainability goals, The Fashion Pact commences, or attempts to commence, a new era of environmentally cognizant business decisions. A long overdue endeavour to regulate and hold the second most polluting industry accountable

Luxury Demography in 2021: East vs. West

With the most unexpected year at an end, global luxury spending has fallen dramatically with only ‘one place’ where sales had roared in leaps and bounds. With the overall luxury market under lockdown for a good amount of time, the new epicentre of luxury is set to take the crown!

Bottega Veneta’s Route to Social Media Detox

When all of us thought that social media and the digital world would be the only way to move ahead, Daniel Lee’s Bottega Veneta made a stir by going in the opposite direction. A new frontier in the making, what does the luxury brand have up their sleeves?

Luxe 2021 – A Peek into the Future

From a digital transformation to local shopping to robotic logistics, luxury is going to see a world of change in this new year, thanks to the ongoing pandemic

How Relaxation is Changing in a Post-COVID World

What was a thriving ecosystem with personal masseuses to extraordinary spas to one-of-a-kind treatments, the pandemic has managed to shake the very primitive pillar of the spa industry – human interaction. Hoping the situation gets better soon, spa and recreational centres have equipped themselves to face a new reality

COVID-19: How it Brought Fashion & Technology Closer

Some industries symbolize innovation and growth. They are the first to adopt new trends and experiment with the unknown. Fashion is also falling in line when it comes to innovation, up-to-datedness and creating what we’re calling the ‘new normal’. Technology is its partner in progress

13 Questions with Gayatri Khanna

Juggling between the various roles which Indian women are now used to, Gayatri Khanna manages to balance her work with international luxury houses with duties towards her daughters. Lauding her spirit, we ask her some cheeky life questions

Dear Fashion, What Next?

A closure of more than four months has exposed the fashion industry. From supply-chain massacre to shocking bankrupt cases, these months have taken a toll on the industry. Post-pandemic, does it mean the end of fashion as we know it? Do we need to rethink the protocols of this entire industry?

When Royalty Cares for the Rural: Princess Diya Kumari Foundation

As global economies struggle with a worldwide health crisis, there are organizations like the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation (PDKF) who are trying to create opportunities for the underprivileged women in Rajasthan. With its relentless efforts, the PDKF is an exemplary beacon of women empowerment

Retail Reopening 2.0: New Protocols of Shopping

As the world acclimatizes itself to the new normal, brands are focusing all of their energies on providing customers with real value and transparency for a holistic shopping experience. But, what would this new ‘shopping’ experience be like? Are consumers ready for an in-store purchase?

Luxury Post-COVID: 3 Issues the Crisis Highlighted

While it may seem like all people could talk about was the pandemic, in the past month, however, focus has expanded to issues that the health crisis put a spotlight on. For the luxury industry, there are three points that have seen a spike in attention

Marketing Luxury in the Times of COVID-19

One of the most affected industries by the emergence of COVID-19, how can luxury brands pivot their PR and marketing strategy post the pandemic? Will it be an evolution for good and for the good?

Aston Martin: Winds of Change

Despite having an illustrious catalogue of exquisite sports cars and being a darling of tinsel-town, Aston Martin always suffered financially. But the latest chapter in its corporate saga promises to shake things up substantially at this iconic British sports car company. We dig deeper

Luxury and Bees: A Humble, Buzzing Connection

One insect that requires a much-needed revival is the bee. With conservationists hopeful for a friendlier world for bees, various luxury brands have come forward to become the keepers of these busy organisms, creating a growing collection of bee-friendly landmarks around the world

A Buzz of Activity at the Home of Rolls-Royce

The company’s wider environmental vision and practices align with conserving the vital but declining species – English Honey Bees. Six hives are home to around a quarter of a million English Honey Bees.

STIMULUS 2020: Addressing the Upcoming Challenges for India

Facing an extraordinary circumstance and uncertain future due to COVID-19, it is like a roller coaster ride with no idea what lies ahead. STIMULUS 2020, an extensive webinar, was an ideal platform that brought together experts from various industries, making an attempt to contemplate the future of the Indian Luxury Market

Luxury & COVID-19: Unity in Adversity

As the world grapples with the horrific reality of COVID-19, the luxury industry, after the first reactions of disbelief, has taken up arms against the pandemic to do their part for humanity

Luxury Consumers of 2020: “Why should I buy you?”

