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Global Fusion – An Epicure’s Haven

The synergy between quantity and quality is a rarity. But China Gate’s Global Fusion delivers that exquisitely with its extravagant Oriental buffet
The synergy between quantity and quality is a rarity. But China Gate’s Global Fusion delivers that exquisitely with its extravagant Oriental buffet.
It’s unanimously agreed that food is one of the greatest indulgences ever. It is one ‘commodity’ for which anyone would be willing to pay a premium and get a fleeting moment of satisfaction of experiencing and consuming something extraordinary. If a restaurant doesn’t live up to the promise of good food, it might as well shut down. Asian cuisine has become quite popular in India. With a league of restaurants serving replica meals, Indians are constantly on a lookout for an experience that offers them authenticity and more. With their developing palates, they have become receptive to more sophisticated tastes such as Japanese and Thai. 
Talking of experimental Indians, one restaurant that comes to the mind of every ‘Mumbaiker’ who knows his food, seems to be China Gate’s Global Fusion restaurant. Popular due to the enormity of its buffet, Global Fusion is one place where people merge to try a large variety from East Asian cuisines. I decided to try it myself to figure if the quantity matched up to quality as well or not. 
We entered the restaurant – which is located within the recognizable Linking Road – and took the lift to enter an ambience that is not over-the-top, yet endearing to the diners in a subtle way.  
Giving you the feel of an authentic Chinese pavilion, adorned with high roofs and running water channels, the restaurant opened up into several sections signifying opulence and tranquility. The extremely hospitable staff invited us in to begin our culinary journey through the ancient and ornate pagodas that complimented the high ceilings and elevated the grandeur of the ambience. The intelligently placed potted plants added a sense of freshness to the restaurant. 
The ‘princely feast’ was practically spread across the entire restaurant showcasing varieties of sushi, soups, sashimis, makis, dumplings, tempura, fritters and salads. We were also given the option of ordering made-to-order stir-fried starters along with a range of Japanese and Chinese accompaniments. With over 200 dishes laid out, we knew we were in for a gigantic treat, but our minds still questioned the actual excellence of the food.
A live Tepanyaki counter caught our eye and the endless sushi spread gave us enough variety to choose from. While the Sushi Rainbow Maki enticed our eyes with its unique colouration, it didn’t fail to delight our taste buds. The Prawn Tepanyaki impressed the sea-food lovers in our group with its precise cooking and delectable acidity in its flavouring. The baked crab and baked cheese prawn presented an exceptional combination of aromas which enamoured our senses. 
Vegetarians need not fret at Global Fusion. The restaurant offered a vegetarian spread, and boy, we were pleasantly surprised! Almost every dish came with a substitute providing the veggie-lover an ample amount of choice to select from, and neither did they complain. Be it the scrumptious Baby Potatoes or the distinctive Spinach Corn Dumplings, the vegetarian spread lived up as much as the meat and sea-food appetizers. The tender coriander Paneer and the striking Burmese Curry Vegetables also impressed our palates. 
Next after palatable starters came the main-course. Not many made it to this section considering our well-stuffed stomachs – much like the Christmas turkey – but those who did were welcomed with a wide variety of rice, noodle and gravy dishes. Here as well, there was a series of vegetarian, meat and seafood dishes to choose from. 
The black-bean prawns offered a flavourful crunch and up-to-the mark thickness of the gravy went well with burnt-garlic rice. The Thai noodles were aromatic with a rich texture, making it quite savoury as well.
We then made our way to probably the most appealing course for me and the grand-finale of our epic meal – the dessert counter. We were welcomed by a charming little ice-cream counter. The assortment of cakes, pastries, muffins, cookies and ice creams could bring any sweet-toothed individual to their mercy. The cream-based desserts such as the blueberry cheesecake and the tiramisu were prepared with accuracy in terms of sweetness and consistency. 
One would definitely question the quality of the food, considering the intimidating size of the buffet and the variety, but a perfect oil-balance and well-cooked dishes were a pleasant surprise that just added to the delight of this meal. Unlimited food is often devalued in terms of its superiority, but kudos to the restaurant for presenting a fare made with immense attention to detail.
The staff was courteous and a partially open-kitchen let us witness some of the action. Even though a large selection of food was being arranged and served, Global Fusion took care to offer up to the mark service that was welcoming and efficient at the same time. There was no sign of chaos or disorder that could be expected when dealing with such copious array of dishes. 
What strikes a chord with many guests is that the quality of the fare is definitely more than just providing value for money. It goes beyond the analysis of whether the restaurant is worth it or not. It surely is! 
A meal at Global Fusion was definitely not an ordinary eating-out occasion. It turned out to be quite a journey that transcended many pre-conceived barriers that I had regarding this restaurant. While indulging in the grand meal at Global Fusion, we didn’t know what was going to hit our taste-buds next, but at every step we were left with gratified senses that charmed our palates, not just by the immensity of the meal, but also by the maintained temperament, texture and consistency of the dishes.
Coordinates: Global Fusion, Food Court, Link Square Mall, 3rd Floor, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, India