Marco Tedeschi’s Kross Studio: Crafting Wild Visions Into Timeless Collectibles

It takes a real genius to craft exceptional pieces, and we are in conversation with one such successful millennial – Marco Tedeschi - who shares his journey of reinventing the rules in Swiss watchmaking. A journey that began with curiosity, followed by passion, innovation and, vision, Mr. Tedeschi’s Kross Studio redefines the dimensions of a luxury watch

Bring on the Sparkle: Connect Agency Gives a Push to Jewellery Brands

Designer and retailer Nina Dzhokhadze is revolutionising the jewellery industry through creative trade ideas

  • Cool Blue Aquamarines for the Tranquil March Baby

    The pale, calm aquamarine has an ethereal quality that makes it so adaptable with any other stone or metal. And we can’t talk enough about it! Here are some of our favorite jewelry pieces with this stone

  • Etisha Collective: Ottoman Craftsmanship Meets Luxury Bath Linens

    A brand born during the pandemic, Etisha Collective offers handwoven luxury bath towels made by using ancient 17th century Turkish craftsmanship. We try to understand the challenges of incorporating an age-old weaving technique into a modern luxury brand while trying to adapt a sustainable, pro-nature approach

  • Nature as True Luxury: The Rise of Natural History Auctions

    While a rare painting or a jewel is always a coveted object for a collector, the charm of the extraterrestrial or the prehistoric is unmatched. Fossils uncovered from the rugged recesses of the mountains and mysterious meteorites fallen from the skies have increasingly caught the attention of art collectors. We dig deeper (pun not intended) into the rising demand for natural history auctions

  • Amethysts – 9 Jewels for the Witty February Personality

    The deep thinking February baby is well-matched by the deep hued Amethyst, a stone that is getting quite a reincarnation in modern times!