Sustainable Luxury Brands that are Making their Unique Mark to Save Earth

You all know that the definition of luxury varies from person to person. That is true for the term “sustainable luxury” as well. As we all attempt to find our own meaning for this category, here are some brands giving us an incentive to live consciously and give way to mindful consumption

Top Countries for Sustainable Tourism: A Shift to Value Driven Travel Tourism Model

Like with every aspect of our life, travel is being redefined as well. We summarise a recent Euromonitor report which breaks down Sustainable Travel into multiple planks and gives some inspiring examples of countries that are doing it right

  • The Fashion Pact: A New Paradigm to Transform the Industry

    An initiative that brings together roughly a third of the industry around a series of ambitious sustainability goals, The Fashion Pact commences, or attempts to commence, a new era of environmentally cognizant business decisions. A long overdue endeavour to regulate and hold the second most polluting industry accountable

  • Luxury Demography in 2021: East vs. West

    With the most unexpected year at an end, global luxury spending has fallen dramatically with only ‘one place’ where sales had roared in leaps and bounds. With the overall luxury market under lockdown for a good amount of time, the new epicentre of luxury is set to take the crown!