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Exotic Products – Imported Indulgence

Using imported and fancy products has always been a fascinating thing for Indians. What if they were made more easily available to you?
Using imported and fancy products has always been a fascinating thing for Indians. What if they were made more easily available to you? 
There are products that make you feel good, and then there are products that make you feel great. Taking this thought forward, open up your radar to a variety of brands that are importing a gamut of products from across the seven seas that promise to make you feel the best and pamper you like never before.
Ask Dr Rupali Ambegaonkar, Founder, Tea Culture of the World what the term ‘exotic’ means and you will be tempted to sample her offerings. “For us ‘exotic’ is intriguingly unusual or different, exciting and something that is rare and difficult to source. With respect to our teas, exotic is divine in terms of taste and quality,” she said. Intrigued enough? 
Pour me another cuppa!
“If you are cold, it will warm you. If you are too heated, it will cool you. If you are depressed, it will cheer you. If you are excited, it will calm you. It is nothing but a simple cup of tea.” These lines, made famous by Gladstone, holds true to a nation that thrives on a wonder brew suited for every occasion. Tea has undergone millennia of reflection, study and refinement and continues to do so with the evolution of palates. The only question that looms with every sip of the most revered brew is what gets better than this?
Most of our countrymen would find it hard to begin their day without a refreshing cuppa! But do we really know a lot about tea and have we experienced the mind-boggling variety of taste and health benefits this beverage has to offer? Probably not. 
Being one of the first brands to introduce such novel variants of tea in the Indian market, Tea Culture of the World aims at providing its customers with teas that are not only pleasing to the taste buds, but are also beneficial for health. The organisation ensures that every variant of their tea is chemical free with health benefits such as weight loss, blood detoxification, recovery from caffeine addiction, improvement in conditions such as insomnia, besides helping deal with a host of other common ailments. Their teas are available only on the company’s website
Dr Ambegaonkar pointed out that there is a lot of love for tea in a country like India where it is an intrinsic part of our culture. “Indians are known for their addiction to tea, yet we have very little varieties of tea that are available in the market. I personally am very passionate about tea and have travelled to a lot of places and tried different varieties and flavours of teas. The unavailability of these exotic flavours in India and the love for the tea in our country gave me the idea to introduce our tea loving nation to these rare and exotic teas,” she said.
When sourcing and manufacturing, originality is the key. “We source these teas from different parts of the world. Sri Lanka, China and South Africa are some countries we are sourcing tea from at present. We are also in advanced talks with many other countries for more flavours of tea. The tea is sourced from the countries of origin, where they are cultivated and then sent to our packing unit in Shanghai, where they are packaged as per the requirements and then brought to India,” she shared.
Dr Ambegaonkar said that the reaction has been good so far with a lot of people showing interest and curiosity to know more about the teas that they offer. People are surprised to find out the gamut of health benefits that come along with their daily cup of brew and are loving the delicate flavours offered. “It has been a refreshing and a healthy change for them,” she said. 
These teas are a little on the expensive side. Therefore people with high purchase potential are the audience that is currently being targeted. Are you sipping on your cuppa yet? 
Spa and beautiful
With a few spare hours on hand, if sheer peace and stylish elegance is what you are looking for, then the Biguine Bio manicure and pedicure is your best bet, literally. These monsoons, pamper those cuticles and skin with an organically relaxing manicure and pedicure – the French way! With products that are specially imported from France for India, the treatment is utterly heavenly and leaves your skin feeling smooth and your cuticles pampered.   
Scientific studies highlight the dangers of chemical components present in many cosmetic products. Following the international Jean Claude Biguine standards of organic and natural products, be assured that the Biguine Bio products are absolutely organic as the ingredients are 100 per cent natural origin and 95 per cent of plant ingredients come from organic agriculture! In perfect harmony with nature, Biguine institutes have come up with a brand new process of professional Biguine Bio face and body treatments – customised for everyone. So relax, take a deep breath and indulge!
Ask Ms Valerie Culmann, Spa Supervisor at Jean-Claude Biguine India, how the response has been so far and the response should tempt you into experiencing it today. “The response to our Biguine Bio products has been remarkable as clients are now noticing a visible change. There is a remarkable increase in the product sales as well as Biguine Bio services – facials, manicures, pedicures etc. Biguine Bio products represent an invitation to well being and balance of mind body and soul. Men and women who believe in holistic well being are the kind of consumers we are looking at,” she said. 
Wondering if the point of sale is an important component and impacts the purchase decision? Both the brands had a different, but valuable viewpoint on the same. Ms Culmann shared that the point of sale was an essential component affecting purchase decision as display of the product and the way the benefits are communicated matter. “Hence, we focus on training our staff with detailed information on all our products,” she said.
Dr Ambegaonkar, on the other hand, said, “If the product appeals to the customer, they would not mind purchasing it from any and every source available. People did have an inhibition for online purchases in India, but now that is a thing of past and people are more comfortable buying products online as it saves a lot of time and effort”.
So ladies and gentlemen, are you picking up these exotic signals this monsoon yet?