The Marriage of Technology and Luxury

Are you talking about e-commerce? Maybe m-commerce is what you should start looking at...

13 Questions with Amy Burton

You recognise their names and have seen their creations. Yet, do you know the people behind the brands? LuxuryFacts will help you do so. This week, we ask jewelry designer Amy Burton of Hancocks and Amy Burton Fine Jewelry 13 personality-revealing questions

A Glorious Revolution

It is imperative that like other industries, the luxury industry has changed too, to adapt itself to a global phenomena. Luxury is transforming and gaining various meanings from culture to culture.

Crouching Tiger Vs Hidden Dragon

Two cultures, two different games. China and India have become an obsession for European luxury companies.

The Timelessness of Time

Before the invention of clocks, what did time mean to people? Throughout history, humans have been fascinated by time.

The Renaissance of the Orient

The time has come for us to look beyond our backyards, and see the potential that luxury brands have in the Middle East.

Interpreting the will of heaven

The Su-Sung water clock is probably the greatest mechanical achievement of the Middle Ages and knowledge of its principles led to the development of mechanical clocks in Europe two centuries later.

Nicolas Hayek (1928-2010)

The watch industry, on June 28, 2010, has lost an essential timepiece of its soul. HH Alexandra Orloff pens down a special tribute for Mr Nicolas Hayek, Founder of Swatch Group.

Elizabeth Arden - A Century of Beauty

Elizabeth Arden celebrates 100 years of its successful existence. What better way to celebrate than to remember the struggles of its founder Elizabeth Arden.

Do you still sleep?

While it was the Christian church that introduced the concept of time in medieval Europe, they failed to keep up with changing concepts of times. We can give credit to the business society for the current system of timekeeping...

CII Luxury Goods Forum 2010

CII is pleased to bring its second edition of Luxury Goods Forum 2010, which will aim at fostering cross-country collaborations and propose the way forward to make the luxury retailing sector grow further and faster in India.

Geneva, the centre of the world?

Geneva, the city that we know as the citadel of watchmaking, was not so originally. It was a series of sociological and political changes which catapulted Geneva into the watch world...

A Tough Ride with Bumps Ahead: A Report on the CII

Understanding India and its luxury market, the CII Luxury Goods Forum 2010, made an attempt to give a push to the industry through this extensive conference which had speakers from leading brands of the world.

Luxury Customisation - The Secret Ingredient

For all you design houses out there, there are new creative designers in town. They decide the colour, cut and material of the product they are going to flaunt. We are talking about your consumers who are welcoming customisation with wide arms. Are you realising the importance of this additional service yet?

Luxury Executives - The Tales of Talent

Finding sales personnel who will represent your brand to potential customers is half the battle won. But if the talent isn't up to the mark, not only the brand, but consumers also suffer.

Russian Luxury - Brave New World

Russia, one of the BRIC nations, is no stranger to luxury with around 60 Russian billionaires buying yachts and sports teams. However, apart from those 60 odd individuals, there is a huge market which can be and has to be tapped. Is going online the correct strategy?

Women Entrepreneurs - The Rise of the Invisible In

Women entrepreneurs are a rarely seen breed. While the developed world is increasingly becoming a cauldron of women talent, emerging markets line Middle East, China, India and North Africa are yet to join the race...

France & India - Retying the Knot

France is the birthplace of many luxury brands while India is the source of uber-rich luxury consumers (read: erstwhile Maharajas). Then why are French brands afraid of getting into the huge goldmine called India?

Take a Bow

As the years pass, brands grow older and wiser with the consumers becoming loyal and more attached to the brand. Let's take a look at how brands have taken to ageing in style.

Luxury Trends - Follow Me

It's always better to learn from others' mistakes and then wow the population with something bigger and better. Here are nine luxury trends, which have kept the industry busy this year, and which we think should be keenly observed by global luxury players.

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