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New Indian brand Aulerth offers ethical jewellery inspired by rich Indian design

Using recycled metals and man-made stones, Aulerth partners with couturiers JJ Valaya and Suneet Varma for its first collection

JJ Valaya jewelry for Aulerth

February 9, 2022: It may not be precious in the traditional sense of the word, but Aulerth’s jewellery is certainly giving a precious sigh of relief to the world around us. This new Indian brand offers intricate jewellery, guilt-free. Made with man-made precious stones and recycled precious metals, Aulerth champions the ethos of mindful materialism – a cause which is becoming increasingly dear to the young consumer. 

As per Aulerth’s official statement, a single 9 gm 22 kt gold ring generates over 20 tons of toxic waste, including cyanide and mercury pollution. Mining for gold alone generates nearly 150 million tons of carbon emissions, and nearly 6 billion tons of toxic waste, besides significant ecological damage. All this is amplified by the rampant ecological destruction in mining for diamonds and gemstones. 

JJ Valaya jewelry for Aulerth
Thus, as it launches in 2022, Aulerth, has partnered with India’s top designers to create the country’s first ethical jewellery brand. Tribe Amrapali, Suneet Varma and JJ Valaya bring forth exquisite lines of jewelleries for Aulerth.

The brainchild of Vivek Ramabhadran – an ex-Swarovski honcho – Aulerth’s jewellery is couture-inspired and consciously made. In the launch collections, JJ Valaya, Suneet Varma and Tribe Amrapali swap the metals and gemstones in their jewelleries for sustainable alternatives—metals recycled from industrial scrap, and largely man-made (vs. mined) stones. The designers' signature style shine through in these meticulously-crafted pieces that exemplify mindful materialism guaranteed by lifetime warranty services. Every season, Aulerth will partner with leading Indian designers. 

Suneet Varma jewelry for Aulerth

Mr. Ramabhadran says, “Aulerth is on a continuous pursuit to bridge the seemingly disparate worlds of being couture-inspired, and consciously made–with an underlying foundation of bringing more responsibility and mindfulness to the end-to-end process spanning design, production, merchandising and packaging.” 

Mr. Varma’s collection draws inspiration from intricate Mughal architecture. Bursts of pastels in pale pinks, minty greens and white stones find space between more traditional pieces in rich decadent palettes. Remembrances of the Taj Mahal’s minar and spectacular appeal of inlay work, frescos, and meenakari from Mughal-inspired art forms transport you to a different era.  

Tribe Amrapali jewelry for Aulerth

Mr. Valaya’s jewellery line embodies the essence of ‘The Royal Nomad’ with a penchant for Art Deco – which is very much in tune with his fashion and home collection as well. The couturier translates his design sensibilities from the celebrated ‘Rumeli’ line to Aulerth’s collection. Carved gemstones are set in exquisite metal frameworks, intricate enamelling is bejewelled with a bandish work of rose pearls and tumbles, and elevated by textured metals. His assortment draws inspiration from the Ottoman Empire, bringing together a symbiotic melange of floral nuances and Aztec strokes.  

Tribe Amrapali lends their deep understanding of classic Indian jadau and chitai work to every piece. The stones have been takkar and prong-set featuring meenakari and Kundan work with enamelling, delicate beadwork, oxidation, and gold plating.

The jewellery collections are available on Aulerth’s website for purchase.