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Indian designer brand Satya Paul welcomes new creative leadership

Abraham & Thakore’s power trio are set to steer Satya Paul forward.

Esteemed brand Satya Paul is set to embrace a fresh perspective as it undergoes a transition in creative leadership. After the conclusion of Rajesh Pratap Singh’s four-year tenure with the brand, the dynamic trio of Abraham & Thakore – David Abraham, Rakesh Thakore, and Kevin Nigli – will infuse their creative essence into the brand.

Abraham Thakore for Satya Paul

While Mr. Singh moves on to explore new opportunities, his legacy of innovation and collaboration will continue to resonate within the brand’s ethos.

At present, the brand has a network of 15 distinct stores spread across India, each embodying the brand’s commitment to immersive retail experiences. These stores have meticulously crafted vibes that mirror Satya Paul’s philosophy of harmonizing tradition with contemporary aesthetics. From egg-shaped to aquatic realms, numerous themes have been explored for the stores.

Strategic placements in key multi-brand stores such as Ffolio Bangalore, Elahe Urban Hyderabad, Anonym Hyderabad, Amethyst Chennai, and Evoluzione Chennai have significantly bolstered Satya Paul’s visibility across India.

Moreover, the brand’s online presence on, launched on March 30, 2021, has further expanded its reach to domestic and global audiences, providing customers with seamless access to its distinctive designs. With a legacy dating back to 2007, Reliance Brands Ltd. (RBL) has been an avid investor in the Indian luxury brand, Satya Paul. RBL is also an investor in the Abraham & Thakore brand.

As David Abraham, Rakesh Thakore, and Kevin Nigli step into their roles as creative directors, they bring with them a wealth of expertise and a shared vision to elevate Satya Paul’s design narrative. With their distinctive interpretation and dedication to pushing boundaries, this exciting collaboration will surely see fresh perspectives and captivating creations that will resonate with the brand’s discerning clientele.