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Love Where You Live

Homes are evolving, and so is the consumer’s aspirations. Having travelled the world, Indians are finally realising that homes can be developed to be more than just roofs to sleep under.

By: Samujjwal Ghosh, Sr General Manager Marketing, Lodha Group

In many ways, homes are a manifestation of what you are. While a home is all about the things that stimulate happiness and contentment such as family, love, care leisure and play, the core concept of a home has far evolved from being a basic ‘need’ to being ‘desired’. Today people want to live, work, play, entertain, be entertained, flaunt, relax, rejuvenate, study, exercise – all from within their home. It transcends from being a comfort pad to an opportunity to showcase your own signature style.

Today most people think of home as a place with spectacular appeal – a place that will suit their lifestyles. People not only want all the amenities under the sun, but they also desire the home to have quality and grandeur. The family has definitely returned to the nest – albeit the nest is now 3,000 something square-foot showplace where ostentatious living rooms, dedicated entertainment zones, powder rooms, office suites and walk-in closets galore. Thanks to consumers having the best experiences across various walks of life, Indians are suddenly more attuned to what is available, and thus desirable.

The concept may not be new, but its definition is ever evolving. The real shift in the luxury market is the change in the way consumers define luxury. Old luxury is defined by attributes, qualities and features of the product, and usually refers to heritage brands that charge a premium, such as Mercedes-Benz, Christian Dior and Cartier.

New luxury defines the way in which individual dreams and aspirations are made real. In a world of multiple stresses, multitasking and multiple responsibilities, the ability to escape – to slow down and live in the moment – also has assumed a luxurious dimension. Luxury brands have become not just ends unto themselves, but also means to larger personal aspirations.

After years of unplanned and haphazard development, the luxury sector is now metamorphosing into an organized one with improved product offerings and geographic spread. Real estate developers are coming up with luxury housing projects not only in cities like Mumbai and Delhi, but are also experimenting in smaller cities, where luxury housing is still a budding concept.

With one project more impressive than the next, these developments boast amenities, from the once unavailable central air conditioning, modular kitchens and valet services to the once unimaginable Jacuzzis, temperature controlled pools, private elevators that open into your room and hi-tech security like biometrics and retina scanning systems.

Improvements in technology are leading to a technological lifestyle that is perhaps best exemplified by smart homes or intelligent homes. With these smart homes, an owner, whether in office or on vacation, can use a phone or internet to arm a home security system, control temperature, switch appliances on or off, control lighting, programme a home theater and perform many other tasks. One can use a smart card to open the front door of the apartment and the house takes care of you by playing your favorite song as soon as you walk in or instantaneously dimming the lights for a movie.Whether you give a command by voice, remote control or computer, the home reacts.

Another feature on the list is the larger-than-average home. Luxury homes are designed to accommodate the ever-growing love for privacy and personal space. A luxury residence today may comprise of multiple floors ranging from duplexes to triplexes. It is a combination of amenities, design and technology that makes the property special and gives a luxury character to the property.

Luxury is also about experience and feeling. Developers recognize the need to incorporate an experience that a consumer aspires for. While they begin by offering the best of brands and amenities, they also try to go that extra step to deliver a wonderful experience to the customer akin to that of a luxury spa in their homes.

The roster of so-called ‘luxury’ products already is expanding at a fantastic rate. The list may not be endless, but it’s certainly not finalised either. In a world that increasingly defines luxury in individual rather than collective terms, there is plenty of opportunity for the creative mind. It’s a daunting assignment. But a potentially rewarding one.

At World One, luxury has no limits

World one is envisioned to be the tallest residential tower of the world. It is an iconic upscale luxury address dedicated to modern thinkers with a taste for life.

No effort has been spared to bring you the finest luxuries and comforts from around the world: top-of-the-line kitchens by Bulthaup, bath fittings by Gessi and Dornbracht, sanitary ware by Antonio Lupi, and the most premium Italian marble to drape your floors. As a resident, one can enjoy the spacious floor plans that includes, amongst others, a home theatre lounge, private pool, five fixture bathrooms, an outdoor Jacuzzi and wide sundecks.

Nothing has been overlooked in providing residents the latest conveniences for every type of lifestyle. Be it an experience of residing in a masterpiece designed by the world‘s greatest legends, having the world’s best concierge service Quintessentially anticipate every need, or have the world’s finest spa  – Six Senses Spa – at your doorstep.

Legends from across the globe – the finest names in design, architecture and lifestyle services, have come together to lend their expertise to the creation of World One. And more importantly, to create the holistic experience that it provides – of the best that the world has to offer.

Samujjwal Ghosh states his motto – “A consumer must go back not only as the buyer, but also as a believer of the brand.” He has over nine years of management experience having worked with some of the most reputed companies. His portfolio includes United Spirits and L’Oreal. He now heads brand communication for the real estate Lodha Group.