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LuxuryFacts has been in the industry for a decade. And during that decade, we have seen many homegrown luxury media fall, while we stuck to our philosophy, to our roots. 

We have also seen luxury brands rise and fall in India. Some have reached their pinnacle, some are struggling, while work towards a slow, sustainable growth. 

Over the past decade, LuxuryFacts has helped luxury brands achieve success – sometimes clandestinely. We continue to study what works in the current time, and have learnt to modify as per the market, as per the consumer. 

And as the market shapes in a very unique, unforeseen way in 2020, we are ready to start helping luxury brands, in a bold manner, by providing them services which will help them re-navigate today’s complex market. 


So welcome LF Consultancy!


Our dynamic, youthful team works on creating an Integrated Marketing Communications plan for you, which includes:

1. Influencer Marketing

2. Social Media Marketing

3. SEO-Optimised Content Writing (Blogs, Newsletters, App content, the likes)

4. Website Development

5. Coffee Table Books


Past & Present Clients

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Soumya Jain Agarwal LuxuryFacts

About Soumya Jain Agarwal, Founder


Soumya Jain Agarwal is the Chief Editor & CEO of LuxuryFacts, starting this online magazine in 2010 when online media and the luxury industry were in their infancy in India. Over the years, the magazine has achieved immense credibility & loyal readership




1. The Luxury Market in India: Maharajas to Masses – Co-edited by Glyn Atwal & Soumya Jain – published by Palgrave Macmillan (now Springer)

2. Chapter: Sugar and Spice: The Rise of the Indian Female Luxury Consumer; Glyn Atwal, Soumya Jain & Douglas Bryson: in Luxury Brands in Emerging Markets (published by Palgrave Macmillan)

3. Foreword; Soumya Jain Agarwal: in The Incredible Indian Luxury Bazaar, by Abhaya Gupta


The Luxury Market in India Maharajas to MassesQuoted in:

Financial Times | Luxury Society | Deccan Herald | Blackbook India | Afaqs | Fashion United | The Mint | Hindustan Times | Yourstory | Business Today | Fast Company | Wall Street Journal India


Written thought-pieces and research articles for:

Luxury Society | BlackBook India | The World Financial Review | The Diplomatist | The Week | Pitch | Retailer | The Mint


She has educated & mentored students at Delhi University & Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad on online journalism & the Indian luxury market