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Clarins Spa – Sands of Rejuvenation

A spa flaunting the Clarins name, it surely has its act together with blue waters, expert therapists, and effective products to treat you with
A spa flaunting the Clarins name, it surely has its act together with blue waters, expert therapists, and effective products to treat you with.
Orchestrating an opera with waves, birds and the sands is no easy feat, but when you have the experience and support of a trusted brand such as Clarins, you can definitely learn to achieve this and more. Stepping into the Clarins Spa at The Residence Maldives, I knew that this was one thing my companion and I were looking forward to. Having heard nothing but ravishing reviews and feasted our eyes on striking images, it was immediately on our to do list while at this property. 
Including six spacious treatment suites, each with a private veranda, the spa offers relaxation even after the treatment is complete. Appealing and welcoming, we had our hearts set on the spa reception brought alive with wooden decor and soft furnishings. With an open air pavilion, romantic streaks will be brought alive and you will gain brownie points with your sweetheart as she will face the turquoise lagoon wherever seated. Likewise, my companion and I didn’t mind the couple of extra moments we waited as the team set up everything.
Taking a walk around, I noticed the retail section opposite the reception. Setting a perfect backdrop for the hour long treatment to come, the white sands allowed for my feet to sink in while the blue skies and turquoise waters gracefully met each other and united at the horizon as I took my seat. Sipping on a peach iced tea and filling out our personal preferences form, we went through the options on the menu and picked the After Sun Stopover treatment. A treatment, which replenishes the skin deep-down, we were told that it would optimise nourishment and hydration for the face and body which was desperately needed after underestimating the strong Maldivian sun. Said to enhance the skins natural texture and radiance by preventing the drying effect sun exposure has on the skin, it would soothe our irritated skin with tender expertise.
Ocean that calms you
With a yoga deck in light grey and soft white, the ultimate place for tranquil relaxation and solitude is, without a doubt, the spa area. Beside yoga classes, if any guest would choose to rejuvenate with asanas and meditation, the team also offers various exercises for guests to reach peaceful tranquility during their stay. 
All through the resort, natural colours dominate the interiors and I loved that. A perfect balance of traditional Maldivian architecture and classic luxurious design, the spa is an absolute labour of love between the two. Soft whites are their signature colour, giving a contrast to the colours of the ever-changing sea and sky. Entering our treatment room, a feeling of vastness engulfed us as we prepared to relax our mind, and skin.
The rooms are simply designed and are absolutely clutter-free to provide a smooth and peaceful experience. Taking an orientation around the room to acquaint ourselves  we loved the bathtub, poked our heads in the indoor shower and outdoor shower, and admired the seating area and two wide treatment beds. Soft music played through hidden speakers, and it was quite exciting to listen out for the sound of a fish, or a turtle splashing the sea outside our pavilion.
Room for rejuvenation
Lying down on our stomach, we were informed that both our therapists would simultaneously begin our treatment with a Clarins standard relaxation method which would incorporate meditation and calming plus relaxing essential oils. Prepping us mentally and physically to receive the treatment to come, I smiled as the scents of the essential oils filled the air and our lungs as we inhaled.
The therapist proceeded to massage warm virgin coconut oil, infused with pure essential eucalyptus oil, into the hair and scalp, to nourish and energise my dehydrated tresses. Absolutely loving the gentle massage and perfect combing movements, I found relaxing my mind and enhancing the feeling of tranquility. Said to increase micro circulation of the scalp (with acupressure points), I found myself wishing that I too could learn some of the techniques for me to practice back home. My therapist also mentioned that it would give increased nourishment to my tresses and also ease a headache that I was experiencing due to change in air pressure (travelling). Finally, to soak up the additional oil, the therapist finished by using a warm towel.
Once this was done, we were informed that the Clarins After Sun Gel would be applied to the body using lymphatic drainage techniques, which will remove all toxins from the system, and also enhance nourishment and circulation. Apparently good for dehydrated skin, I did appreciate the sweet smell of the gel, and I found myself reaching out for it later, from the retail section, for my own use next time.

Hydration for you
Giving the skin a few moments to soak the gel, the therapists followed it up with an After Sun Moisturizer Ultra Hydrating Cream, which is mixed with a Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate. Said to give deep hydration, nourishment, radiance and glow, it was a blessing to my sun burnt skin as it felt smooth and hydrating. The massage movements are specially designed to benefit the process where the skin cells are replenishing and soaking up the benefiting ingredients in the cream. When a product and technique works in tandem, you can be sure it is working in your favour.
The body being pampered all this while, the therapists moved on to our faces. Using a gentle eye makeup remover lotion, she first cleaned my eye make up to remove any residue and then followed it up with Pure Melt Cleansing Gel and Extra Comfort Toning Lotion. Using an eye contour gel to soothe my peepers, she ensured that I was left smiling after she was done massaging them. Moving to the After Sun Replenishing Moisture Care, the therapist used their Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate, Beauty Flash Balm, Eau Dynamisante and Hydra Quench Cream in a sequence to brighten up the face.
These products were used in a series of procedure where your face, neck and décolleté will be cleansed, massaged and nourished using Clarins uniquely designed movement. Concentrating on their ‘anti-pollution method’, the trained team uses draining, without harming the texture of the skin, which is very sensitive after sun exposure. Draining methods will prevent and remove puffiness which might occur due to sun exposure.
Finishing Your Journey
As our journey came to a halt, our eyes opened almost simultaneously as we looked at each other thinking the same thing – “Do all good things have to come to an end"?  With sat up with a sigh as we felt enveloped in a cloud of calm and peace and took a fresh breath. Fastening our robes, we headed to the relaxation pavilion outside our room and watched the sun bid farewell to the blue skies in a streak of purple and pink.
Snapping us out of our slumber, the therapists enquired whether we would like a Mango and Coconut mocktail, Warm Hibiscus,Fennel tea, Mint tea or Fruit infused water. Opting for fruit infused water, we bit into some dates as we admired some more beautiful marine life. Few moments to ourselves, we couldn’t help but think about the exhilarating hour that went by. We woke up, returned from the meditative stage we had entered during the treatment, and wished to find ourselves at Clarins Spa by The Residence Maldives soon again.
Coordinates: The Residence Maldives, Falhumaafushi, Gaafu Alifu Atoll, Republic of Maldives