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Miele launches the Little Giants collection

Miele launches washing machines & tumble dryers called Little Giants

Miele Little Giants collectionJanuary 11, 2013: Miele has introduced a highly effective collection of washing machine and dryers in India. Known as Little Giants, these compact machines have been very successful across the globe. With new and innovative features, a rugged industrial design and user-specific care programmes, these machines are ideal in coping with huge amounts of laundry. The Little Giants can wash and dry 6.5 kg of laundry in just 90 minutes. Fresh laundry is washed, dried and available for use again in only 90 minutes.

The machines also offer the patented Perfect Dry and Perfect Clean program from Miele and a large selection of special and add-on programs that can meet demanding requirements in commercial laundry care. One can change the fixed wash temperatures and spin speeds but these can be modified within reason. So, even if you don’t know and select a wrong program by choice, the machine will auto correct you.

The machines are also upgradeable for any new programs that Miele launches in future. In a swanky move, the upgradation can be carried by simply connecting the machine to a laptop or tablet by a USB port. The machines also offer communicative diagnosis, where, if anything goes wrong with the machine, it will indicate the problem itself, thus speeding up the servicing guys. Eliminating any need of high-maintenance, the streamlined dump value offers unimpeded drainage. The AutoClean detergent dispenser maintains residue-free dispensing eliminating the need for any cleaning.

Little Giants are most useful to households with large amounts of laundry, small businesses, hairdressers and cosmetic parlours, butchers and bakers, food processors, sports clubs, schools and conference centres.

Price: The washing machine ranges from INR 2,40,000 to INR 2,80,000. The tumble dryer ranges from INR 1,85,000 to INR 2,05,000
Available at: Miele Experience center, Copia Corporate suites, Commercial Plot No.9, Jasola, Mathura Road, New Delhi