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The Larry Roberts Collection by Hands is an artistic escape

This latest collection is vibrant, and pushes the boundaries of regular carpet designs.

The renowned carpets and rugs brand, Hands Carpets, recently launched their store in Mumbai. Following the launch, the marquee released its much anticipated The Larry Roberts collection. This lineup of striking pieces now graces the brand’s spacious showroom.

LaFemme Hands Carpet Green

With an impressive interior and an equally stunning collection of rugs, the store covers about 4,000 sqft area. Situated at the heart of Worli, the store’s interior design brilliantly showcases the craftsmanship and design principles that define this brand.

Speaking of the collection, each piece draws inspiration from the original artworks of the visionary artist Larry Roberts.

Photophilic Emergings Hands Carpet Yellow Gold

An expressionist, and impressionist painter, Mr. Roberts was a true master of colors and patterns. The ingenious use of acrylics and bold application of color in his work was distinctive. That’s what intrigued the brand to recreate the magic in their creations.

One of the most captivating creations is the ‘Woodland’ piece, which eloquently captures the gentle whispers of the forest, all the while exhibiting the remarkable finesse of impeccable craftsmanship.

Sumi Hands Carpet Blue

Capturing the blues of the skies and greens of the rustling leaves, the ‘Volterra’ is inspired by the ancient city of Volterra. While it has a soothing touch to it, ‘Sumi’ is vibrant. Crafted with bold strokes of orange and blue, the piece is graceful. Equally enticing are ‘La Femme’ and ‘Photophillic Emergings.’

Every piece is available in the standard 8×10 size and can also be customized to suit any desired dimensions.