With millennials increasingly taking a higher market share in the luxury industry consumer charts, and Gen Z gearing up with their own quirks, luxury brands have to forgo long established truths to create new ones

Made in India: Making Local Luxury a Successful Philosophy

Luxury is exquisite, unique, coupled with craftsmanship at its best. With a surge of social media and globalisation, brands are often forced to adopt means and measures to cope with the ruthless competition. While carving a niche and staying authentic to their roots becomes difficult, we enlist a few brands that have succeeded in maintaining their ‘Made in India’ status quo

Past & Future Unite to Make Today’s Jodhpur Luxurious

The Royal Family of Jodhpur, Motherland Joint Ventures and Architecture Discipline unite to regenerate Jodhpur and breathe life into its historic symbols. A project that brings us a new Jodhpur for a new decade and centuries to come.

Green is the New Black: Luxury Sustainability in 2020

Tired of increasing air pollution, water contamination, heavily chemical-induced soil and all the resulting mayhem, citizens of the world, including luxury brands, are finally taking note, and making major changes which will paint a healthier world. Sustainability, even in luxury, is going to rule the next decade

Luxury Cars & The Green Crusade

As with every industry, luxury car makers have also been hit by the green bug, especially as India introduces policies and taxes to promote speed towards the future

Mohanjeet Grewal: The One who Conquers Love

It isn’t every day that one meets a fantastical enigma with the power to change their whole perspective to life. Here is a rare opportunity to take a deep dive into the mighty ocean that is Mohanjeet Grewal’s life, as she fulfills dreams, wins hearts and eventually conquers love

Luxury Brands & The Growing Experience Economy

Mere material product consumption has evolved into providing more immersive experiences to customers. Luxury goods brands need to go back to the drawing table if they want to be on the positive side of the ‘Experience Economy’

Indian Luxury Brands – Diversifying in Design

Diversifying into auxiliary sectors has always been a fool-proof strategy of survival for brands. Example? Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Gucci have all diversified into fashion, perfumery, cosmetics and so on. Indian luxury brands have also started looking into ventures to broaden their spectrum of reach

Veen – A Water Sommelier & His Trade

A luxury bottled water brand which sources its water from the most remote areas of Finland and Bhutan, Veen is making a clear splash in the bottled water segment as an haute hydrator. We delve into a discussion on water, its taste and its importance with Ganesh Iyer, India’s first water sommelier

13 Questions with Eefa Shrof

Eefa Shrof radiates the happiness and joy that comes from someone who loves their life. A fitness chef and sports nutritionist to the rich and famous, this vivacious consultant packs a lot of enthusiasm in her day – which is quite evident from her answers to our 13 questions

13 Questions with Jahan Tahiliani

A 28 year old who finds social media tedious, Jahan Tahiliani believes in the power of community. And sports. There is more to him than just his lineage

Belvedere: About Relearning Natural, Arjun Kapoor & Cocktail Culture

Recently in India, Alice Farquhar, Global Brand Education and Training Manager at Belvedere, explored the vodka’s natural roots, “unprocessed cocktails” – which she considers the emerging focus in spirit production – and her thoughts on the global cocktail culture

13 Questions with Abhay Gupta

An engineer, a consumer and retail expert, an educator, a researcher – Abhay Gupta wears multiple hats – all of which have shaped the cerebral personality he is. He, however, goes beyond those professional proficiencies to answer our 13 Questions

Slow Fashion – What it Means & Why it is Important

The wave of Fast Fashion is transcending into an ethical, sustainable and lasting trend called Slow Fashion. A complete antithesis of Fast Fashion, we explain the evolution of Slow Fashion and what are its implications for businesses, producers and consumers

Women Leaders in the Luxury Industry: The Future is Female

It’s a man’s world they say. It’s difficult to create a name and reputation without auxiliary labels and assumptions. It takes a capable person to be at a good position, but it takes far more for a woman to have the same. There has been a positive flow, but it’s time for a major change

Luxury Real Estate: 2019 Global Outlook

The luxury real estate market is getting affected in more ways than meets the eye due to several political and economical reasons. Here is what 2019 bodes for the luxury real estate market globally

8 Luxury Products to Coral-ize Yourself

255 + 111 + 97 – that’s the RGB mix of the Pantone Color of the Year 2019 – Living Coral. A happy, gushing color which will surely beckon an effervescent 2019, we help style you in the spectacular shade.

