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Loving Your Tresses

Renowned hair care brands are looking at pampering you. We spell out what that means for your precious mane

Renowned hair care brands are looking at pampering you. We spell out what that means for your precious mane!

Caring for your hair is more important than any beauty regime, as I always say, ‘ain’t no loving like your tresses’. It’s a give and take actually. You care for your tresses and in turn they add femininity and elegance to your personality. Making it easy for your tresses to be stylish, India is now offering brands that retain your crowning glory and redefine hair care in India. A quick chat with some brands gives us an insight into these tress-i-licious game changers.

Take TIGI for example. The founding principle of TIGI is to work with the professional hairdresser while recognising hairdressers for their artistry. Thus, TIGI products are designed by hairdressers for hairdressers, used to elevate the craft of hairdressing to a higher level of creativity. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? It is. At present, the brand offers a vast range of serums, gels, waxes, shampoos and conditioners under three brands for the Indian market – Bed Head and S Factor which can be bought off the shelves at select salons across India, and Copyright Colour solely to be used by hair stylists.

Another brand, Warren Tricomi has one simple objective – to deliver a special experience for all their customers. “Our in-salon experts are attentive to all our client needs, offering them genuine and individual advice with the aim of helping transform the way they look and feel. Our salons will be welcoming, professionally managed and maintained to the very highest, quality standards that the client’s expect from Warren Tricomi,” said Ms Shailza Gulati, Creative Head Stylist Warren Tricomi. Jean-Claude Biguine, a brand that has changed the game in India, is aiming to please tresses in a market that is cluttered with options. “Our customers; they are our brand evangelists. Our services are offered and designed for their convenience and satisfaction, and when every one of our customer walks out of our salon and spa, feeling beautiful and content, we know we have done our job well,” said Mr Jean-Claude Biguine, Founder, Jean-Claude Biguine.

I’m bringing sexy hair
Bed head is fun, I’ll give it that. It is a range of shampoos, conditioners and styling products for people who love life, break rules and push boundaries. These products allow you to express yourself and customise the latest trends to your own personal style. S Factor, on the other hand, is designed for women who want sensational hair. Whether she wears her hair sleek and slinky, smooth and shiny or sultry and soft, S Factor creates the ultimate in glamourous hairstyles. The S Factor range also has shampoos, conditioners and styling products.

In a quick conversation with Ms. Aislinn Trodden, Global Expert, TIGI, while she was in India, she talks about the brand and its plans in the country. “I’m bringing TIGI Avant Garde to India, going to different cities, talking about the brand and showing the excitement and creativity that TIGI is all about. I’m also training Team India to go out and do the same. This trip is all about Session and Avant Garde looks and thinking outside the box,” said Ms Trodden.

With a huge sea of competition in the hair care industry, you may wonder what TIGI brings to the table. According to us, first of all, it is a fun, creative and innovative brand.  Second, TIGI’s philosophy has always been ‘By Hairdressers For Hairdressers’, a self explanatory ethos, which is still as strong today as it was when the company started. Team TIGI is always attempting to be at the forefront of innovations. Offering products that are needed at that time, they bring it to consumers and hairdressers behind the chair!

Right Here, Right now

With our tresses flying all over the place, there is no particular trend that stands tall amongst others, but you know, there has got to be a heads up – just in case the runway is calling your name. Trending high on the fashion meter this season, Ms Trodden says that A/W trends are bringing controlled textured looks, simple and elegant, from dark romantic looks to Hollywood heroines. According to her, Indian trends are different and she feels that Indian hair trends are beautiful with a perfect blend of tradition and western tastes. “Of course, some will be traditional Indian and some will be more like the international market. I’m sure international stylists and designers take inspiration from India with the beautiful hair jewels, colours and fabrics this country produces, and in TIGI we use Manish Arora designs in nearly every show,” she proudly said.

“Hairstyle trends change just as much as fashion trends do. They’re constantly being influenced by the catwalk, as models are judged not only on the designer clothes they’re wearing, but also on their hair and makeup,” shared Ms Gulati. If you are looking for looks to rock today, go with the centre parting which seems to have come back into fashion – with a bang! “After years of side partings being the go-to style for a lot of ladies, centre partings can now be worn in a multitude of styles for an on-trend appearance. Consider creating soft waves with a curling iron or wearing your hair in a low ponytail to mimic the equestrian-style trends seen on the catwalk as of late,” she said.

If you are experimental, try extreme side fringes to create a dramatic look or opt for messy hair by using hair straighteners to give your hair an effortless style teamed with volumising products to give them extra oomph. Other options can be low slung buns or the beehive (can be easily created by backcombing the hair and is absolutely ideal for the workplace). The comb is at your disposal!

Ask Mr Biguine, and according to him the upcoming season being the autumn-winter season, the colours recommended would be warm colours. “Going red seems to be doing the rounds on the global fashion trend charts. But, don’t limit yourself to one shade – hazelnut brown with fine streaks of gold, dusky brown with flashes of warm reds, copper enhanced with dark underlayers,” he advised. With the bridal and festive season coming up, definitely don’t limit your style to anything! Want to have easy hair today? Just braid it up! “Braids are an inherent and indigenous hair style in India; from the royal courts to the rural villages, from bridal getup to daily guise. Braids never go away and offer that fuss-free twist to any hair style,” Mr Biguine opined.

Mr Biguine explained further that in India, hair style trends, much like fashion, is very Bollywood inspired. For example Ombre and highlights, which was trending globally a few couple of years ago, is fast gaining popularity in the country after the screen’s leading ladies have been seen sporting them. Long hair is also very treasured and cared for. So hair rituals are an increasingly gaining importnace in the country as women feel the need to nourish and take care of their long tresses and keep them healthy. Also when living in humid climates, your hair tends to got frizzy, so hair spas come highly recommended.

Voluminous curls, textures curls, tousled curls, loose undone chignons, braids and other such hairstyles, which allow you to flaunt the length and thickness of hair, are a welcome style. When it comes to hair colour, highlights and sunlights in copper tones, subdued blondes, golden caramel tones are in popular demand replacing streaks.

Now that you have the update, are you ready to ‘do’ your hair?