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Luxury Hospitality Design – 2019 Trends

Unique shades, bold surfaces, Instagram-worthy ambiences – hotel design in 2019 will be defined by this and more

By: Kayur Patel, Founder & Creative Director of RIZO by Studio Cast Glass

RIZO by Studio Cast Glass Travellers today have become extremely savvy, seek extraordinary experiences and are completely clued in with the visual aspect of savoir faire.

In an age of social media, where platforms like Instagram have become pertinent for business – it is important for the hospitality industry to push themselves to create spaces which balance the growing appetite of their guests’ expectations.

By creating visually and intellectually inspiring luxury canvases which heighten the overall experience of their stay, hotel designers, hitherto, have the responsibility to create a design strategy catering to different types of guests. It’s not just about being comfortable anymore. It’s about beauty, stylishness AND comfort, which travellers can’t find anywhere else.

We list six trends that are keeping designers awake at the mood board.

Immersive Social Space
Create design driven experiences in common areas such as receptions and lobbies. Don’t be afraid to go bold by including avant garde elements with unique textures, unexpected treatments to surfaces and an engaging, intelligent mix of material. Let elementary functions be enjoyed in ambient spaces where luxury and design takes centre stage. RIZO’s “EVOLUTION” finish can be adapted to accomplish concept driven lobby furniture and iconic, multi-dimensional feature walls.

Evolution Surface by RIZO Studio Cast Glass


Picture Friendly Ambience
Keep guests engaged by creating areas which urge millennials and others alike to take “selfies” or pictures of the property. A sculptural ceiling that amasses 70% of the surface or an eye catching  installation running through a corridor could tell a beautiful story of the hotel and its history. RIZO’s ORO STREAM finish from the “Transitions” Collection could be wonderfully integrated to create bespoke picture worthy holiday moments.

Rizo's Oro Stream Panel


Homely Hotels
Hotels are homes for travellers. To make every guest feel warm, welcome and at home, while giving the complete hospitality experience, hotel designers could integrate eclectic accents such as lamps, cabinets, consoles which are story driven and handcrafted much like the souvenirs travellers collect as keepsakes for their personal collections from around the world. Unique furniture accents could be a value addition for hotel rooms, where the guests are likely to spend a considerable amount of time.

Carbon floor lamp by Rizo by Studio Cast Glass


Easy Luxury, Downtime
Emphasise on theme based bars, restaurants, lounge areas which provide the ease of slipping into the mood of the hour while rendering opulence through a fluid interplay of décor. Just as the baroque inspired Imperial Crystal Screen & Column or the experiential island bar could say a lot about a space and its mood allegiances.

RIZO Baroque inspired imperial crystal screen


Bring The Outdoors, Indoors
Focus on design in a way where the imminent aspect of nature is reminiscent. Encourage a biophilic affiliation to a space where use of natural materials for features, partition screens or even waterbodies may render tranquillity in sound. Structure bespoke glass atriums that allows light to pass or use natural hues and patterns on surfaces. Make nature complimentary and not transient.

Unique table design


Colour Play
Add fun sculptures in complimentary hues, for example, a central feature like a staircase of coloured glass, 3 dimensional movable screens that allow larger spaces to become intimate and vice – versa and even dynamic lift carts. Design is when intelligence meets art and form follows function. Adding a dash of colour in doing so can go a long way.


The force behind India’s first luxury architectural glass brand, Mr. Kayur Patel draws upon his bank of experience in the field of luxury interiors of over three decades to create and transform spaces. A self-taught design aficionado, he has undertaken and supervised over 1000 successful projects in India and overseas. His understanding of scale, speed, consistency and excellence has resulted in versatile use of precious materials such as glass and crystal for bespoke works. An automobile engineer by education, Mr. Patel is the Founder & Creative Director of RIZO: EXPERIENCE THE LIVING, the flagship brand of Studio Cast Glass that was launched in 2017. At the helm of RIZO, Mr. Patel encapsulates his vision by creating fluid interplay of luxury finishes for private residences, hotels, luxurious recreational and commercial spaces, thereby rendering an artistic edge to produce surfaces, architectural features, lighting, furniture and site specific art installations.