Glutaweis – Swiss Skincare at its Finest

A Swiss-engineered skincare brand that believes in providing maximum benefits with the minimum effort, Glutaweis’ skincare products revolve around the core ingredient of Glutathione.

The Dram Club: Appealing to India’s Voluminous Scotch Lovers

With new initiatives and geographies to explore, The Dram Club is looking to draw whisky lovers in India to their exciting platform

  • Of Soot & Sap: Forest Essentials Makes Makeup a Healthy Skin Food

    Ayurveda, once a developing niche across the world, is a popular integrated beauty solution now. Expanding beyond its skincare and fragrance ranges, Forest Essentials has reintroduced some ancient beauty rituals by launching a natural makeup collection. And take our word, this new line has set out to replace every product in your vanity

  • Nabhi Sutra – Wellness from the Centre of our Being

    Wellness is an important concept. And more than ever, our choices for a holistic approach in life has increased in abundance. We are constantly exploring options that are ecofriendly, cruelty-free, vegan, organic, chemical-free, sustainable, and everything in-between, satisfying our definition of having ‘green’ or ‘nature-inspired’ products on our shelves. Nabhi Sutra fits this description.