Luxury Skincare that is Conscious, Sustainable

In recent years, with multiple trends coming and going in the luxury skincare industry, one is withstanding the face of time – being environment-friendly and socially conscious. Two skincare brands are showing that caring about the environment and its inhabitants is more than just a trend

A Colossal Feat – Chicago’s Hotel on Water

A perfect fusing of proficiencies, the upcoming boutique hotel at Chicago’s Navy Pier is a deed, which has multiple contributors, ensuring the property stands proud and unique at the edge of the city

Chef Joe Thottungal – A Slice of Kerala in Canada

Ottawa-based Chef Joe Thottungal has not just carved a niche for Kerala cuisine in a distant land. His penchant for authentic fare sees many tracing the journey to the roots of the ingredients in ‘God’s own country’

The Latest Trends in Fine Watchmaking for 2018

Fondation haute Horlogerie has released a comprehensive report presenting trends and forecasts for the fine watchmaking industry in 2018. Focusing our attention on the trends, we summarise the top five, most important directions being taken in design and mechanisms

13 Questions with Pierre Favresse

In our interview with Pierre Favresse, Lladro’s recently appointed Creative Director, he divulges honest and emotional information about the artistic life he has led since childhood, and how he sees life ahead

13 Questions with Palak Shah

Co-founder and CEO of Ekaya – an Indian brand set out to promote Indian textiles – Palak Shah says it as it is. No fluff, no complication – which we realized while asking her our 13 patent questions

Ritu Kumar – A Journey in Textiles

A new exhibition which not only showcases the works of designer Ritu Kumar inspired by her travels, but also illustrates the deep intermingling of textile traditions between different regions of India and the surrounding regions

13 Questions with Krsnaa Mehta

As part of our “13 Questions” series, LuxuryFacts talks to Krsnaa Mehta, the mastermind who brings a touch of India into our homes with his nuanced heritage of designs

Building Green in India – Transition Amid Trouble

On track to become the world’s most populous country in as little as five years, India faces a host of issues – from widespread power shortages to an acute water crisis to a gravely polluted air. Amid its environmental, demographic and economic mires, India is among the top countries with vibrant green architecture sectors. How big and significant is sustainable building in the country?

13 Questions with Marta Santambrogio

As part of our “13 Questions” series, LuxuryFacts talks to Marta Santambrogio, a creative behind-the-scenes force in high-end textile design and a leader in heralding the industry into the future. There is a bonus question too!

13 Questions with Arun Dhaddha

As part of our “13 Questions” series, LuxuryFacts talks to Arun Dhaddha, head of Indian jewelry brand Gem Plaza, about the matter – the habits, the memories, the aspirations and the advice – that makes up life

The Lure and Allure of Synthetic Diamonds

With technological advancements, lab-grown (synthetic) diamonds are becoming ever so similar in quality, cut and clarity to natural diamonds. Their usage and acceptance in business markets is growing but can the industry crack the final frontier – emotional resonance in the consumer market.

Concepts of Concept Stores

Today, even major brands claim their own concept stores. Yet, such assertions defy the very nature of these shopping places, which flourish on highly personal visions and their joltingly intriguing executions. But is this all that makes concept stores a successful retail concept?

13 Questions with Amy Burton

You recognise their names and have seen their creations. Yet, do you know the people behind the brands? LuxuryFacts will help you do so. This week, we ask jewelry designer Amy Burton of Hancocks and Amy Burton Fine Jewelry 13 personality-revealing questions

The American Luxury Market – A Phoenix Rising

The economy is fickle. Moving in different directions, up and down, never quite stable. The American market is just as such, especially in recent years. During the recession, how did the luxury market fare? We time-track the American luxury market from 2008 to the present

Push and Pull – Luxury Fashion on the Move

Last year was a watershed period for luxury fashion. Many moved to cross the divide between the now fossilizing mores of yesterday and the liberalizing models of tomorrow. Today, they are still in deep, unknown waters

Luxury and Corporate Responsibility are not Antonyms

Luxury brands have notably been leery of novelties such as e-commerce and social media. Although not a particularly new precept, sustainability has also raised wariness. Not that labels oppose it, but its enormous implications for their time-honored philosophies overwhelms. Nevertheless, some high-end Houses are opening their doors to corporate responsibility.

