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Royally Yours – Vivanta by Taj Gurgaon

An example of exemplary Indian hospitality, this is the second in the series of 5 articles on true luxury experiences by our readers!

By: Maneet Sawhney

vivanta by taj gurgaon nirvana suite entrance foyerAmidst the bustling lifestyle of the millennium city, stands tall the aesthetically designed Vivanta by Taj – Gurgaon hotel, which surpasses others with its imaginative design and vibrant feel. Stylish, sophisticated, avant-garde in design, Vivanta by Taj delivers premium hotel experiences where you can relax and energize in between your various sojourns. If you are at leisure, it will offer you the opportunity to evolve and transform.

My experience at Vivanta by Taj was transformative as well as luxurious. The experience started right from the airport when I was received by a well-mannered valet in a BMW which is a complimentary service attached to the suite, and whisked away to the property and up a private lift to the private floor at the top of the building, where Nirvana, the Presidential suite is located.

On entering the foyer, I was dazzled by the opulence of the lobby done up in Satvario marble pattern, which led onto 2098 sq ft of Brazilian teak, inciting me to walk barefoot on the floor. Venturing further into the suite, towards my left I saw a sitting area with plush sofas and an elegant dinning table service which had me making a mental note to have a meal in the privacy of my suite. Further on lay an Edwardian looking desk which invited me to sit down and finish all my work, while enjoying a drink from the very well stocked bar. This area had its own private powder room, so if you are entertaining guests or even have an official business meeting, you do not need to disturb those resting in the bedroom.

On the right side of the lobby lay the sleeping area, entering which I was served a glass of wine and beside my luxurious bed lay a selection of exotic fruits, assortment of handmade chocolates which I immediately decided to sample and got lost in the luxury of their taste. On the other side of my bed lying in a huge champagne bucket was a bottle of Moët & Chandon along with a gold 3 tiered tray loaded with another assortment of vegetarian and non-vegetarian canopies to choose from. Or you could dig into a rich selection of nuts and feel like a sheikh in his palace!

vivanta by taj gurgaon living room nirvana suite

My amazement knew no bounds as I was handed an iPad and told that it controlled the panel of lights, curtains and even the shower. I immediately used it to open the curtains and saw the glorious outline of this Millennium city, Gurgaon with its bright lights, inviting me to sink into the fluffiest pillows and the most comfortable mattress while sipping some champagne and enjoying the metro train pass by, lulling me to sleep. Energised by the small nap that I took, I got out to explore the suite further and reached the small pantry fitted with Armani Casa and uber chic cutlery, getting the chef in you to rear its head up and make a salad or even sole muniere.

I decided to indulge myself in a bath first and stepped into the ensuite sauna and all my pores opened up to get rid of the toxins collected during my travels. The cold shower under incredible rain shower fittings gave another chance to peek at the skyline and take in the stars as the shower cubicle also gives a view of the sky. Invigorated after the shower, I decided to relax some more and stepped into the whirlpool bath filled with all kinds of bathing salts and lotions while I pondered whether to read a book or enjoy the city lights of Gurgaon. Ensconced in a fluffy bath robe and totally relaxed I decided against making my own meal and looked at the various options the hotel had to offer. I dressed up and opted to try out the Tease bar first where the bartender made an excellent Margarita and got me tapping my feet to lovely music as I came out into the Rhythm lounge after the drink. And though I had heard very good things about Latitude, I decided to try on some Siam flavours and dine at the very famous Thai Pavilion. The food is as authentic Thai as it can get and the aroma of Kafir lime has you salivating even before the crispy fish served with a tangy sauce arrives. The smooth Thai curry had just the right hint of red chilly and coconut milk. After the meal I can truly vouch that Thai Pavilion is one of the finest dinning destination in Gurgaon.

bathroom vivanta by taj gurgaon nirvana suite

Before retiring for the evening, the private butler assigned to my suite came up to ask me about my breakfast preferences. Choosing to dine in my lavish dining room, I went to my room to finish my work and spend the night in ultimate comfort of my bed. On my way to the airport, once again in the BMW provided by the hotel, I surmised the price of INR 2,50,000 for one night at Nirvana, Presidential suite was absolutely worth it. The liquor and dessert served to me in my bed had me smiling cheek to cheek for the rest of my journey! Though I had been advised to take advantage of my visit to the city and check out the archeological and other sights, I realised the luxury of Nirvana had distracted me, and I did not regret it one bit, going home complacent with the knowledge that it would be on my list for the next visit.

vivanta by taj gurgaon nirvana suite dining area

This is an opinion-based piece written by a luxury consumer or appreciator who enjoys the nuances of luxury, and is a part of LuxuryFacts 5 Year anniversary activities!