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The Indian Luxury Expo – The Why of It

In a country where luxury brands are still wondering how to reach their core consumer among this vast Indian population, The Indian Luxury Expo promises to make that task easier for all

In a country where luxury brands are still wondering how to reach their core consumer among this vast Indian population, The Indian Luxury Expo promises to make that task easier for all.

It’s no secret that even though the Indian luxury industry is niche, it’s projected to grow manifold, provided that our industry members play the right cards. Creating a space for a luxury brand is not easy in India. Despite the flamboyant Indian having money and willingness to spent, he is very cautious about where he puts his money.

The Indian consumer group is diverse depending on where they are located, which strata of the society they are in, what is their income level, what is there understanding of luxury and lot more such categorisation. Indian consumers, however, are very selective about giving their loyalty too. The Indian luxury consumer is finicky and demands justification for the premium they are paying for a luxury product. Not to say they are misers, but actually very intelligent. Soliciting desire for a luxury brand, thus, is not very easy in India. A brand has to be perfect across all touchpoints to be able to attract the Indian consumer.

This is a time for experimentation and strategizing unique ways of attracting the Indian consumer. An upcoming opportunity, as we see it, is the soon-to-happen ‘The Indian Luxury Expo’ (TILE). This exposition, aiming to bring approximately 40 uber-luxury brands under one roof, promises to be a glamourous extravaganza which will dazzle the rich and the wealthy who will come there. We enumerate a few reasons on why we think TILE will make a difference to the Indian luxury industry.

The Five City Tour
TILE is going to be held across five cities in India – Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi – during November 2012 – March 2013. Starting in Hyderabad, the event gives equal focus to south India, which is usually kept aside for ‘later’ in the luxury brands’ future plans. This event, thus, will give luxury marketers a chance to gauge the initial response their brands get from the southern Indian luxury community!

Apart from that, a brand participating in all the five editions will also get an incredible mileage across the five ‘high-luxury’ zones of India. A chance not to be missed we say!

TILE plans to highlight 20 luxury segments, ranging from apparel to high-end electronics and home décor to fragrances. Only about two brands from each segment will be allowed to participate in the event. Brands, therefore, need not worry that they’ll be pitted against competitors. They need not fight too much to vie for the guests’ attention.

A Board of Talent
TILE boasts of an influential advisory board. The members possess knowledge of luxury and are also considered to be at the top of their game. With names like Nawabzaada Saad Bin Jung (a royal no less) and Shiraz Gidwani being featured in the list, participants can be assured that the event will fully respect all the requirements of a truly luxury event.

The Posh Pack
The brands will be exposed to a guest base which will be carefully selected by the members of the advisory board. Invited via personal invitation, these guests will definitely have the purchasing power. But apart from that, they’ll also be a healthy mix of mature luxury consumers and those who are willing to explore and experiment with new brand options.

Evening Extravaganzas
Apart from browsing through the repertoire of brands displayed elegantly, the guests can indulge in a verity of entertainment every evening, which will add a cultural aspect to the three-day programme. Get enthralled by Indian theatre or be mesmerized by a jazz performance. Or simply finish the day with a humourous stand-up comedy session!

It’s What We Like
And last but not the least, LuxuryFacts agrees that TILE will make a difference to the Indian luxury industry and help in its growth considerably. As their official online partner, LuxuryFacts stands by them!

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