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Jyoti Kapoor Fine Jewelry – To Stun, or Not

Armed with jewelry designs that meld both India and America, Indian-born, NYC-dwelling Jyoti Kapoor enchants with her interpretation of the Mughal era…
Armed with jewelry designs that meld both India and America, Indian-born, NYC-dwelling Jyoti Kapoor enchants with her interpretation of the Mughal era…
Jyoti Kapoor NYC jewelry designer portraitFor a woman with four identities, NYC Designer Jyoti Kapoor seems to have it pretty much under her sleeve. Explaining that she is an Indian, a New Yorker, a working woman and, above all, a talented designer who knows how to express her inspirations into breathtaking bejeweled forms, she is pretty inspirational for all the multi-faceted women in the world today.
Taking her inspiration a step further, she designs especially for a woman who gives her best to every role that she assumes. Designed in 14k and 18K gold, the collection for 2015 that was showcased in Mumbai is perfect for transitions, allowing the wearer to seamlessly go from work to dinner, without having to trade accessories. Each piece is a classic statement that transcends the time of day and still remains the focus of conversation at night!
Take a leaf 
Seeking inspiration from gems and their raw cut, color and form, this is one designer who likes to keep her eyes open. Some of Ms Kapoor’s signature pieces include freshwater Pearl Necklaces set with turquoise stones in the ancient ‘kundan’ setting, maintaining its old world charm. Another highlight is her Hoop Earrings with special karigari (craftsmanship), which weaves a foliage pattern within the hoop, creating an elegant effect that blends new age kitsch with tradition. 
Absolutely in love with New York City, what with its street culture, the artists in the subway, the Opera to the change of seasons, she is quite passionate about the city that inspires her. Her most recent line is designed with the modern bride in mind. It conjures up the love affair with all things Mughal, with ornate, decadent and multi layered necklaces, chokers and chandelier earrings that are reminiscent of what Rajasthani princesses wore. In keeping with the renewed interest in headgear, she has also designed maang tikkas and passas.
gold earrings with kundan jyoti kapoorMoving to an ‘everyday’ line that pulls from this rekindled obsession with all things Rajput, she also has statement cuffs and rings that can be clustered and layered, and chains that are layered among themselves, fashioned in ‘everyday metals’ such as 14 and 18kt gold. The absolute stunners from this collection are the “Sunehla Ring" (Golden topaz  with round diamonds set in 14kt gold), the Amber Ear Studs (a sparkling emerald cut golden topaz surrounded by round diamonds and oval topaz in 18kt gold setting), and the “Bamboo Ring” (round diamonds set in carved and contoured 14kt yellow gold).
Other designs include the Esme Ear Studs (Russian emeralds surrounded by asymmetrically placed pear and marquis diamonds), Everyday Hoops (miniature freshwater pearls intricately beaded into gold hoops bringing a fresh flair to this classic design) and City Ear Studs (uncut diamonds and brilliant rounds in black in 18kt gold setting). 
Back to the beginning
"These new design have been inspired by the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when many of the Maharajas fancied the work of Western designers and commissioned them to rework and create new pieces from their personal treasures. Therefore you will see a lot of traditional techniques, stones and designs paired with new age settings, which is what makes each piece a timeless classic," says Ms Kapoor.
Ms Kapoor’s foray into design started with reworking her grandmother’s heirlooms. Fashioning an antique bracelet into a magnificent neckpiece, it is strong design sensibilities and creativity that gives her the necessary push to really bring out the best in the most simplistic ornaments. As a woman of South Asian descent, her design sensibilities always hearken back to India, but reflect a fresh, modern New York flair. Trained at New York City’s famed Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), she always aims to create ‘wearable art’ that can be passed on for generations.
pearl and kundan necklace jyoti kapoorHaving said that, her collection is dynamic enough to reflect differences and personalities of a multi-faceted woman. "Half my life is in Manhattan. Half my life is in Maharashtra. I have designed a collection that is reflective of this dual identity. In every piece, you see my Indian heritage, but I’ve designed it with a flexibility in mind with a contemporary feel," said Ms Kapoor. Whether for an Indian wedding or for Western formal events, her designs are quite versatile.
Feather in the jewel 
Living and designing out of New York, she is not new to the glamorous power packed world, and has been a part of prestigious events and runway shows. Her jewellery has been worn on the red carpet in LA, as well as by prominent fashionistas in India and New York.
Pieces come to life when design meets passion, and nonetheless via unique and dynamic personalities that exude grace and power. "When I think of my jewellery adorning one character, it would be Aishwarya Rai from ‘Jodhaa Akbar’. She was no wilting flower. Rather, she was a real source of strength for her husband’s character in the movie. Or Deepika Padukone, a style icon today, with a strong sense of personal style and taste," said Ms Kapoor.
While online portals are a great introduction to her pieces, Ms Kapoor finds that at her price point, clients need to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ the pieces in person. "I’ve pursued several different channels when it comes to retail. Some of my pieces are on loan to a store in Madison Avenue for sale. I regularly host trunk shows so new audiences can be introduced to Jyoti Kapoor Fine Jewelry and my trademark style," she said proudly.
With fine jewellery like hers, we know and hope that this designer’s passion continues to rise and please consumers. India has a global platform through her…
Coordinates: Jyoti Kapoor Fine Jewelry will be available in Mumbai in Juhu and Oshiwara – By Appointment Only.
Tel no. for appointments: +91-9833402976 or +91-9702096896

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