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Excedo Luxuria & Thomas Prescher – Celebrating Uniqueness

Since time immemorial, man has made attempts to control time. What better way than through a watch so exclusive that it comes with a guarantee that it is the only one of its kind? It’s time to welcome Thomas Prescher to India…

Thomas Prescher watchmakerAny true connoisseur of all things luxurious will confirm that there is only one accessory that serves utility as much as it gives aesthetic pleasure. Just one ornament the functionality of which is as important as the bling it brings and which can turn even the most boring outfit into a stylish sophisticated number through the sheer elegance it lends! That one piece of luxury is a timepiece.

The exceptionally talented German creator of some of the most technologically complex, yet gracefully artistic mechanical watches in the world, Thomas Prescher, now brings his brand to India through an exclusive partnership with Excedo Luxuria. With presence in New York, Moscow, London and New Delhi, Excedo Luxuria is the exclusive distributor and master representative for Thomas Prescher Haute Horlogerie to develop its brand presence in the Indian subcontinent and the United Kingdom.

Thomas Prescher Haute Horlogerie caters to some of the most powerful and well-known people in the world and creates for them the most complicated and challenging bespoke luxury watches. Rahul Kapoor, Director and Co-Founder, Excedo Luxuria, says, “Thomas and Thomas Prescher Haute Horlogerie, and Excedo Luxuria, both share a similar philosophy. There is something beyond luxury, which are bespoke goods, expressing the visions of the clients and the artist in perfect symbiosis, thus, making each and every watch by Thomas Prescher a piece of art adapted to the client himself or herself.”

Incorporating the Tourbillon into his masterpieces, which is a mechanism to counter the effect of gravity and to improve accuracy, is Thomas Prescher’s passion. His tailor-made statement watches, known the world-over since 2002, are manufactured using the knowledge of the ancient art of watchmaking by hand. “We produce only watches on demand as per the clients’ wishes. This includes mechanism, case, dial and function. To our knowledge this service is unique worldwide”, says Mr Prescher. He adds, “We have invented exceptional mechanic functions and designs which are extremely complicated. Since on the market, these developments have inspired others but have never been copied because of their uniqueness. We guarantee our clients that they will never be able to find another person who has the same watch.”

Thomas Prescher watchesExcedo Luxuria is known for creating breathtaking bespoke jewellery for the media shy U/HNWI since 2006 and recently, has become famous as one of the largest luxury distributors. Mr Kapoor informs, “We are renowned for our nonpareil service, expertise and stable of ultra luxury brands. With Thomas Prescher Haute Horlogerie, we continue to exceed customers’ expectations.”

Excedo Luxuria prides itself on providing the most exclusive and avant-garde luxury creations to their discerning clientele like bespoke jewellery, custom creations, haute horlogerie, artisan accessories, shoes and bespoken jeans. “The majority of our existing and target customers cherish the exclusivity and personalisation that comes with the luxury we offer around the world. With the Indian luxury market maturing faster than any other, the discerning customer is contacting us through exclusive events. Thomas Prescher Haute Horlogerie is one of the most exclusive brands offered to date by Excedo Luxuria. There will be a limited number of watches in India, as per Thomas Prescher Haute Horlogerie and Excedo Luxuria worldwide policy,” says Mr Kapoor

The partnership between Excedo Luxuria and Thomas Prescher aims to nurture the new generation of watch aficionados and introduce them to true ‘Haute Horlogerie’. Both organizations are focused on achieving great recognition in the next three years by expanding operations and their international footprint. Within the next 18 months, Excedo Luxuria has aggressive plans to have a presence in each major city within India wherein each retail outlet will have staff trained in Switzerland and hand-picked for their exceptional understanding of luxury watches and the art of Horlogerie. “In Rahul and Excedo Luxuria we found a partner, who fully understands all the needs of exigent clients and has an untarnished reputation within the industry. With him and his team’s experience and knowledge, we have created the world’s first international bespoke watch service,” said Mr Prescher.

About his expectations from the Indian market, Mr Prescher says, “The Indian market is new for us. Though we are working with a strong and experienced partner, we expect a lot of work for us as it is a new market, but also a lot of success. Thomas Prescher Haute Horlogerie is offering exceptional watches with the possibility of a very high grade influence of the client for the personalisation of his watch. I think that especially in India, a lot of people are mature, educated and sophisticated art lovers. With our watches we try to reach a group who does not only want a so called ‘luxury brand’, but they have evolved and have identified real luxury which is always custom-made.”

Racing ahead in the luxury watch market in India will be relatively easy for them, believes Mr Kapoor. “Custom-made Haute Horlogerie from ‘A-Z’ is a service which is the exact opposite of industrial production. Some big companies or groups try to follow the custom-made idea but as the philosophy of industry and custom-made does not match, what the customer receives is a deviation on a standard model. Such efforts never really produce the results they should in the high-end region where we are dedicated. This is what sets us in a prime position as we don’t need to compete. Our offering is exclusive to us and our partners,” he explains. He further says, “Additionally, no big corporate can continue to focus on the high-level of individually tailored service that Thomas Prescher or Excedo Luxuria provides. One of our key focuses is on providing the most unique watch with the most rare movements and mechanical functions, such as the world’s first and only Triple Axis Tourbillon.”

His own personal favourite is the Mysterious Automatic Double Axis Tourbillon in Rose Gold with diamond detailing on the outer bezel and Venezuelan Chocolate Alligator strap. His business partner, Mr Ritul Kapoor, however, disagrees as he enjoys the Triple Axis Tourbillon Sport in Rose Gold with Sapphire Blue Fascia and Ocean Blue Alligator strap.

Owning one of these strikingly olde worlde yet chic and classy handcrafted masterpieces is surely a matter of pride and pleasure for anyone. Truly luxurious bespoke refinement is now just a tick away!