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Dom Perignon pairing arrives at Belmond Grand Hotel, Europe

Dom Perignon pairing arrives at Belmond Grand Hotel, Europe’s ‘Caviar Bar & Restaurant’

Belmond Grand Hotel Europe

July 13, 2016: Belmond Grand Hotel Europe of St Petersburg is home to the city’s only dedicated caviar restaurant. New for 2016, the Caviar Bar & Restaurant has launched a partnership with Champagne house Dom Perignon to offer a new caviar pairing experience. In collaboration with Aleksey Mitrofanov, Dom Perignon Ambassador to Russia, Alexander Dmitriev has developed gastronomic matches to emphasize certain flavor characteristics of caviar. Guests can choose from a list of 12 exclusive Dom Perignon labels and will be guided through the process by the sommelier who will advise on the best caviar and Champagne match based on the taste preferences of each individual.

Highlights include seven vintages of white and rosé grapes, as well as the Dom Perignon P2 vintage 1998, notable for its strong, aroma with notes of honeysuckle, citrus, and roasted almonds. The complementing assortment of caviar available spans 15 varieties, and a signature dish ‘Egg in Egg’ that blends hen egg with sturgeon’s roe to create a truffle-flavored scrambled egg that is topped with the golden Iranian albino Oscietra caviar. The Caviar Bar & Restaurant also features a list of over 35 varieties of vodkas and distillates, as well as a selection of home-infused liqueurs each created by Dmitriev with inspiration drawn from a variety of sources, including old recipe books and family archives. Some of Dmitriev’s creations include the Far Eastern recipe for a hangover – vodka infused with pine nuts, garlic and peppers—and also a recipe for colds: ginger vodka with lemon and honey.

Belmon Grand Hotel Europe

A new focal point of the Caviar Bar & Restaurant is a large, central table that can accommodate up to 12 people. Mr. Per Spook, ex-stylist for international fashion house Dior, has produced simplistic and modern tableware design that off-sets the authentic 19th century interiors of the Caviar Bar & Restaurant. Beyond the interior, Belmond Grand Hotel Europe enjoys a location on the famous Nevsky Prospect, the primary shopping avenue of St Petersburg, and is within walking distance of the Palace Square and Winter Palace.

Dom Perignon Vintage 2006 is priced at £49 per glass and £325 per bottle while the ‘Egg in Egg’ signature dish is around £49 for three egg shells.

Further information can be found on the hotel’s website or by calling 0845 0772 222.