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Hyatt Regency Delhi – Sharing Handshakes and Ham

Who wouldn’t love good company and delicious food? Thats what Hyatt Regency Delhi is selling every Friday with its unique Stammtisch evenings

Who wouldn’t love good company and delicious food? That’s what Hyatt Regency Delhi is selling every Friday with its unique Stammtisch evenings.

What does a man want on a Friday evening? Good wholesome food, brilliant wine, relaxing, fun conversations, and basically, an all around excellent time. Hyatt Regency Delhi took up this traditional concept of togetherness and turned it into a feast to remember.

Introducing Stammtisch evenings at their all day dining Café, Hyatt Regency Delhi wants to ensure some good quality food and time to its patrons on Friday evening. Serving a unique blend of German-Swiss cuisine during these evenings, we simply dug in to the dishes, with no care whatsoever to the inches being added to our waists!

The hotel’s Swiss executive chef, Chef Marin Leuthard, created the idea of the Stammtisch table, to encourage friendly get-togethers, whether it is to clinch that deal or to simply spend time with loved ones. Inspired by the German tradition of Stammtisch, in which large tables in cafés or bars were kept reserved for people who wished to sit and make new friends over food and drink, the food was spread out buffet style.

We started the dinner with a swirl of Raclette Cheese served atop gherkin, silver onion and mountain young potato. Have it warm before it gets too cold. Delicious with a good combination of the pickle-y gherkin and the slightly strong silver onion, it was a perfect starter to what was to follow!

Now who doesn’t enjoy Fondue? The Gruyere Fondue served here – a mix of Gruyere and Emmenthal cheese cooked in white wine, nutmeg and pepper – with bread pieces to dip in was a perfect communal activity to enjoy in. The smooth fondue, placed in the middle of the table on a dish with constant heat below, was something I could have non-stop. But I did have to stop for the Potato Rostti served with mushroom fricassee.

Take a pick from the Chalet soup or the Grison Barley soup. While Chalet soup tempts with its smooth texture and balanced flavours, the Grison barley soup packs quite a mouthful with barley and ham in one bowl. Couple the soups with soft yet crispy Swiss cheese fritters, braised red cabbage and fragrant roast potatoes with onion and parsley, and you have a full meal on the table! The cheese spaetzl served with apple puree and caramelised onions also blends well into the mouth and is something to look forward to!

Now what is a hearty German meal without some meat? Don’t forget to taste the grilled assorted Swiss sausages. And your main meal has to include the spit roast chicken or the honey glazed pork leg – each as good as it sounds.

For desserts, the delicious Apple Crumble found favour with everyone on the table. But the pedestal goes to Kaiserschmarrn (sweet pancakes), which not only ranked high on uniqueness, but also on their melt-in-the-mouth characteristic!

Chef Leuthard, who worked hard on setting this menu and serving it every Friday, definitely deserves kudos for bringing this cuisine to the fore. Otherwise, how many Swiss or German restaurants do we see in the city? A wonderful atmosphere and wholesome food is what we’ll remember the Stammtisch evenings for!

The Stammtisch dinner table is featured at Café at Hyatt Regency Delhi every Friday.

Coordinates: Bhikaji Cama Place, Ring Road, New Delhi, India
Ph: +91-11-6677 1306