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Swarovski introduces nature-inspired spring/summer 2017 innovations

Inspired by nature, Swarovski introduces spring/summer 2017 innovations

Swarovski Spring Summer 2017 inspiration - airMarch 3, 2016: Swarovski has unveiled its spring/summer 2017 innovations, which include three new colors and several organic shapes that give form to the theme ‘Balance of Nature’. 

Committed to provide a glimmering crystal visualization of a lifestyle, driven by sustainability, vitality and serenity, Swarovski experts have charted four trend categories, representing the symbols of life: earth, air, water and fire, each bearing distinct aesthetics. 

Air characterizes Swarovski’s classic range, dominated by the hue of Crystal Pearlescent White Pearl, which reminds of calmness and purity. It includes the Twisted Fancy Stone, which symbolizes the vagaries of the wind, as well as the Pave Dragonfly Pendant, which conjures up thoughts of lightness. 

Earth marks the brand’s romantic designs, some of which are rendered in graphite – a new edition to Swarovski’s color palette.

Swarovski Spring Summer 2017 inspiration - Earth

While the Scarab Bead, referencing a scarab beetle, flies under that theme, the Panther Bead, which boasts the brand’s masterful crystal cutting, lurks under fire – a glamor category that also introduces a novel tinge – yellow opal. 

For its water series, Swarovski teamed up with French-American explorer, Celine Cousteau, whose pieces explore the depths of the ocean. The Raindrop Pendant – that fits both modest and opulent styles – rounds up the line.