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Daum offers animal-inspired crystalware in India

Available at Emery Studio in India, these spectacular pieces capture the elegance of animals in a poetic way

March 9, 2020: Housing bespoke lighting and home decor solutions, Emery Studio has launched a dazzling selection of exquisite accessories by Daum, the legendary master glassmaker from France, in India.

Crystal peacock Daum

Known and recognized for her bird sculptures, Madeleine van der Knoop from Belgium, has a special gift for representing animals with an intense realism. Created from the original work of Madeleine van der Knoop, the Tropical Peacock in crystal was realized by the ateliers of Daum, using the lost-wax technique. The crystal sculpts the light and reveals the extreme elegance of the peacock and its plumage. The magnificent shades of blue-green and violet, sublimated by its eyes in diamonds and amethysts, accentuate the beauty of this ornamental animal.

Crystal horse Daum

The Horse Head sculpture accentuates the beauty of the Arabian thoroughbred with meticulously sculpted minute details of the majestic animal, down to its structured muscles and wild mane. In a warm shade of amber, this sculpture reflects the fiery spirit of this handsome creature.

Crystal polar bears Daum

In a unique interpretation of a photo by the artist Kyriakos Kaziras, Daum has created a magnificent crystal sculpture which reveals two polar bears emerging from the ice. The luminous beauty and bluish tones of the sea ice transcribes the work of light dear to the artist. Through this dialogue between the photography of Kyriakos Kaziras and the renowned crystal manufacturer, Daum aims to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our fragile nature.

Available at: Emery Studio, Shakuntla Farm, Ghitorni, New Delhi, India