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Innovative Luxury Products – Kitsch Redefined

An innovative idea is something that never goes out of fashion. And luxury consumers always have an eye for something that is uniquely creative. We bring you some interesting products and services from across the globe which may pique your interest too!

Boca do Lobo crochet chestHow many times does one come across furniture relics being inspired from a disappearing mode of transport or the process of creating a cloth fabric? Or have you ever thought of savouring a six course meal with chillies not just as a flavour, but as the main ingredient, and still asking for more? If this sounds intriguing to you, read on…

The Indian city of Kolkata boasts of having the oldest electric tram in Asia running since 1902. The tram has since been a favourite of the city’s residents and forms an integral part of the public lifestyle there. Taking a cue from the mechanical wonder and giving your bar a historical yet innovative touch is Aiza’s first collection, aptly named ‘Quintessential Bengal’. The bar is in the form of a tram made out of pinewood and is different from the conventional glass bars. The tram bar, creative yet practical, has enough space to hold your drinks and the cabinets gives one ample liberty to keep accessories. You can bring home this tram and relish the automotive artifact for INR 35,000 (available at

Re-interpreting the art of spinning yarn and giving it a futuristic twist, Boca do Lobo, a furniture design brand, created a Crochet Chest for storing precious bits and pieces. The Chest draws its inspiration from the traditional craft of crochet, a process where fabric is created by pulling loops of yarn through other loops. The crocheting method is symbolized here by forging 60kg of classic brass pulls resulting in a mesh which graces the silhouette of the piece. The solid wood frame consists of seven drawers finished with a darkened gold leaf that ensures a mystery and an elegance which contrasts with the vibrant jewel toned purple of the handles.

de Grisogono monkey ringWhile our brain stores the information that we absorb, you can now save the same in a heart on your neck. That too with embellishments! Swaroski has launched the ‘USB Heart Indian Siam’, which is a funky neck accessory and a USB key as well! Hanging on a stainless steel chain, the red silicon heart holds a heart-shaped USB key embellished in 54 Indian Siam crystals. This neckpiece is a perfect combination of beauty and brains!

Moving on from sheer elegance to absolute quirkiness is something which can stun your beloved and make her feel incredibly special at the same time. Luxury brand de Grisogono, as a part of their Animal Collection, has come up with a stunning monkey headed diamond ring. The ring is an assortment of 317 black diamonds and seven white diamonds that are bound to radiate on the fingers. To add a little more quirk, the monkey head is movable too! This piece of jewellery will not only be a luxurious asset, but will also demonstrate your crazy and caring side to her.

And, finally catching on the innovation fever, the food & beverage sector is not far behind. To sustain the appetite, there is innovative cuisine being dished out to food connoisseurs as well. Giving your taste buds a fiery seasoning, Six Senses Laamu in Maldives has come up with the concept of the ‘Chili Table’ where guests are served a six-course menu based on Chili varieties from all over the world. Twelve varieties of Chili are grown at their organic garden, using which, chefs accelerate their creative engines to create enlightening, fun and colourful menus that surprise and delight our guests. Extending authenticity at its best and to make the guests feel more into the lap of nature, the personal waiter wears a gardener apron, gardener boots, and serves flower essence on the dish with a can that reminds of a plant watering can!

Six Senses Laamu Maldives

Start the meal with Carpaccio of wahoo, tomato essence, habaniero chili and pickled cucumber, go on to Fillet of reef fish with island chili, boulangère potatoes, herb purée and squid, pine nut salsa and end it with the Red wine chocolate cake with chili mint shooter and frozen chili yoghurt dessert!

Time to surprise and delight your senses!