Fornasetti - Mischievous Art

Disguised as regular furniture pieces, Fornasetti's artworks are a keeper for their originality, craftsmanship and simple beauty

Kaya Kalp - Red Fantasy

Breaking barriers, Kaya Kalp - The Royal Spa at ITC Mughal Agra, is as famous for its red decor as it is for its royal treatments

The Balvenie - Dram-tastic!

The golden-hued liquid gets a new flavour from The Balvenie

Va Bene - Mexican Extravaganza

It is an art to keep your diners engrossed in the food and ambience. Italian restaurant Va Bene at Hotel Clarion Collection, which recently hosted a Mexican food festival, knows it perfectly well

Six Senses Destination Spa Phuket - In the Green of Health

Truly a kingdom of health, wellness and beauty, Six Senses Destination Spa Phuket, is the perfect place to regain your lost sanity and fitness

Hennessy - Tasting Purity

Cognacs from Hennessy get mythical and mysterious connotations with its two variants, Hennessy Paradis Horus and Hennessy XO Extra Old Cognac

Westin Sohna Resort & Spa - Welcome the oil

Everyone in the city longs for fresh nature coupled with relaxation. Westin Sohna Resort & Spa gives the perfect formula with its newly constructed spa villas and partnership with Kairali to provide an authentic Ayurveda experience. Here's our review

The Farm Philippines - Farm, Fresh and Fun

If the number of awards that The Farm, Philippines, has won till now is any indication, it is THE place to rejuvenate yourself

Wine Wisdom

A good wine is adored for its looks, its bouquet, and its flavour. It is a delight for the senses. But do you know how to find out if a wine is worth its grape or not?

Indian Cuisine - Version 4.0

Rich and zesty as the country itself, India's cuisine blends centuries of cultural and geographic influences. Its present global ubiquity, however, belies its native diversity of flavors, ingredients and techniques. In fact, even Indians, at times, seem to forget the original medley of the food. The currently surging practice of progressive cooking may correct that.

Cingari - Smoke Status

Did you know that cigars have a palate where you can savour different aromas and flavours, much like wine, malts and food. Cingari owner and cigar czar Chetan Seth demystifies some cigar etiquettes and offers a collection of finest cigars

Cibo - Romanesque Sensations

Cibo literally means food. But that wasn't the only highlight of the Italian restaurant at Hotel Janpath

Cognac Chic

Cognac has evolved from being just an after-dinner drink and has shifted to the cooler, more contemporary space. Cognac has come a long way!

For a Belly-Happy New Year

Still haven't planned those two most important days? We help you with how to celebrate the end and the beginning this year...

Azok - Unique on the Palate

Michelin starred chef Vineet Bhatia has one more base covered for his legion of fans in Mumbai, by opening the elegant fine dining restaurant Azok, in the northern suburb of Juhu

Petrus Wines - Rooted in Excellence

The story, of how Chateau Petrus went from one hand to the other in the past two centuries, is very intriguing. Take a sip of their spectacular vintage wines and you'll know what we are talking about

Zen Serena Spa - For that Zen Feeling

The first thing that you notice, when you enter Zen Serena Spa at Metropolitan Hotel in Delhi, is immense space. It has wide open spaces with simple light coloured walls, those soothing scents and soft music

Hakkasan Mumbai - A Chinese Affair

Seconds to months to years, change is inevitable. Most of the times, change is good. A perfect example? Hakkasan in Mumbai.

Louis XIII - A Cognac with a Soul

It has centuries-old history, exceptional taste and is the only one of its kind. That's why it's called the King of Cognacs

Mystic Salon & Spa - Spa Sojourn

Shopping in Mehrauli, Delhi? Give a little rest to your wandering feet at Mystic Salon & Spa

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