Swaying and Swayed: China’s Luxury Consumers

The world’s biggest population – China – is also the largest global consumer of luxury. In 2015, China’s rich signed off half of the high-end purchases worldwide. The same year marked a considerable shift in how, where and why they buy.

Luxury Brands & Philanthropy: Knight in Shining Chanel Suit

We live in a real world with real problems, some natural, many man-induced. There is something very human about reaching out to another person when they need you the most – this emotion and its ability to move people is well understood by luxury brands who are on a mission to save the world!

The Democratization of Luxury

Luxury marketing poses a variety of questions, especially when it comes to targeting a melting pot such as India. But, are we changing the nature of luxury due to that?

Gucci and UNICEF – The Luxury of Education

With the Gucci-UNICEF partnership turning 10, over 7.5 million children reap rewards. And this incredibly interesting video highlights the impact of education on the lives of girls and an entire community

Treehouses – Luxury Above our Heads

Be it an adult hideout or a child’s play area, luxury hotels are investing into the unique concept of tree rooms, ensuring a once in a lifetime experience

The Business of Travel

As travellers start having new whims and fancies, it becomes the responsibility of the industry to make it a reality. Here’s what you need to know

New City, New Luxury

Kolkata, the new kid on the block for growth and potential, is calling out luxury enthusiasts. Why? Read on

The Heart of British Luxury

British luxury brands have a unique identity and characteristics of their own. We discuss that and their future

Roping the Post-Recession Traveller

As with every other luxury category, the luxury traveller has changed too. As Grand Hyatt Mumbai celebrates 10 years, they tell us how to do it right

Franchising in the India Luxury Industry

The business of becoming a franchisee in India for the many international, glamourous luxury brands is not easy. We study the problems and challenges they have to face in 2014

Luxury Hotels – Chennai on the Map

With a plethora of luxury hotels opening in Chennai, India, we directed our minds and pens towards the city to figure out the reason behind this sudden spurt…

India’s Grape High

The sight of wines and sparklies been swished around in elegant flutes is not uncommon in India anymore. How and when did this change come? Where is India’s wine industry heading to? We analyse it all…

When Luxury Turns Bad

Dining at a superior restaurant makes everyone get together for a happy feast, whatever the occasion, or even without one. But then, the key word is ‘superior’. And those who were are slipping down the standard

Le Cirque – A Lavish Summer

Food is not just something that keeps you alive. It is an experience. Le Cirque at The Leela Palace New Delhi knows that very well, as we find that out from Marco Maccioni, who was in the city recently to launch the restaurant’s summer menu

A. Lange & Soehne – Love Thy Neighbour

Dubai’s extravagant retail therapy has us delighted. And when you have the largest A. Lange & Soehne store there, it certainly beeps strongly on the radar of LuxuryFacts! We chat over espressos with Mr Wilhelm Schmid, CEO of Lange

Green Care

Taking their formulations to the next level by incorporating nature, luxury skincare and cosmetics brands are making environmental and business sense. No one’s complaining…

The Perfect Whiff

A highly sought after shopping category, fragrances are more a need than luxury today. Surprisingly then, many still struggle to find their perfect scent. We give some guidelines.

The Sticky Maze

International luxury brands have their eyes set on Indian shores, particularly as developed markets slow down. Here is a lowdown on what you need to do to enter the market

Selling Indianness to America

Amongst all those international luxury brands we haven’t even heard of till now, there are a few born and bred by Indians abroad. Surprised?

Luxury Hospitality – To India, With Love

India’s luxury hospitality sector is growing and interestingly at that. Some of the twists, turns and developments are not less thrilling than a Hollywood suspense flick. We try to track the industry as it gathers speed minute-by-minute

Becoming Global the Indian Way

Countless international brands look towards India for inspiration and design. So what’s hampering India’s growth on the global scenario? We try to understand and provide some solutions

Luxury in India – The Has Been of 2012

While everyone has their own personal experience with 2012, we think it was a mixed bag of delights and heartbreaks. Here’s our experience of what it bought to us!

