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Spa Ceylon – Sleep, Calm, Be Happy!

Reminding us how to sleep well, laugh, be stress-free, and more, is Spa Ceylon, and its warrior-like team, armed with products which you won’t be able to resist!
Reminding us how to sleep well, laugh, be stress-free, and more, is Spa Ceylon and its warrior-like team, armed with products which you won’t be able to resist!
The time when skincare and rejuvenation falls at the top of your priority list is now. Harsh chemicals and ingredients have taken a backseat as herbal and natural products strut the runway with their head held high. From the teardrop isle of Ceylon, which boasts of being an exotic paradise nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, comes natural well being rituals drawn from holistic practices of age-old wisdom.
Deep rooted in the culture of the island, and derived from relaxation, rejuvenation and healing rituals of Ayurveda, say hello to the range of treasured formulas and rituals from Spa Ceylon – a brand that offers to restore you physically, mentally and spiritually. If you are looking to hydrate, treat, purify and soothe your body, mind and soul, step into their latest showroom at Bandra West in Mumbai as they offer a wide array of products that will make jewellery shopping seem like an easy task.
Combining wisdom, fine natural ingredients and contemporary design to bring you the ultimate in Ayurveda luxury, this brand extends from its many international counterparts. The range includes everything from treatment oils to massage balms and even has essential oils, body mists and a complete foot care range.
Being associated with Sri Lanka since 1997, Sanjeev Mehta, Spa Ceylon India started off as a Country Manager with Kodak. "I noticed Spa Ceylon products at Odel – the premier department store chain in Colombo – way back in 2009, when they had just launched. I picked up some products for my wife, who was very impressed with them. On a subsequent trip I called up Shalin Balasuriya (the co-founder of Spa Ceylon, who is now on the Board of the JV company) and met him," he said. And the rest is literally history. Hesitating to get into the Indian market at first, today the brand has a strong presence in various countries, and last but not the least, it enters Mumbai ready to take over the luxurious Ayurveda sector.
An affair between Ayurveda and pampering
Not a spa as yet, their store is an absolute experience, if I may. Stimulating the senses of smell (with the aroma of fresh essential oils wafting around you) and hearing (with signature calming music), they encourage you to definitely purchase at least one product before leaving. With products formulated only with the finest natural ingredients, the brand aims to protect and deliver God-given herbal benefits to one and all. All products are Paraben free, Paraffin free, alcohol free, not tested on animals and 100 per cent vegetarian. Now that’s beauty with a conscience . 
Opening a store in Mumbai was a decision that came naturally to Mr Mehta as he is based in the city of dreams itself. Making it easier to coordinate and manage things, the fact that it is also the commercial capital and has a large base of high net worth individuals added to the decision. So right in the middle of all the action at Linking Road stands the store that has an inviting vibe.
The layout is based on the boutiques in Sri Lanka. All the ranges, right from Ceylon Tea to Peace, Sensual Sandalwood, Sleep Therapy, and more, are merchandised and displayed very attractively, with visual graphics to increase the appeal and purchase decisions. “The walkout rate (i.e. the rate of customers walking out without purchase) is extremely low at around three per cent. Which means that 97 per cent of customers who walk in, buy something,” said Mr Mehta.
Beauty with a conscience
Interacting with the team, which was so informative and educating, it showed that they have been specially trained. “With our wide range of products, they need special training which was provided to them by knowledgeable and experienced managers from Spa Ceylon in Sri Lanka,” said a proud Mr Mehta. So go ahead, and the team will take you through each and every product until there is no space left on your hand to sample any product and no place in your head to digest any more facts.
Going through the variety of products that they have, it was a tough decision to really narrow down my selections. There are no products that are specific to the Indian market, so what is available internatioanlly is what you will find at this store too. Being a global brand, Spa Ceylon believes in selling all products in all markets and thus, with such a wide range, the team believes that they have something for everyone, and that is quite true!.
Finding something to take home is not difficult here. All their products are Tridosha and suitable for you, no matter what dosha you traditionally fall into. From all their ranges, what intrigued me the most was the Sleep range which seemed somewhat magical and mystical. Imagine a product that helps you to sleep! I could definitely use two of that. The Spa Ceylon Sleep Range is designed to put an end to those exhausting nights of tossing and turning. With pure lavender to relax and diminish stress, fragrant YlangYlang to calm and clarify, Patchouli for tranquility and soothing, and Orange and Lemon to restore the balance of the senses, I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself. Consisting of a bath soak, Hydrating Butter, Body and Pillow Spray, the packaging of the sleep gift range comes in a lovely pouchette and you will not feel like dismantling the ingredients. 
Goodie bag
Making my way along the store and trying out a variety of products, I found myself walking back to products that were oozing uniqueness and creativity. Their range of balms have to find place in your basket for the very unusual nature of their purposes. The Happy Uplifting Balm is said to refresh and invigourate thereby promoting positive energies and happiness! Now, who wouldn’t want a balm like that? The calming balm is said to pacify and promote tranquility if applied to the pressure points before bedtime. Another one that will interest you is the Peace Soothing balm which relieves feeling of stress, tension and discomfort. 
Moving to the feet, I could not help but purchase one of their Green Mint Foot soak which I have been using once every three days to calm tired feet and remove any swelling and staleness. Their hair care range is absolutely brilliant. It stays true to its promise of being natural and loves every strand on your head. The Neroli and Jasmine Hair cleanser and conditioner (for dry hair) was perfect for my tresses and I could find them thanking me after every wash. A healthy cleanse of sorts, the conditioner left them feeling baby soft and manageable.
Coming together as a brand with indulgence and pampering at the core, Spa Ceylon will absolutely treat, soothe and purify your body, mind and soul! All the way from Sri Lanka, Mumbai may just make the wellness sector synonymous to Spa Ceylon – and with good reason.