Eden Lun - Fur Fashion

Nothing can beat the feeling of soft fur caressing your skin or black leather making that evil, but smart impression. A fur and leather couture house based in Spain, Eden Lun, was founded by Xavier Gali and Cris Roca in 1999. Their innovative design, excellent craftsmanship and focus on quality has us completely awed

Tamara Mellon - Of Shoes, Life & Luxury

Intelligent, business-savvy and a tough woman who has carved a global way for her brand. But there is another side to Tamara Mellon, founder of Jimmy Choo, which is filled with love, patience and integrity.

The Existentialist Quest of Haute Couture

Is haute couture losing its meaning as luxury fashion houses bend down to include the masses and e-commerce, and hence, make more money in the process? Is there a better initiative to help luxury fashion houses bypass the economic crisis and retain their exclusivity as well?

Virtual Fashion & Cyber Style

Luxury fashion houses are slowly digitizing themselves with Burberry being the most apt example. Is this check-inspired UK based brand showing us the future through its strategy for London Fashion Week?

Out in the Fashion Jungle

It's a mad world out there! While pretty models strut around in beautifully created garments for you, you barely even have time to register the catwalk! That's the world behind fashion - hectic, crazy and a gamble at that!

Classics that never fade: The Nehru Jacket

Fashion watchers consider India to be coming up on the global fashion scene now. The status of the Indian fashion industry is judged by the number of fashion weeks that happen here. But they forget to credit India for the Nehru Jacket, which became a fashion draw at a time like the 1960s!

Hubert Barrere - Cosset the Corset

Corsets are tough to wear and tougher to make. Corsetiere Hubert Barrere talks about his passion for the garment, its new meaning and his India inspiration

The London Fashion Parade

A round-up of the recently held London Fashion Week, enjoy the journey as we meander through catwalks, collections, ambience and more!

Conversing with a Sensation

There are very few individuals who leave an indelible mark on people and in the industry they strive for. Adriana Mulassano is one of them. A strong hand in yesteryears for today's elite designers and a silent observer of all that is happening...she is one woman who never lets her passion for fashion die out, even at the prime age of 72!

Christian Louboutin - Reaching to the Sole

Designing is not just about colours and patterns. It is, first and foremost, about understanding your customer. And nobody knows this better than Christian Louboutin. Read more about this divine shoemaker in his exclusive interview to LuxuryFacts

Dilip Kapur of Hidesign - Hobnobbing with Leather

Hidesign can't be categorised as 'just another brand' in the luxury industry. First reason - their bags are built to be useful and functional - the sort which will truly last you forever in terms of quality and design as well. The second reason is the simple, honest and unaffected thoughts of its owner Dilip Kapur

Fawzi Al-Kadi of Four Corner Enterprises - Rising Retail

With the luxury retails sector in Middle East growing by leaps and bounds, Mr Fawzi Al-Kadi, CEO of Four Corner Enterprises, takes a bite of the fresh apple and shares his views

Luxury Brands & their muses - Luxury Inspired

In an ode to some fabulous brands, and their equally fabulous muses, we list some great fashion pieces, which have left an indelible mark on our consciousness...

Cristiano Corneliani - Impeccable Finesse

The much known Corneliani brand, present in India through Blues Clothing Company, believes that tradition, hand-in-hand with modernity, is the reason of its success. We converse with Mr Cristiano Corneliani on the brand philosophy and more!

Summer Style

Summers connote bright shades and vibrant moods. The fashion trends this season say the same! Read more about what you should be wearing and seen in at this time of the year!

Solstiss - Women in Lace

What would I do without lace? - said Vivienne Westwood. And that's true. Lace, for us women, is a symbol of elegance and sensuality as well. Solstiss is one of the lacemakers, which has been quietly working in the backdrop of the high glamour fashion industry, and supplying us with our much desired lace...

A Marriage of Culture and Style

Men's fashion brand Canali continues to excel in its 'made in Italy' bespoke tailoring for the Indian men's market...but is it only for India or for the entire world?

Monsoon - Fashion Splash

The monsoon season is welcomed by most in India, but the country is lacking a pioneer in monsoon fashion. If you are a designer, it is the perfect time for you to make a splash! Literally

Hermes - The Orange Story

Lost at Horniman Circle? Look for the new and grand Hermes store which is the latest landmark there and you will find your way. At least your fashion way

Synergy1 Delhi Couture Week - Couture Designs

The Indian fashion scenario is filled with multitude designers. But FDCI's Synergy1 Delhi Couture Week 2011 short listed top 12 of them and set up a fashion extravaganza like never before! By: Soumya Jain

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