Walter Lange – The German Watch Guard

You seldom get a chance to meet people who have strived hard for their passion and made it a success. Mr Walter Lange is one of them. In this rare interview, we have a short conversation with this gentleman, who revived A. Lange & Soehne at the age of 66, when most people retire

For that Elitist Feeling

A creative, well-made product is not enough to pleasantly surprise a VVIP customer today. Brands need to devise exclusive realms that become a beacon for their top clients

Affluent Asians Redefining Luxury

Luxury consumers vary in their choices and behaviour across the world. Agility Research & Strategy proves through well-surveyed findings, and gives the top 10 brands preferred by India, China, Singapore and Indonesia

Infiltrating India’s Luxury Alcohol Market

The whisky-loving India is not as easy to lure for alcohol brands as many thought. While we love our drink, it needs to send the right message across, to make us spend those wads of cash. This article tries to throw some guiding light

The Indian Luxury Expo – The Why of It

In a country where luxury brands are still wondering how to reach their core consumer among this vast Indian population, The Indian Luxury Expo promises to make that task easier for all

Digitising Luxury

We often hear doubts by luxury brands on why they should go online. And what should they do online? We try to clear the air with some facts and guidelines

A Journey of Princely Extravaganza & Opulence

Countless royal families are still remembered for their grand styles of living. We track the riches and extravagance of royal families of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Gwalior and Jammu & Kashmir and immerse in the glory of it all.

The Car Fable

We all have seen how a brand new car excites a family, but soon loses its appeal in a few months. But the Kapur family’s vintage car is seeing better days now owing to their immense fascination and pride in this heirloom…

Stretching and Twisting

The luxury brands of the world have learnt a new exercise of diversifying by stretching and twisting themselves. But the question is, how far should they stretch?

Experience Counts

No matter how prestigious your product or service is, it all boils down to a wholesome experience that you as a brand give to your customers.

Devotion Redefined

Are you trying to hook the consumer into becoming loyal to your brand? Maybe you need to reinvent your strategies.

Ayurveda Brands – With Love from India

Ayurveda is not just an ‘old-age therapy’ anymore. It’s preferred, in fact, to have a healthier, chemical-free lifestyle. What does that mean for the Indian Ayurvedic skincare brands coming up? And also for international brands feeling the pressure?

Luxury in 2011

It is said that to build a future, you have to look and learn from the past. So here we are, with all that was good, bad and ugly in 2011!

The Changing Face of the Great Indian Shaadi

Marriages are made in heaven, but the new Indian weddings are customised and tailor-made to suit the discerning Indian who wants nothing less than a wedding extraordinaire. LuxuryFacts meets the faces behind this great production and its new stars, the brides (and their grooms)…so eat your heart out Kate Middleton!

The Art of Details

How does putting a pen a certain way in your luxury store make a difference? It does make a huge impact. The key is in details…

The Shopping Arena

High-end department stores could work well in a country like India where every second consumer likes to walk the talk. But what is the correct time, what are the obstacles and how can the concept be customised for such a diverse region like India?


This month, discover how the luxury universe has found a common global language, sans word and alphabets, called Iconography.

Kindness with a Motive?

Luxury brands are slowly using their power and global influence for a good cause. Is there a hidden intention behind it or is it a genuine effort to turn the world into a better place?

Luxury, With Grace

Offering a glitzy product with flamboyant packaging and an impressive brand name is no longer enough for today’s consumer. What are today’s luxe consumers looking out for?

All in the name of Family

The luxury retail scene in Middle East is as volatile as it can get in the current economic scenario. While older players resume their supremacy, younger entrants are getting ready to shake their foundation. Will family businesses still dominate the retail landscape in the GCC?

Summer Fragrances – LF Team Review

It’s time to skip, hop and jump. It’s summer! And your best friend this season is a trusty, aromatic fragrance. we list our favourites, which may probably help you choose yours as well!

Getting Hired in the Luxury Market

With luxury brands increasing their presence in emerging markets and trying new strategies post the recession, there is a rise in jobs. But there is a lot of confusion too. while students don’t know how to find a job opening and succeed in the interview, luxury brands don’t know how to judge the right candidate!

The Republic of Luxury

On the 1st Anniversary of LuxuryFacts, we reflect back on India and the luxury that has seeped into the landscape over the past few years. Conversations with discerning luxury consumers, who have emerged from this very soil, are astounding as to how much luxury has seeped into our minds and hearts!

Valuing the Luxury Purchase

Luxury brands are bought in different countries for different reasons. This study evaluates those reasons and does a comparison between Indian and British luxury consumers.

