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Fendi Exclusive: #BaguetteFriendsForever Second Episode

What is the Baguette? What does it mean? Turns out, it means friendship. Watch the second episode of #BaguetteFriendsForever Series exclusively on LuxuryFacts!

“It’s not a bag. It’s a Baguette.” That statement fits the description of the utilitarian Fendi Baguette perfectly well. Let us tell you why.

Fendi Baguette Friends Forever Campaign Episode 2

When the Fendi Baguette was first launched in 1997, it became an instant sensation, with rumors that 100,000 pieces were sold in the first year itself! A petite shoulder bag with just the right sized short straps made sure that the bag fit snugly under your arms. Like the French bread. That’s how the bag was christened.

An innovation which was perfect for the girl always on-the-go, Fendi created an haute couture bag which still gets murmured about in fashion circles. Always a limited collection which left women asking for more, the iconic Fendi Baguette has been the ‘it’ bag for decades now.

“It’s a minimal size,” says Silvia Venturini Fendi, “but we are not a minimal brand.” When the first embroidered Fendi Baguette was launched, it had an array of tiny mirrors and colourful threads framing those mirrors. This very Jaipur-inspired Baguette – I think – became so popular that it led to a long waiting list. This was when the Baguette fever started according to Ms. Fendi. “The waiting list used to be so long that I had friends calling me asking to put them on top of it!”

It takes days to create a piece because it is all made by hand and in their factory in Florence. It has been made with fringes, with denim, with shearling, with cashmere. “It’s a manifestation of your attitude,” Ms. Fendi explains.

After a short hiatus, the Baguette is back with Fendi’s Spring Summer 2019 collection. Available in mini, medium and large sizes, the Baguette comes in multiple versions and colors. The leather is soft, supple and extremely huggable.  “It’s like a pillow,” says Ms. Fendi. “It’s made with a special technique which doesn’t involve any stitching, which makes sure that the leather stays that soft.”

Fendi Baguette Friends Forever Campaign episode 2 video

Not just the creation itself, but the Fendi Baguette comes back with a special campaign called #BaguetteFriendsForever Series. With three episodes showing a group of friends traversing hotspots in Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York, the episodes communicates what the Baguette stands for – friendship.

The second episode, shot in Hong Kong, is being exclusively launched on! As the “The Missing Baguette” title suggests, Taiwanese DJ Dizzy Dizzo, Singapore-based fashion IT-girl Yoyo Cao, Japanese model Hikari Mori and Korean DJ Peggy Gould stalk the streets of Hong Kong looking for Hikari’s lost Baguette. From a dining place to scouring the whole city, will the girls succeed in finding Hikari’s bag? See what happens next!


Can you take it for snow tubing? Absolutely. Can you take it for partying? Oh yeah! The versatile Fendi Baguette has no limits.

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