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A Swiss-engineered skincare brand that believes in providing maximum benefits with the minimum effort, Glutaweis’ skincare products revolve around the core ingredient of Glutathione.

By: Tejashee Kashyap

Posted on: April 15, 2021

LF says: ★★★★

In recent times, self-care has carved a prominent space in our daily lives. Pollution and fast-paced living have somewhat sparked a stress crisis for people and it’s always the skin that is the first to suffer. Hence, the beauty industry has been quick to address most of our woes through new, bioengineered raw materials, clean beauty practices and breakthrough in ingredients.

Glutaweis skincare range

A master body anti-oxidant that improves the overall appearance of your skin - a skincare routine involved with the external application of a power ingredient called Glutathione is said to make one’s skin luminous. Being the first Indian brand to harness the power of Glutathione, Swiss luxury vegan skincare brand Glutaweis brings a new paradigm in skincare, driven by science. Their introductory Radiance Range consists of a cream, serum and cleanser. But, before we delve into how these products fare on a typical Indian skin, there’s a lot that you must know about Glutathione before you give it to your skin.

Glutathione in Luxury Skincare

The Glutathione market has a projected value of US$295 million by 2027. And though India is fairly new to the concept of glutathione, people in the West swear by its anti-ageing and skin-radiance properties. Khayl Reis, Co-founder and CEO of Glutaweis, explains further: “Glutathione in Glutaweis is aimed for topical application. It improves the overall appearance of your skin by increasing the skin’s health, strength. Glutathione is one of the most important antioxidants in our bodies. It regulates the overproduction of melanin and rapidly reduces pigmentation, marks, and scarring while giving skin a healthy, even, and radiant look. We researched and created many versions of our products before it was perfect. It was our answer to an obsessive search for effective products. After curating our ingredients through years of research, we finally chose to refine our product in Switzerland and expertly balance the formulation into the products that we so desired.”

Another remarkable asset that sets this Swiss brand apart involves 17 hero-ingredients, balanced into one single product. They have balanced Glutathione with 16 cutting-edge advanced natural actives, where each active packs enough benefits and functions to be the hero ingredient in a standalone product or range. Each active ingredient has a specific benefit. While Pentavitin locks moisture into the skin like a magnet for 72 hours, regardless of whether you are exposed to harsh heat or AC environments, Mandarin Clear reduces visible acne, blemishes and repair your skin. There’s Swiss Glacial Water, which is encapsulated with Lecithin to help the entire formulation absorb into the deepest layers of the epidermis.

Founder Kas Lalani adds, “We have taken the effort for our conscious customers to enjoy a simple 3 step solution for extraordinary radiance, taking benefit of these actives packed into one. Not only this, but we also provide complimentary sessions with our in-house skin specialists to guide consumers towards achieving their desired results. It is our intention to educate and raise awareness while garnering a loyal customer base of conscious consumers.” It took the company about six years to develop formulations that deliver these actives in a balanced and highly effective way to the right layers of skin.

Experiencing Glutaweis

Glutaweis skincare cleanser

Its packaging also is quite different, looking more razor-sharp Swiss style than Indian. It is gorgeous, handy, travel-friendly, spill-proof packaging that is clean, vegan and animal cruelty-free.

Their introductory ‘Radiance Range’ is a one-stop-shop for incorporating glutathione into your skin routine. The entire range has three powerful products - cleanser for enhanced recovery, serum for intense repair and cream for rapid rejuvenation. I have a combination skin that has a tendency of acting up when I experiment with my routine. But, what’s best about using the entire range is that it doesn’t make you feel irritated or leaves you with any spots. However, a patch test is recommended. I have diligently used these products for over a month now and can understand why glutathione might be a hyped ingredient, although a very good one.

Starting with the cleanser, it is easy to hold and apply. All of the contents come in a sleek, silver-toned bottle with a soft silicone brush which cleaned without over-exfoliating my face. Pump the bottle to release the foam, gently massage the face with the applicator in small circular motions starting across the T-zone and moving outwards. I used it during the day and night, but it never made my skin dry and flaky. It does the required amount of cleansing that your skin needs, leaving your skin radiant, fresh and tightened. This is your first step to the radiance routine.

Post the cleanser, I used the serum, which is unlike what you would generally expect - no oily formulation, doesn’t make your skin feel warm after applying it. It is one beautifully packaged product where the serum comes in the shape of a syringe and you pump it until you get the required amount. It comes with two additional serum refillers as well. The packaging is incredibly unique and good for travelling. I found the serum great for hydration and moisturising. Plus, it’s a good base to apply on as it doesn’t leave you with any oily residue or greasiness. Just 2-3 dollops are enough to cover the face as it quickly absorbs into your skin, gives a radiant and fresh glow, owing to the presence of Green Tea along with other constituents.

Glutaweis serum pumps

The final step involves their rejuvenating cream (my favourite amongst these three products). Along with Pentavitin, it also has Hyaluronic Acid combined with brightening Rumex that increases skin elasticity, firmness and delivers long-lasting hydration. The non-greasy texture of the cream worked perfectly for my skin. It seamlessly blends into your skin in no time, is light-weight and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky at all, making it a suitable option for the humid Indian summer. It kept my skin hydrated throughout the day and has a refreshing fragrance. Having a quick-absorbing formulation, the cream spreads evenly and brightens your complexion. It comes in a luxurious looking, silver-toned, shiny glass that makes it look quite interesting. 

Glutaweis in the Indian Beauty Market

The Indian beauty industry has reached an inventive stage with a fast-paced environment where product innovation is key to success. It is a beautiful amalgamation of aesthetically pleasing skincare products supplemented by cutting edge development.

What Glutaweis is offering to the Indian beauty market is quite innovative – a solution to our general woes such as pigmentation, spots, wrinkles and scarring. To speak honestly, we Indians are obsessed with brightened and radiant skin tone - from kitchen remedies that age back 50 years to DIY hacks we learn from the internet. Most of these hacks, however, feature four or five ingredients that do only one job. Glutaweis sets a benchmark by giving 17 plant actives in one single product, solving queries ranging from acne to skin brightening. Its packaging also is quite different, looking more razor-sharp Swiss style than Indian. It is gorgeous, handy, travel-friendly, spill-proof packaging that is clean, vegan and animal cruelty-free.

Glutaweis radiance cream

Knowing the Indian skincare market, Mr. Reis says, “One of the biggest Indian skincare woes is hyperpigmentation. Product first, we have already positioned ourselves to effectively tackle this issue. Our brand would like to cater to skincare enthusiasts who are very aware of trending ingredients and are realizing their need to turn towards more conscious brands.”

My experience with Glutaweis has been a very fine one. Being a skincare enthusiast who spends a lot of energy understanding the various ingredients in trend, Glutathione and Glutaweis really piqued my interest. Having left with no complaints and total satisfaction - be it the packaging, the texture, or the constituent, the Swiss brand really has understood what the Indian consumer wants and is set in the right direction to create a difference here.

LF says: ★★★★

All products are available online on Glutaweis’ website.

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