Safeguarding Craftsmanship

Numerous changes have come in the luxury industry due to many factors – globalisation, recession, and more. It’s the apt moment to go back to the roots and understand the original meaning of luxury – as understood by veteran like Mr Franco Cologni.

The Clock Strikes Twelve!

Perfect timing is everything. Even Cindrella couldn’t escape the importance of time. So what’s the case with luxury brands?

Tale as old as Time

What we see today was not so earlier. It has taken several centuries for civilisations to progress. The same is true for time as well. The importance remains the same, but the package has ‘evolutionised’ over the years…

Implementing training in luxury stores – II

Continuing from the previous part which discussed how to ‘train the trainer’ and how to begin training of sales people, the column continues to discuss the next three points.

The Kingdom of Lost Art

Art and antiquities are more than just a chronicle of history. They are a source of national pride and a reminder of how much the civilisation has progressed. It is this ‘power of knowledge’ which has led to many bitter battles over the ownership of these heritage pieces…

India and its impression of Luxury

After China, it is India on the target list of international luxury brands. But is India ready to accept these luxury brands and does it understand true luxury?

Training in the luxury business

Those luxury brand stores look glamourous and chic. But when you go inside, you are met with some non-interested sales people who just blurt out the price like an automated machine. Is that the image you want for your store? Here’s why you should take the matter in hand…

Take a Bow

As the years pass, brands grow older and wiser with the consumers becoming loyal and more attached to the brand. Let’s take a look at how brands have taken to ageing in style.

Luxury Trends – Follow Me

It’s always better to learn from others’ mistakes and then wow the population with something bigger and better. Here are nine luxury trends, which have kept the industry busy this year, and which we think should be keenly observed by global luxury players.

Festivity Avant-Garde: The Battle of Cyber Luxury

Gift shopping? If you are a luxury brand, this is the apt time to turn to e-retailing. And if you are the luxury enthusiast, then no need to leave the warmth of your blanket to shop for your loved ones now!

Luxury Customisation – The Secret Ingredient

For all you design houses out there, there are new creative designers in town. They decide the colour, cut and material of the product they are going to flaunt. We are talking about your consumers who are welcoming customisation with wide arms. Are you realising the importance of this additional service yet?

Luxury Executives – The Tales of Talent

Finding sales personnel who will represent your brand to potential customers is half the battle won. But if the talent isn’t up to the mark, not only the brand, but consumers also suffer.

Russian Luxury – Brave New World

Russia, one of the BRIC nations, is no stranger to luxury with around 60 Russian billionaires buying yachts and sports teams. However, apart from those 60 odd individuals, there is a huge market which can be and has to be tapped. Is going online the correct strategy?

France & India – Retying the Knot

France is the birthplace of many luxury brands while India is the source of uber-rich luxury consumers (read: erstwhile Maharajas). Then why are French brands afraid of getting into the huge goldmine called India?

CII Luxury Goods Forum 2010

CII is pleased to bring its second edition of Luxury Goods Forum 2010, which will aim at fostering cross-country collaborations and propose the way forward to make the luxury retailing sector grow further and faster in India.

Geneva, the centre of the world?

Geneva, the city that we know as the citadel of watchmaking, was not so originally. It was a series of sociological and political changes which catapulted Geneva into the watch world…

Elizabeth Arden – A Century of Beauty

Elizabeth Arden celebrates 100 years of its successful existence. What better way to celebrate than to remember the struggles of its founder Elizabeth Arden.

Do you still sleep?

While it was the Christian church that introduced the concept of time in medieval Europe, they failed to keep up with changing concepts of times. We can give credit to the business society for the current system of timekeeping…

The Renaissance of the Orient

The time has come for us to look beyond our backyards, and see the potential that luxury brands have in the Middle East.

Interpreting the will of heaven

The Su-Sung water clock is probably the greatest mechanical achievement of the Middle Ages and knowledge of its principles led to the development of mechanical clocks in Europe two centuries later.

Nicolas Hayek (1928-2010)

The watch industry, on June 28, 2010, has lost an essential timepiece of its soul. HH Alexandra Orloff pens down a special tribute for Mr Nicolas Hayek, Founder of Swatch Group.

The Timelessness of Time

Before the invention of clocks, what did time mean to people? Throughout history, humans have been fascinated by time.

A Glorious Revolution

It is imperative that like other industries, the luxury industry has changed too, to adapt itself to a global phenomena. Luxury is transforming and gaining various meanings from culture to culture.