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Dermalogica – Time to be Natural

With the scorching summer beating our brow, it’s the best time to figure out your skin weapons. Dermalogica helps quite a bit in this battle we think

With the scorching summer beating our brow, it’s the best time to figure out your skin weapons. Dermalogica helps quite a bit in this battle we think.

The summer has dawned upon us with the sun shining brightly and our skin, well, reacting to it. Sweat and dirt are only two of the main problems that the month of May brings with it. Painting your skin with a layer of make-up, spending some time on it, only to have it melting and looking like you were in a bad fight a couple of hours later – an absolute no, no for the scorching summers! We recommend trying the Sheer Tint SPF20 and Cover Tint SPF20 by Dermalogica – said to deliver coverage and conceal imperfections without compromising skin health. Does it do that?

Many cosmetic tinted moisturisers and foundations focus solely on delivering coverage and concealing imperfections. While they may manage, their formulas often fall short in shielding against the skin-ageing effects of UV radiation and sacrifice skin health with ingredients that trigger congestion, breakouts, sensitivity and irritation. That’s where Dermalogica’s new range steps in and is quite ideal for this season.

Both the products are a lightly-tinted hydrating treatment that provide an all-day sheer wash of colour (yes, they mean wash). The product has natural, light-diffusing iron oxides that provide a translucent colour for radiant skin, while broad spectrum sunscreens shield against damaging UV rays. What’s more? It’s even formulated without artificial fragrances and colours, so it is safer for sensitive skin.

Staying true to its ‘fresh and no nonsense’ brand image, the packaging is white and grey and yes, doesn’t even look like one of your usual shiny make up packages. From the start, you are certain that this product will deliver what it promises – fuss free skin that looks naturally radiant.

The Sheer Tint SPF20 is quite lightweight and is a tinted skin treatment ideal for a natural, make-up free look and more even skin tone. The antioxidant olive fruit and walnut seed extracts in it help protect skin from oxidative stress and promote skin renewal. The application is simple: cleanse, tone and moisturise! The product, however, burns slightly after you use it over the toner, so I would suggest waiting a moment before you apply it. Fingertips or a small sponge work perfectly with this product – since you don’t really need too much. If you put too much, it will look heavy and NOT even out the skin tone – which is sort of its main purpose. It has a relatively thick consistency, which was quite surprising as typically sheer coverage foundation formulas are thin in consistency.

Despite the thick consistency, the formula has a smooth feel to it, so the formula ended up being very easy to spread and, depending on how much you use, it just melts onto the skin. Watch out for a slight smell that you may need to get used to too, but after a second application you will not really mind it. The thing that bothers me about this product is that the fair shade doesn’t sit too well on my skin and looks slightly dull on my complexion. I have a fair – wheat skin tone and the medium shade of Dermalogica Sheer Tint SPF20 looks a bit off on me. As usual, ensure you put some on your neck too, otherwise your face skin will look a different colour! Avoid using any kind of pressed powder over this product as it causes it to oxidize and change colour in a matter of seconds (looks grey). It is not made to be a full coverage foundation, so do not purchase it with such intention. A tip: It may show up a little too dewy on your skin, so watch how much you apply. If they pulled up the SPF content and added a few more shades, it would work well as a daily moisturiser providing a subtle glow with easy application. I would recommend using a primer below to add that finishing touch, but yes that may cause the product to look slightly heavy.

Coming to the Cover Tint SPF20, it is a creamy and hydrating foundation that delivers a flawless look and perfected skin. It delivers long-wearing, comfortable coverage with a lightweight texture that allows for build-able coverage from moderate to full (but we wouldn’t recommend building it up because your skin starts looking blotchy). Watch out – it won’t cover any blemishes or acne, and thus for higher coverage, I would recommend a concealer that would give a smoother finish. But the Dermalogica Cover Tint works well when you need a quick fix and need a glow that looks natural.

Both these products are a perfect match for those wishing to go more natural minus the fuss of everyday make-up and giving your skin the air that it needs! These tinted multi-taskers are available in three convenient shades – light, medium and dark – at a price of INR 3,295 for 40ml.