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Mudraa Spa – Disturbing the Balance

A spa needs to relax you, not make you jittery or uncomfortable. Despite a good vision, that’s exactly the mistake Mumbai’s Mudraa Spa makes

A spa needs to relax you, not make you jittery or uncomfortable. Despite a good vision, that’s exactly the mistake Mumbai’s Mudraa Spa makes.

Buddha is known for his enlightened teachings that many have welcomed with open arms. How about a life size 16 feet Lord Buddha’s face welcoming you into an aura of peace? Positioned as a wellness haven, Mudraa Spa at Marine Drive spreads out over 3,000 sq feet and offers mystic wellness and holistic rejuvenation. From the usual Aroma Therapy, Balinese, and Hot Stone Therapy to Herbal Indian Spice Scrub and Himalayan Clay Wrap, Mudraa provides a good variety of treatments. However, we wish the team were able to tell you more about them rather than just read out what the menu description offers. Besides their extensive list of invigourating and nourishing spa therapies, Mudraa also offers various healing services such as Mudraa Healing, Reiki Treatment, Chakra Balancing as well as asanas of yoga intended to attain complete well-being. How does it fare with LuxuryFacts?

The Mudraa mantra
The name ‘Mudraa’ gets its relevance from the word – ‘Mudra’ – a science of finger postures and the balancing of body, mind and spirit through these postures. It is said that various mudras have the power to awaken tiny nerve cells, which bring in good health, godliness and brilliance, and is one of the most simplistic ways to re-energize us without the help of any medication, the only necessities being a calm mind and a soothing environment. Tempted to try out a few mudras yourself, aren’t you? May not be that easy though.

After you call the spa thrice to find out its exact location, do not rejoice yet once you find the building (opposite Shreyans Motors and behind VLCC). The lift will refuse to take you to the spa so grab your belongings tight and prepare to walk two fleets of stairs to the spa. Don’t be confused as you arrive on the first floor and just push the wooden door to your left to enter Mudraa as chances are that the watchman is enjoying his afternoon siesta and you are left to locate the place yourself.

The procedure, once you enter the spa, is a simple and usual one with the client required to fill out a preferences and health concerns form. Once the therapy is chosen (I chose the 60 minute Aromatherapy massage), the spa therapist is introduced and the guest is then escorted to the foot basin where the feet are washed and cleansed. The foot basin is prepared with hot water, rose petals, few drops of aromatic oil and herbal wash. Brownie points to the soothing touch of the therapist and the refreshing warm feel of the specially prepared water – the beginning of the wellness experience at the spa (as they call it).

According to the team, the washing of the feet is followed by the guest then being requested to sit straight with the eyes closed while the therapist uses the soothing sound of a singing bowl to calm down your mind and preparing you for your treatment. I cannot comment on this because I did not experience it to my dismay.

Room for more
As you make your way to your room, give your eyes a few seconds to get accustomed to the darkness (even more than the reception area). Rooms have been based and defined on the mudra postures with the main focus on creating an ambience to soothe and relax every person that walks in. The colour palette is an interesting combination of a cool and calm blue floor, natural grey stone, golden yellow walls and brass and copper elements. Dark teak wood has been extensively used in the interiors to give a natural look. The spa consists of eight rooms and a couple suite with shower and steam attached to each. There is a separate section for healing, pedicures and yoga.

A word of caution, there is no attached bathroom to your treatment room so in case you need to go, do it before you are led to your room. Very inappropriately, we found that the rooms don’t have a door! There is a just a simple curtain and the less said about it the better. Prepare to stuff your belongings below the basin and get into your disposables as you wait for your therapist to bring the oil.

Aroma from the soothing oils is a form of energy intake through the nose and skin, and has the potential to balance the different chakras and semi-chakras, which removes the disease, and brings in overall wellness. The therapist (whose face was covered with a surgical mask – freaky but I guess hygiene trumps everything) will make you lie face down on your stomach and cover you with a towel. Do not try to converse with your therapist as she won’t understand too much of your English, and as the spa manager will probably tell you, are very professional and do not laugh or joke.

The oil used is a ‘secret’ oil and thus the ingredients are unknown – as are the effects. Brace yourself for a shower in oil as your therapist uses it excessively to smother your body and give a very slippery and oily massage. Ask your therapist to use less pressure, as even after specifying light pressure on my form, my body and especially my underarms were in pain (no idea why the underarms are massaged and pressed). Try to ignore noises that you may hear from the shower or the room beside you (walls are thin and you may be dissuaded from having a shower even with all that excess oil).

Mudraa Spa, simply said, needs to raise its standards and facilities, if it hopes to counter any competition in the burgeoning spa industry in India. Time to take a rain check.

Coordinates: 1st Floor, N. K. M. International House, 178 Backbay Reclamation, Babubhai Chinai Road, Marine Drive, Mumbai
Ph: +91-22-66346662 / 6663