The Post Pandemic Luxury Universe: Reinventing the Wheel, Quest for Relevance & Digital Connections

In 2020, when countries went under lockdown across the globe, the luxury industry was forced to adopt new ways of connecting with the consumers, and hence we saw an upsurge in innovation, circular business model and agile digital integration. An insightful digital conference shed more light

The Luxury Influencer’s Role & Responsibility

As the pandemic gripped the world, many questions previously asked inside the halls of environmental organisations have now come out in common consciousness. One of them is the role of the influencer.

  • The ReFashion Hub: Addressing Sustainability & Water Wastage in Fashion

    Seven unique, forward-thinking Indian illustrators and artists collaborate with The ReFashion Hub to create awareness regarding water consumption in fashion, and to ask some pertinent questions in the garb of colorful comic artworks

  • The Fashion Pact: A New Paradigm to Transform the Industry

    An initiative that brings together roughly a third of the industry around a series of ambitious sustainability goals, The Fashion Pact commences, or attempts to commence, a new era of environmentally cognizant business decisions. A long overdue endeavour to regulate and hold the second most polluting industry accountable

  • Luxury Demography in 2021: East vs. West

    With the most unexpected year at an end, global luxury spending has fallen dramatically with only ‘one place’ where sales had roared in leaps and bounds. With the overall luxury market under lockdown for a good amount of time, the new epicentre of luxury is set to take the crown!

  • Bottega Veneta’s Route to Social Media Detox

    When all of us thought that social media and the digital world would be the only way to move ahead, Daniel Lee’s Bottega Veneta made a stir by going in the opposite direction. A new frontier in the making, what does the luxury brand have up their sleeves?