Embroidery Techniques: The True Luxury of Indian Couture

Gone are the days of logo loyalty. Today’s fashion consumer is taking the time to understand India’s heritage and expertise in traditional embroideries, many of which are ancient and lesser heard of. We explore some such techniques and the designers working with these delicate threads, who are also taking them to international waters

  • Fashion’s Darling: How Florals are Eternal

    From art to architecture and from metaphors to motifs, florals have been around for long, yet have unmatched importance throughout every culture. The beauty of these ingenious creations have been open to a copious amount of variations and interpretations through time – especially in fashion

  • Vencia: A Story of Masks

    Handcrafted with love, integrity and luxury, we talk about an Indo-French brand that is making masks a couture item

Paul Smith celebrates 50 years of the British Fashion Spirit - Classics with a Twist

The man who brought colors back in fashion, Sir Paul Smith has embraced the past 50 years with his characteristic wit, humor and a non-conformist sense of style which is still unique.

  • Is Fashion the 'New Plastic'?

    The pandemic is having some strong repercussions on the world’s dynamics, its functioning and its future. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the fashion industry too is ripe for some rewiring and shifting of gears to create a more sensitive ecosystem

  • JJ Valaya’s ‘Bursa’ Speaks Turkish with Indian Accent

    Presenting his first virtual show at FDCI’s India Couture Week 2020, JJ Valaya’s collection is rich, plush, and larger than life

  • A Humming Way: Bringing Sustainable Fashion from India to the Global Runway

    Although all brands advertise themselves so, it's hard to know which brands are actually sustainable. By focusing on artisanal labor, high-quality natural fabrics, local supply chains, reduction of energy and water consumption, elimination of chemical use, and minimal impact on forests and biodiversity, A Humming Way brings forward a truly sustainable product that recalls luxury with an edge

  • Is Fashion a Form of Art? The Never-Ending Debate

    Constant snarks are still evident when fashion is compared to the mechanism of art. Wearable art, applied arts, decorative arts - aren’t they all sections of a bigger umbrella?