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Summer Fragrances – LF Team Review

It’s time to skip, hop and jump. It’s summer! And your best friend this season is a trusty, aromatic fragrance. we list our favourites, which may probably help you choose yours as well!

It’s the time to skip, hop and jump. It’s summer! And your best friend this season is a trusty, aromatic fragrance. We list our favourites, which may probably help you choose yours as well!

Soumya Jain
I am not a very big fan of the extreme hot weather. Going out for work, travelling in the Delhi heat – every small task bogs you down. But what keeps me going is the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume. I never knew a fragrance could keep you upbeat before I encountered this lovely green coloured liquid!

In fact, one look at the simple green coloured decanter and you are relaxed! The Green Tea perfume is a citrus, aromatic treat which energizes me, excites me and revives me as well! Notes include rhubarb, peppermint, orange peel, and lemon over a base of amber, musk, green tea and soft florals. Do I need to tell you more? Spray it over and you are raring to go and refreshed at all times!

Karishma Parkash
Fragrant and colourful summers are something that I always look forward to and 2011 was no exception. As the years pass, my tastes and preferences may have undergone modifications and become more sophisticated, if I may be allowed to say so. But as someone truly pointed out, somethings never change. For me, my favorite summer fragrance has remained a constant and my excitement with the whiff of this scent grows with every application. A perfect summery fragrance, L’Eau d’Issey by the design house of Issey Miyake is an old but a sharp and aquatic fragrance.

Issey Miyaké thought about creating a perfume that was ‘as clear as spring water’, combining the spray of a waterfall, the fragrance of flowers, and the scent of springtime forest and boy, did he do that and more! The perfume has woody notes which make it a perfect option for women, but not too feminine, and also possesses the ability to refresh in a matter of seconds. A first whiff reveals a blend of fresh water and water florals, but a second deeper whiff adds the spice and woody punch that makes me a fan. Perfect for a summer day out, it has a light-weight scent that lingers and heightens the senses. In other words, classy, impactful and flirty!

Salman Z Bukhari
Someone once asked me what does joy of love, friendship, freedom and life smell like? It might be difficult to conjure up a fragrance which represents these strong human emotions…but then, if you have ever experienced Clinique Happy, you know the answer!

Cool, crisp with a hit of citrus and flowers, nothing can be as refreshing as this fragrance which comes in a delightfully shocking orange pack. Clinique Happy is light and lingers just like the memories of your first kiss. Can anything get more summer-y than this? I doubt it.

Clinique Happy is the scent of my optimism and the happiest moments in life!

Kannan Ashar
My favourite summer fragrance has to be none other than Clinique Happy. It’s pleasantly refreshing and addictive and an affordable luxury. A hint of citrus, a wealth of flowers, a mix of emotions. Our best-selling women’s fragrance interplays fresh, vibrant notes-ruby red grapefruit, bergamot-with soft, sensual ones-Hawaiian wedding flower, spring mimosa. One can just wear it and be happy! This citrus-y, floral fragrance is perfectly apt for summers.

This perfume is youthful, cheerful, and easy to wear, which is probably why a lot of young women find it perfect to call it ‘their fragrance’. I wear it during the daytime when I’m in a, well, happy mood. It has strong lasting power for me and two or three sprays are enough to last the entire day. It’s great for any occasion which is why I would call this one of my all time favourites!

Neha Khanna
“My favourite fragrance is always dominated by my current mood since it is a known fact that limbic part of the brain dictates this one of the six senses women possess. One of my favourite fragrances for summer has been Sun by Jil Sander for quite some time and now it is, its variant Jil Sander Eau de Soleil (literally translated as ‘water of the sun’).

I am an ardent fan of the citrus woody family of fragrances and since citrus floral dominates the head notes in this one, it is crisp and energizing, and envelopes you with a fresh melody. I also like the bergamot in the first note and the woody third note which makes it less sweet but really long-lasting.

The fragrance is in tune with the brand’s philosophy. The Jil Sander woman appreciates minimalism and is intellectual and confident with just a whiff of a feminine disposition, so I can relate to it! Jil Sander is always full of surprises, and it may sound dramatic, but the bright sunny yellow logo takes me immediately to the French Riviera to soak up the warm summer sun!