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Ishana Nature Spa – Healing Bit by Bit

Taking Ayurveda as its base and fusing it with other spa cultures, Ishana Nature Spa in New Delhi brings you the best of all worlds, and rejuvenates us as we review it!

Taking Ayurveda as its base and fusing it with other spa cultures, Ishana Nature Spa in New Delhi brings you the best of all worlds, and rejuvenates us as we review it!

When it comes to building spas, we don’t really need to look anywhere else except in our own Indian backyard, to create effective therapies! Ayurveda has been doing for centuries what many other cultures have been trying to do for years.

Thus, inspired by Ayurveda and Yoga, Ishana Nature Spa recently opened a branch in Chattarpur, New Delhi. Afflicted with pain or simply looking for indulgence, Ishana Spa wanted to help we heard! Of course then we headed to the spa to see what and how it delivers.

Boasting of two previous branches, this is the first time we experienced Ishana Nature Spa, which is a part of Isaac Spa in Chattarpur. And to give a hint, it pleased us quite well!

Beginning the enchantment

Bathed in hues of orange and red, you feel an instant expectancy as you enter this spa, that this one will be quite different from the rest you have probably visited. One of the few to adorn their spas in such shades, as opposed to the quintessential browns, creams and greens, Ishana Nature Spa instantly appealed to me with its exceptional décor.

A few petals here and a Buddha figurine there, the Thai inspired décor of the spa is unique, but still makes you feel at home with its familiarity. With a smiling, courteous staff at all steps, the spa made sure that you remain enchanted at all levels!

Delving deeper
I was soon led to my room by my therapist Alisha and given a gown to change in. The journey to bliss to started with a feet ritual where Alisha pressed and massaged my feet in a small tub of rose water. I slowly eased out and relaxed.

I had chosen the Vimarn Touch of Paradise treatment, which combines a Yoga massage and acupressure techniques, using a unique blend of oils, to relieve stress and tension in 90 minutes.

Incredibly, their bed was slightly heated, which made me even more comfortable and relaxed. Starting with a dry massage, Alisha stretched and pulled as my sore and stressed muscles eased out. Though tingled and tired, an odd sense of relief spread through after the dry massage.

Leading on to the next part of the treatment, Alisha then gave a thorough body massage using a warm mix of olive oil, cinnamon and citrus elements. The same oil – which was selected by me as per my preference – was used as a room fragrance too. With a soothing tune playing in the background, I eagerly settled to enjoy the oil massage.

Using long strokes, Alisha employed her expert, trained hands to calm me down further. She focused on my stressed areas and was attentive to my needs – whether it was about easing the pressure of her hands or shifting the cover from here to there. Not too talkative, Alisha just did the right amount of communication to help me wind out. So calmed I was, in fact, that I slept in the middle of the treatment!

The massage ended with a head and face massage without the oil. Gently shaking me awake after a while, I was led to the steam room, where the mild steam (not too suffocating), helped to open my pores. Taking a shower next, I was absolutely refreshed. I was soon bid adieu, but not before serving water, green tea and slices of apple.

Apart from the signature Shirodhara treatment, Ishana Nature Spa has many other well-crafted treatments. The 60 minute Restorative Jasmine Signature Facial, for example, helps to nourish and invigourate your facial skin with deep cleansing, acupressure face massage, skin detoxifying face mask and hydrating moisturizer. The Sukham Well Being Massage harnesses the soothing effects of aroma therapy and combines the sense of touch and smell. Oil is applied on chakra points followed by a soothing light massage to release stagnant energy flow in the body and relieve stress.

You can even opt for a luxurious Sairandhree Brightening Body Treatment, where a nourishing body polisher, made with green tea leaf, almond oil, cucumber and tamarind extract, infused with Vitamin C, natural exfoliants and sensual aromas, deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin. If none of this excites you, create your own spa package from the many options available in the menu, and then leave yourself in their care.

Not difficult to locate, the Isaac building even houses a nail area, a slimming centre and more such facilities. Ishana Nature Spa also retails shampoos, shower gels, soaps and more manufactured by them.

Though a small set up, Ishana Nature Spa passed all the tests a good spa should. Clean, hygienic, and of course, good in technique, the spa quite impressed us. With the advantage of being located in a lush, quieter area such as Chattarpur, as opposed to MGF Metropolitan Mall, Saket and T3 terminal at the IGI airport, we recommend a visit to this branch!

Ishana Nature Spa, Isaac Spa, Chattarpur, New Delhi, India