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Exquisite Jewelry – When Nature Calls

As the upper half of the hemisphere goes through scorching summer and pouring rains, jewelry brands get busy to match the mood and produce creations which will deck you up accordingly

Seeking inspiration is a tough task. And being journalists, we can understand that. You sit down, with laptop in hand. All the raw research and interviews are done. You simply have to write all that information in a coherent manner. And suddenly comes the writer’s block!

This dilemma is pretty much true in any creative field. Therefore we salute any person who does aesthetic work for a living.

Similarly, jewelry designers, we are sure, are always looking for fresher ideas, newer motivations. If that wasn’t difficult, it’s even tougher to keep presenting new designs from the same subject.

Nature inspired products never go out of fashion. Most of these designs are so classic, you can mesmerize at them in any era, whether it’s a floral scarf (think Gucci Flora scarfs) or a vivid mountainous scenery painted on a simple canvas. 

And so, we gazed in wonderment at the beautiful jewels, which Indian jewelry brands have crafted recently, giving nature a fresh approach in their own way! While one signifies its colors, the other emulates its shapes. Each refreshing take is amazing to look at, and of course, wonderful to wear.

Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers
Epitomizing the monsoon season by personifying the colour blue, Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers new collection shines with the brilliance of clear blue sapphires and diamonds. 

The collection has a range of exquisite earrings, statement rings and grand neckpieces that leave a striking, crisp impression. The colour blue that symbolizes royalty adds an imperial charm to each piece as well! 

Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers Monsoon inspired jewelry

Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers Monsoon Inspired Jewelry

Farah Khan Fine Jewellery
A pink here and a green there, Le Jardin Exotique by Farah Khan Ali is a palette of vibrant precious gemstones, creatively set in unique color combinations, using nature as the central theme of inspiration.

Carvings teamed with faceted gemstones and cabochons transfix you into a magical world of fantasy and fairy tale romance. The collection is a vivid mix of intricate hand-made necklaces, sautoirs, earrings, cuffs, rings and amulets. Emulating a variety of flora and fauna, Le Jardin Exotique transported us into a world of exotic gardens…

Farah Khan Fine Jewellery - Nature inspired Jewelry

Farah Khan Fine Jewellery - Nature Inspired Jewelry

Farah Khan Fine Jewellery Nature Inspired Jewellery

It seems monsoons are the flavor of designers this time around. Mirari too creates a few, exclusive pieces after taking inspiration from peacocks dancing in the rain. This collection portrays the sublime imagery of the dancing peacock under a rainbow-clad sky after a rain shower. Every individual piece expresses its love for India’s national bird, while manifesting the simple, common sight in a lovely way.

Mirari Rain Dance Jewellery peacocks in rain

Mirari Rain Dance jewellry peacocks in rain

Nirav Modi
Nirav Modi, using his aesthetic sense, creates The Enchanted Garden collection, which probably looks the simplest as compared to the rest in the list, but is as intricate as any of them. The collection represents diversity through beautiful forms and patterns and fluidity, textures and intricacy of design. Flower petals with twists, foliage with layering, and natural silhouettes of creatures are recreated using a blend of crisp diamond lines, sporadically placed larger diamonds and special settings that allow for movement. The collection consists of six distinct lines, Orchid, Plumeria, Chrysanthemum, Clover, Snake and Butterfly. The Enchanted Garden collection comprises of rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and cuffs. 

Nirav Modi Enchanted Garden jewelry

Nirav Modi Enchanted Garden Jewellery

Enchanting indeed, each of these jewelry pieces are a marvel, and delight to behold!