A Scentful Experience at Fueguia 1833

Capturing the exotic wealth of nature in South America, Fueguia 1833 takes you on a trail of discovery through its fragrances

  • Taki Taki: Low Lights, High Spirits, Irresistible Makis

    As diverse as Mumbai is, authentic Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisine has never reached the same levels of high gastronomy or ever celebrated in the same way before as now (post-pandemic). Enter – Taki Taki. Like a clandestine culinary cult, this chic and stylish restaurant offers charm with a succulent dose of substance

  • Ben Gorham’s World of Sensorial Memories

    A man full of contradicting surprises, we converse with Ben Gorham, founder of Byredo, about his inspiration, challenges, nostalgic childhood memories and creation of Mumbai Noise

Soul Tree Wins Our Heart (and Health) with its Hemp-Based Range!

Ayurveda may well be a 5,000-year-old ancient science of the East, but it’s only now beginning to gain recognition as a mainstream beauty solution. Launched with a definitive differential in the fast growing chemical-free beauty gamut, SoulTree encourages holistic healing through its range of luxe hemp-based products that will gently soothe your skin, providing hydration that lingers for hours

  • Heard on the Vine: Trending Sustainable Wines for the Crystal Flute

    Sustainability in wine making is an old topic. Even then, sometimes we are not sure which sustainable wines to buy. We hunt down some credible names that are not just sustainable, but also great in quality and style.

  • Café Noir: A Quaint Brasserie in the Heart of Mumbai

    Finding the right tone for a new restaurant is fiendishly complicated. Café Noir attempts to recreate the magic of a tasteful French bistro, armed with an unpretentious menu, elegant interiors and a lot of ambition. A “brasserie de luxe” – the charming café has an old-world appeal, courteous and friendly staff and a pleasant ambience